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Maybe first we should answer what was Phase 1.

Phase 1 was the step to get something on the website so that early visitors would have content to view and start their research with. Phase 1 contains the preserved archives of 17 years of Preterist Archive by Todd Dennis. It should not be considered an adequate step in the process but rather the beginning of what we hope is yet to come.

Phase 2 is a step for better organization of virtually all the content already preserved by archive.org. We are very happy that The Wayback Machine, as it is known by, is available over the internet. It is a fact that nothing on the internet goes away.

Phase 2 begins by first compiling the directories that Todd Dennis created to hold the web pages and sub-directories. We do not intent on being satisfied that we have re-captured everything, as this will be an ongoing work. But at some point soon we will have met the spirit of Phase 2 and be satisfied that most of the content can be found through www.PreteristArchives.org.

We will also count on you for feedback, suggestions and alerts. Perhaps we neglected a favorite research topic of yours. We would like to know that and we are eager to find what is missing if possible. It should be noted that a few bits and pieces of Todd’s great work have been lost. Wayback Machine is great but not perfect. Therefore you may encounter a broken link in your research. Please let us help and contact us for help in finding what you want.


So there you have it, mostly in a nutshell. Please be patient as we move forward and let us know how you enjoy this service, if you do. We do accept donations to offset the expenses of hosting and domain names yearly. Look for the donate button located on every page of this website.

All the best to you in your research.

Allyn Morton