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These are visual pictures of theological concepts.
Below are the Two Ages or ‘worlds’ written about in the Bible; the Old Covenant age, which they called “this age” and the New Covenant age, which they called the “age to come.” A Fulfilled view understands that WE NOW live in the New Covenant age, or what the Bible called, the “age to come.” The New Testament describes the Old Covenant age growing old and began to die with Jesus. It was Transitioning out of the world between 30ad and 70ad, the old was dying, the new was resurrecting. The New Covenant Kingdom of God was breaking into the world and was fully manifest and consummated after 70AD. The Temple and the Old order (of sacrifice and law), also called the ‘old heavens and earth’, passed away at the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem. Behold, all things pertaining to redeption were made new!
A closer look: This is a visual representation of the Transition Period when these New Testament letters were being written. The imminence makes sense in light of covenant transition, it was the soon-coming end of the Old Covenant world in 70AD.
“Behold! I AM making ALL THINGS NEW!”
Mt 24:14 “…and this good news of the Kingdom shall be proclaimed in all the world (land), for a testimony to all the nations (therein); and then shall the END arrive.”
Q: Was the Gospel preached to ‘all the land’ before the END of the Old Covenant age?
A: The Bible says a resounding “Yes!”. Check it out for yourself.
SYNOPSIS OF REDEMPTION HISTORY, by John Noe, Prophecy Reformation Institute

  Chart by Todd Dennis, Preterist Archive.com














The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem, by David Roberts (1850)

“The Language of Creation from Genesis to Revelation” by Tami Jelinek