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“Sadly, Chilton died shortly thereafter, not having provided us with any indication that he had converted back to orthodoxy.” (North vs Chilton)

David Chilton | Gary North | Eulogy for David Chilton




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Gary North
“His [David Chilton’s] heart attack disrupted his ability to think clearly. It distorted his judgment. From his public outburst against 
Vern Crisler — for which he later repented, admitting that he cannot think straight these days — until this self-burial of his pre-1994 writings, David Chilton has gone off the deep end. He has now become self-damaged goods delivered on the doorstep of Max King.” (Eulogy)

Dennis M. Swanson
David Chilton, “converted” to the HP position shortly before his death. However, Vern Crisler (error, it was Gary North), his publisher and long time associate, noted that before this conversion he had suffered his first heart attack and his friends noted that, “the resulting neurological trauma probably affected his judgment more than he realized.” Crisler also predicted the “spin” of the IPA as he stated, ‘Chilton’s last minute conversion to heresy will be exploited by the remaining full-preterists, but they will only be exploiting a debilitated man’s eccentricities, not his healthy and mature judgments.’ (An Examination of the International Preterist Association’s Claims and Methodology)


“Thanks for the correction!

Re: Chilton’s “outburst.”  On the old Reconstructionist
List he said he wouldn’t participate on it if I was on the
list.  He later emailed an apology to the list, then what
he thought was a private one to me (explaining in it his
changed views on eschatology)  — but he mistakenly
sent that email to the whole list, revealing his HP views
earlier than he had wanted to, I guess.  It was then that
Sandlin began questioning him, and Chilton started
defending his HP views on the list.  North then stomped
on him.  I had been recommending patience, due to
Chilton’s medical condition, but unfortunately, Chilton
stopped talking to us after the North email, and a couple
weeks later, Chilton passed away.

Cordially, Vern

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