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Todd Dennis
The Forty Years in Biblical Typology 
– Throughout the Old Testament we find the usage of the number forty- God allowing a glimpse into the nature of the eternal realities, through the framework of temporal shadows.
New Testament Eschatology and its Fulfillment – An Introduction to the Abundance of New Testament Passages Supporting the Fulfillment of All Prophecy in the First Century Desolation of Jerusalem.
Dear (Dispensationalist Friend)… – “If Dispensationalism has all the answers, then it is the most helpful tool in Biblical interpretation.  If not, it ought to be discarded as worthless” Charles Ryrie (DT, 1965,21).
Is There an Israelitic ‘Race’ Today? – A Closer Look at the ‘generation’ of the Olivet Discourse.
The ‘Rapture’ is The Day of the Lord – Dispelling the doctrines which separate the coming of Christ into numerous stages
No Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth – Presentation of Biblical contradictions regarding a temporal reign of Christ
The Great Tribulation is Past – Examining Christ’s words in Matthew 24, and the fulfillment thereof in the first century
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel Fulfilled – Daniel’s perspective on the fulfillment of prophecy.
The Abomination of Desolation – Answering the commonly pondered question
Christ’s Return and Gathering of Saints are Historical Events – The literal interpretation of Matthew 24:34
The Errors of Dispensationalism | History of Conversion | Christian History’s Preterist Presupposition The End of the World?  Apocalypse Never! | Is Bible Applicable Today? Everlasting Covenant | II Corinthians 5:4 | Who Are God’s Chosen People? | What Inheritance Have Jews? | Christ, Everlasting Covenant | Christ’s Ministry Of Reconciliation | Is Judaism Biblical? | Errors of Christian Identity | Victory Review | How Can Preterists Believe These Things? | Introduction to the Works of Josephus | Introduction to PreteristArchive.com

Roderick Edwards
2/5: An Introduction to Preterism – An Introduction to Preterism Workbook (Print-Formatted .doc file)
1/30: The Best Defense is a Good Offense – “There is rumor that Keith Mathison, associate of Ligonier Minsteries (founded by R.C. Sproul) is working with others on a major project that will attempt to refute preterism. Since I’m tired of us merely being reactionaries I think it fitting that we ask some questions of them before they complete their project.”
1/30: Mathison’s Material Breach

Canon F.W. Farrar
2/9/3: The Apocalypse and its Date – “The Apocalypse was written before (John) had witnessed the Coming of Christ and the close of the Old Dispensation, in the mighty catastrophe which, by the voice of God in history, abrogated all but the moral precepts which had been uttered by the voice of God on Sinai”
2/6/3: The Fall of Jerusalem – “It was to this event, the most awful in history that we must apply those prophecies of Christ’s coming in which every one of the Apostles and Evangelists describe it as near at hand.   To those prophecies our Lord Himself fixed these three most definite limitations — the one, that before that generation passed away all these things would be fulfilled; another that some standing there should not taste death till they saw the Son of Man coming in His kingdom; the third, that the Apostles should not have gone over the cities of Israel till the Son of Man be come.  It is strange that these distinct limitations should not be regarded as a decisive proof that the Fall of Jerusalem was, in the fullest sense, the Second Advent of the Son of Man, which was primarily contemplated by the earliest voices of prophecy.”
2/6/3: Life of Christ Index –  “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate!” And has not that denunciation been fearfully fulfilled? Who does not catch an echo of it in the language of Tacitus—”Expassac repente delubri fores, et audita major humana vox excedere Deos.” Speaking of the murder of the younger Hanan, and other eminent nobles and hierarchs, Josephus says, “I cannot but think that it was because God had doomed this city to destruction as a polluted city, and was resolved to purge His sanctuary by fire, that He cut off these their great defenders and well-wishers”

Gene Fadeley
What Happened to the Rapture? 
– ” How little has the expectations of 21st century people changed from the expectations of first century Jews. People are still determined to have the physical king and kingdom that the first century Jews did not receive. However, the words of Jesus still ring true, “my kingdom is not of this world” and “the kingdom is within you. The root of the problem has been the failure of seeing the difference between the physical and the spiritual.”
Who is the Antichrist? –“The word “antichrist” is only used four times in the scriptures, all by the apostle John. Surprisingly, the word “antichrist” never appears in the book of Revelation.”

Ward Fenley
God With Us – Chapter One ; Chapter Two – “Matthew 1:21-23 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. 22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”
Rapture Light and Glory – “Though the reception of a physical body is defended as being the fundamental principle of the resurrection, Paul declares the following, clearly outlining the nature of the resurrection:”
Seeing God 
– “Many are still waiting for some physical sight of Christ or the tree of life, but to those whom God has given sight, our vision is clear and it is sweet Proverbs 13:19 The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul…”
Why are People Still Given in Marriage? – “the fact that there is still marriage in this physical life does not negate the fact that there is NOT marriage in the kingdom anymore than the fact that there are males and females in this physical life does not negate the fact that there are NOT males or females in the kingdom.”
Absent From the “Body” (An Analysis of II Cor. 5) –  “transformation texts go untouched because they deal with the change from death to life and the progressive salvation that was taking place upon those first century believers. This is why there is such confusion with the imagined “already but not yet” doctrine.”
Seed of Satan, Seed of Christ, and Riches –  “Children are counted as the SEED. They are counted as Christ. We are recipients of EVERY spiritual blessing in heavenly places and execute the reign and rule AS God in the kingdom. Just as Israel entering into the promised land was the executor of the reign of God on the physical earth, so also the NC Israel is the executor of the reign of God on the spiritual earth.”
Glory, the Face of Christ, and Marriage – “Certainly Christ was faithful and the believers appeared with Him in glory as the marital relationship was consummated. What a blessed kingdom we have with a glorious King who owns His glorious bride.”
Psalm 22:22-31: An Exposition – “God shows the immediate punishment coming upon Israel by the Babylonians (Chaldeans), but then gives the glorious prophetic outlook concerning the messianic kingdom. God says He would bring His people health and cure and reveal the abundance of peace and truth to them.”
The Resurrection of the Dead Already Happened! 
– “True believers in Jesus Christ are completely resurrected in the fullness of the spiritual body mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15.”
The Timing of Regeneration – “Resurrection life and light in the face of Jesus Christ are spiritual realities now for the one who believes on His name.”
A Harmony of the Synoptics Concerning the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Coming of the Lord
Moses, House, Rest, and the Presence of God 
– “The seventh day of God’s rest represents His union with His people in His rest in causing them to rest and inherit the land.”
The Signal of John the Baptist – “John’s joy was fulfilled in knowing that she was now safe with her Husband-to-be. Why would there be any reason for John to joy in a betrothal that would not be consummated for thousands of years to come? Implicit in John’s announcement that his joy was fulfilled in hearing the voice of the Bridegroom is the manifest indication that the Husband was near.”
Kingdom Of God & The Kingdom of Heaven: Is There A Difference? – “There was one kingdom predicted in the prophets. There was one kingdom of which our Lord spoke. And there was one kingdom that began at Pentecost and was brought to its fulness at the Parousia.”
Heaven, Earth and Sea – “In Revelation Israel (i.e. Jerusalem) was that great harlot who trusted nations rather than God. She forsook her Husband. The Bible describes Israel as the harlot sitting upon many waters. These waters were the seas or the nations in whom she trusted”
The Last Days – “With the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple, Jesus Christ brought to complete establishment the eternal Jerusalem from above. The last days concerned Israel and its covenant and nation. We are now in the age that was about to come”
The Husband Who Draws His Wife – “Forgiveness is the result of the drawing love of God for His bride. Though His bride was once a vile and adulterous woman.”
Resurrection, the Hope of Israel, and the Song of Moses – “The Song of Moses has strong elements of prophecy. This section was particularly striking as it pertains to the resurrection we now have in Christ. The fullness of resurrection comes from the OC Israelite hope of being planted in their land. To them that was resurrection. And we as Gentiles are grafted into that reality through our life with Christ.”
To This End Was I Born (The Reason for the Season) – “During this season we call the Christmas season, we hear many carols that so joyfully proclaim Christ as King: “Come and worship, Come and worship, Worship Christ the newborn King;” “Hark the herald angels sing, ‘Glory to the newborn King;'” “Joy to the world, the Lord is come. Let earth receive her King.”
Judgment upon all Nations Fulfilled by the Gospel | The Failure of the Non-Covenantal Seed Analogy | A Letter to My Dad | A Sovereign God and a Clay King

Bryan Forgy
In Christ: A Response to Feast Day Prophetic Interpretation
– “Rejoice the feast is fulfilled, that is why we have these blessings, and it is perpetual for the Spirit and the bridegroom say come and drink of this living water (Rev. 22:17). Christ went away to prepare a place and returned so that the tabernacle of God is among men (Rev. 21:3).”

Pat Forseth
The Story of the Millennial Christ “As far as I know, no preterist disputes the coming of Jesus in AD 70 in his kingdom. The problem seems to be in short-circuiting that kingdom and closing it down almost immediately. But we have many stories to tell us why the kingdom was here, and what it  was going to do. It would grow to worldwide proportions, it would work in the world as leaven, it would bring life to the dead, and it would overcome all–not just some but all–its enemies. “

Elton Foster
Face to Face – “If you believe that you have Christ living in you, then you have been made one with Him. The Marriage supper of the Lamb is come! Here is this present reality”
The New Man – “the “Resurrection” and the “Spiritual body” cannot and should not be separated. The scriptures are clear, that the two co-inside with each other.”
The Increase of His Government

John Garcia
Abraham and God’s Covenant – “What if I were to say that the bible is clear when it says that the promises to Abraham had there fulfillment in the days of Joshua, that the blessings promised are clearly explained in the word of God and that the only hope for Israel is to repent and come to the Savior no different than you or I.”

Gil Garscetti
The Tree of Life and Past Fulfillment
– “If we view this as paradise restored in eternity, after all things have ended, then we have to explain how come the tree of life is needed to ‘heal the nations’.”

Joseph E. Gautier Jr.
David Chilton – 
  “How is it that David Chilton went towards heresy? Is that what we do? We just wake up one morning, and decide to embrace what we know is heresy? Could it be that David Chilton got it ?”
The Domino Effect of Matthew 16:27 
– “Everything that the Old Testament Prophets had prophesied were fulfilled in that first-century generation of Christians. Just as Jesus said they would.”
Preterist ApoLOGICetic – “All over the world, on a daily basis, traditional-thinking Christians are being converted to partial preterism. Likewise, all over the world, partial preterists are studying themselves right into full preterism, shedding futurism along the way. The direction is towards the truth.”
All Nations Stood Before the Throne – “Why is it that traditionalists will become preterists? Will a preterist ever go back to thinking traditionally? Why is it that Arminians will become Calvinists? Will a Calvinist ever go back to thinking Arminian-ally?
That Ye May Keep Your Own Tradition”A Refutation of the Partial Preterist’ “we” Excuse – “One reason to be suspicious of the partial preterists’ conclusions is the fact that it exists in such varying degrees. What one partial preterist says was fulfilled at AD 70, another says has a yet-future fulfillment, and vice-versa. Reminds me of plucking the petals off a daisy — “AD 70, AD 70 not.” You never know where a certain partial preterist posits a particular verse until you see it in writing. And then that may change tomorrow.”

Charles Geisler
New Testament Eschatology: Jude 
– Jude wrote of the end time, at least in part of his letter, of the Jewish estate just prior to A.D. 70.
A Survey: Eschatology In Hebrews – Contains fulfillment, prophecy, promises, and the blessings of the new heaven and new earth.
Greek Word Studies: Time Substantives – “There are at least five Greek terms denoting relative time factors in regards to “near future” events prophesied to take place within the first century milieu or genea (see Matthew 24:34).”
The Advent of Christ & Acts 2 – “The establishment of the eternal kingdom is equated with the time of Christ’s coming in His kingdom with power, which is commonly assigned to Pentecost Day. But this is an assumption lacking scriptural proof.”
The Sermon on the Mount – “Traditionally in churches of Christ many future references in God’s Word have been interpreted for individual Christians in each succeeding generation through time.”
Are Christians Today “Strangers and Pilgrims?” – “Would you rather “hope” (as a pilgrim) or “have” as a Christian enjoying and realizing eternal life and the forgiveness of sins?”
Hebrews 1:14 in Realized Eschatology – “We shall subscribe some concepts to this passage in this writing which we believe are consistent with a realized fulfillment of Bible prophecies concerning salvation in the new heavens and new earth of God which we believe exists today as the eternal kingdom of God.”
Heaven & Earth: OT Studies, Parts I-III – To materialize stars, moon, sun, etc., in Bible prophecy is to step out of the true redemptive history and goal of the promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – If one stays with the Biblical definition of ‘earth’ in eschatology, then II Peter 3:10-13 will not be saying that this physical planet we call earth is what is meant.

Sushil George
Resolving Eschatological Polemics

Jack Gillespie
Odyssey – A Sovereign Grace Newsletter from the Preterist Perspective
Reformation Revisited 
– “What Consistent Preterism sees in the New Testament, specifically the Epistles, is the exodus from sin-death to life in Christ. Revelation is the consummation of that exodus. Revelation tells us of the end of the temporal Old Covenant Age and the beginning of the eternal New Covenant Age.”
Grace and Covenant Eschatology: The Application of Completed Salvation – At the predetermined time, the Holy Spirit applies the completed work of Christ to the elect by resurrecting them out of a state of “death,” making them alive, giving them faith, repentance, and trust, causing them to come to the source of their new life, Christ Jesus our Lord.
The Millennium – “the Messianic reign of Christ (the “thousand years”) was the forty year period between His ascension in AD 30 and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.”
Time Keeps on Ticking – “when we see prophetic time statements in Scripture, are we to use 2 Peter 3:8-9 as a formula to determine when the prophesied events are to take place? The futurist says, “Yes.” Our purpose, therefore, is to comare the futurist’s interpretation with a few prophetic passages and then to do a minor exegesis of 2 Peter 3.”

Gabor Gombor
1/30/3: More on the Man of Sin – “If the iniquity refers to the Jewish priesthood and the Man of Lawlessness was probably a leader of a rebellious Jewish party how the two are connected? According to Josephus, neither John Gischala, nor Simon of Gioras were not priests, but simply plunderers, wicked men. How the biblical ignorance of Law can be applied to criminals?
Habitats of the New Jerusalem

David A. Green
101 Preterist Time-Indicators in the New Testament – 
“The incredible eschatological confusion that has plagued the Christian world since the days of the Reformation is a testimony to (the power of denial).”
Preterism and the Ecumenical Creeds – “A time is coming when preterism must be answered with the Scriptures in an ecumenical council in order to authoritatively find whether it is damnable, erroneous or true. History has never seen such a council on prophecy, much less on preterism. We preterists look forward to that council. Until that time, our creedalist brothers who refuse to prove or disprove us from the Scriptures should wisely withhold their fiery indignation until and unless such a time comes as it may be appropriate. “
Baptism Now Saves You
– “As Noah and his family endured patiently in the ark, so were the first-century Christians patiently enduring a spiritual baptism, sharing the sufferings of Christ. Old-Covenant baptisms were a fading and ceremonial removal of the filth of the flesh, but New-Covenant, Spiritual baptism in Christ became the appeal of a good conscience toward God (Heb. 10:2). “- “As Noah and his family endured patiently in the ark, so were the first-century Christians patiently enduring a spiritual baptism, sharing the sufferings of Christ. Old-Covenant baptisms were a fading and ceremonial removal of the filth of the flesh, but New-Covenant, Spiritual baptism in Christ became the appeal of a good conscience toward God (Heb. 10:2). ”
The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord – The “Day of the Lord”, The “Day of Christ”, and the “Day of Jesus Christ” are one and the same day, which serves as a proof of Preterism.
New Covenant Salvation – “We must not say that the Old Covenant was a covenant intended to save man through obedience and that the New Covenant is a covenant of grace. ”
The Gift of Tongues and That Which is Perfect – “The condemning, old (covenant) things passed away long ago.  All (covenant) things were made new.  Since the old-testament temple fell, Christ in the heart is forever the true “Tabernacle of God among men.”
And it Came To Pass – A Review  – “the people of the first century actually saw Jesus physically coming on the clouds with the angels. He says this because of the account of Josephus in The Wars of the Jews, Book VI, Ch. V, Sec. 3, where it is written that “chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds, and surrounding the cities.”
A Response to With Unveiled Face – “I believe that it is scripturally demonstrable that the cessation of the gifts at the Coming of Christ (in A.D. 70) is a biblical doctrine. There is biblical basis to say that for a preterist to be a charismatic he must bring the charismatic view to the Bible and give up the meaning of certain passages as unsolved mysteries. In contrast, the cessationist view is explicitly taught in various places which taken together produce an exegetically solid, systematic doctrine.”
Danny Green and Hank “The Bible Answer Man” talk about Preterism – “we’re having a problem here..  because now we’re not talking about acceptable differences among Christians with regard to the timing of the end, but we’re now discussing something that has to do with the Gospel itself”
What do Preterists Believe About the Lord’s Supper?

Daniel Hardin
Taking Christ at His Word: Matthew 16:27-28

Randy Hagin
Which Covenant Did Jesus Preach? 
– “Jesus did not teach a New Covenant, but the same message declared from the beginning.”
Why I Believe The Church is the Kingdom of God – “I believe the kingdom is present today. This paper is the consolidating of my response to this question.”
Nineveh a Type and Shadow of Jerusalem – “The First Century Christians were saved from physical distraction and spiritual destruction by understanding what was meant prophecies old and new.”

Daniel Harden
Taking Christ at His Word: Matthew 16:27-28

James B. Hartline
Why I Became a Preterist
– “Even when I was a futurist, that scripture troubled me. I could never find any authority for the long “gap” that futurists place between the generation contemporary with Jesus and some nebulous future generation. Jesus said it would ALL take place in that generation. He said He did not know the day or hour, but He did announce the generation, and most Bible scholars have overlooked it.”

Retha Hendrix
1/27/03: The Four Beasts are the Redeemed

Walt Hibbard
Letter to the Editor of New Horizons Magazine “As one reflects on Mr. Jensen’s article, we might well ask if he intended to suggest that the dozens of passages in the Bible on the nearness of the end-time events are really not that important after all? If so, we are dealing with over 100 verses from our Lord and His disciples that obviously do have a bearing on the nearness issue.”
A Brief Study of Two Amazing Imminency Verses in Acts 24
You Have Made the Commandment of God of No Effect by Your Tradition
A Courteous Response to  Dr. Gary North’s Vitriolic Essay: “‘Full Preterism’: Manichean or Perfectionist-Pelagian? – “No early ecumenical creed, or confession that emanated from the Protestant Reformation has ever interpreted Christ’s Olivet Discourse, or any part of it, from even a pseudo-preterist perspective.”
Hibbard Responds to Sandlin’s Response – “While being careful to distance Ken Gentry from the more consistent “full preterists,” Sandlin seems to defend the “partial preterist” view as thoroughly orthodox. Yet in spite of this, Sandlin pounces on Sproul’s statement that “the preterist is a sentinel standing against frivolous and superficial attempts to downplay or explain away the force of these [eschatological time] references”.
Response to Tommy Ice’s recent Articles – “I found his understanding of preterism to be very shallow. While he admits that the movement is growing rapidly (no doubt it frightens him!), he is not willing to come to grips with many of the essential issues of eschatology which are causing folks to become preterists day after day.”
Response to Ice’s Misunderstandings about the Preterist View – “Emphatically, preterism represents a return to the foundational Christianity of the first century, as perhaps no other movement can claim. It is true, when reading our Bibles, that preterists “pick up” a lot of insights that they were previously blind to in the light of their new understanding of eschatology. But this is an enrichment of the Christian faith “once for all delivered to the saints.”
One Man’s Story of God’s Loving Care and Leading – “Losing two wonderful Christian wives is a tough pill to swallow.  Father and 13 year old daughter, both full preterists, know that their wife/mother is eternally complete in Heaven with Jesus. They know there is nothing incomplete about her salvation.”
What About the Creeds? – “I sincerely believe that in many Protestant circles today, the Creeds and Confessions have come to be elevated to a position where they stand above the Holy Scriptures in practical authority. Don’t bother to exegete the Scriptures (they seem to be saying), just go to the Confession or the Creed.

Introduction of Sandlin and Hibbard | David Chilton, Leading RpP, Turned Preterist

Donald Hochner
Why I Became a Preterist 
– “We must honestly and humbly accept the clear, straight-forward interpretation of Matthew 24:34: The generation to whom Jesus was speaking that day was not going to pass away until all the things of Matthew 24 came to pass.”
Daniel 11 & 12 – ‘Daniel’s people in “the latter days” in the flow of history from Darius the Mede, the Persian era, Alexander the Great, divided into four Greek dominions, Antiochus the Great, the Maccabees revolted, the Hasmoneans rulership, the Herodians rulership, the Jewish revolted, the scattering of the holy people and the end of the age when the saints possessed the Kingdom of God. ”
Does the Bible teach the “Rapture”?  – A Study on The Olivet Discourse and 1 Thess. 4-5. “This may change the way you view the fulfillment of prophecy, perhaps even the way you view the whole Bible, as it did for me.”
Greek – Aion (Age) – Aion, interpreted “age,” is often mistaken for meaning “the whole world.”
Greek – Genea (Generation) – One of many problems for some futurists have is the correct definition of the word, “generation.”
Greek – Mello (about to) – Mello, interpreted “about to”, shows that Christ was to return within that generation.
Greek – Stoicheia (Elements) – The “elements” of II Peter 3’s meltdown are not from the periodic table, but the elements of religious training, or the ceremonial precepts that are common to the worship of Jews and of Gentiles.
Greek – Parousia (Coming) – The Greek word for “advent, coming, or presence” displays the meaning of His return.
Who Is Elijah the Prophet? – If Jesus meant, in Matt 5:17-18, the passing of the physical heaven and earth, then we would still bound with the Law today.
Download Donald Hochner’s “Preterist View” Diagram

Jim Hopkins
The Martyrs of Jesus 
– “The existance of these witnesses also does something else; it gives credibility to the early date of the book of Revelation. The persecution that befell the witnesses was all about their having seen Jesus and they were still alive to tell it.”
The Day Drawing near – To place the end of the Jewish age at the cross, rather than at Israel’s judgment, leads one into conclusions which tend to make void the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments and promote a false expectation and hope”
Dating the Book of Revelation – “The date of the Apocalypse I now assign, with the majority of modern critics, to the year 68 or 69 instead of 95, as before.”
The Consummation (End) of the Age – “In the first century, the earnest of the Spirit was consummated in the receiving of the kingdom.”
Using the Old Testament – “Ending the Jewish age at the cross and inserting a Christian age in between ‘the coming age’ is not handling aright the word of truth.”
The Binding of Satan – “In the spiritual realm Satan has been removed from between man and his maker. ”
Redating the First Deportation of Judah – Redating the First Deportation of Judah From 606 B.C. to 597 B.C.

Marvin E. Jacobs
The Eternal Kingdom
– “Christ came in His eternal kingdom in ‘the last days’ of the Judah and Jerusalem system of things, ‘immediately after the tribulation of those days’, (referring to the besiegement and destruction of Jerusalem), before that generation ceased.”

Timothy A. James
A Rejection of the Non-Occurrance Theory 
– “The fact that they believed the Lord had come before A.D. 70 shows that they interpreted His return as a spiritual coming in the early church. Even though they were premature, it only supports our early research that they expected His return just as He said, in that generation.”
Preterist Eschatology in the Sixteenth Through Eighteenth Centuries
Rethinking Realized Eschatology

Greg Kiser  This is why I believe…
The Thousand Years Happened in the First Century
 – “Since all of these 7 churches are no longer in existence today, and they were real churches that John wrote to in the first century, wouldn’t all these promises have to be fulfilled to them before they ceased to exist? Or are we to believe that they are still awaiting their specific promises from Jesus to yet be fulfilled?”
Peter was referring to Jerusalem as Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13
 – “In the scripture in question (1 Peter 5:13), who is Marcus?  If it is a reference to John Mark then we presumably know that his original residence was in Jerusalem in the house of his mother. So if Marcus is John Mark, then the “church” would also be at Jerusalem (Acts
Revelation was written before 70 AD – “There were “other apostles” still around according to Revelation 2:2.   Tradition has it that all the apostles were dead before 70 AD and John was the only original surviving past that time.”
The “Babylon” of Revelation is referring to Jerusalem – “It is being held responsible for the “blood of the saints” and the “blood of the martyrs of Jesus (Revelation 17:6; 18:24) just as Jerusalem was (Matthew 23:29-39; 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, see references in #2 above also).”
What is Preterism?

Brian Martin
All These Things… – “This is God speaking to Moses at the burning bush. He is going to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, and bring them into Canaan. More importantly, here we have presented in face value scripture that the Lord came down. It wasn’t physical, although much happened in the physical realm as evidence of His coming down. This is exactly what Preterists believe happened in 70 AD. Christ returned, delivered His saints, and judged His enemies. How can we believe the scriptures when they tell us that the Lord came down in deliverance/judgment in the first generation, and yet not believe them when they tell us that He would do the very same to the last (His) generation – especially when we see virtually identical events taking place?”

Vern Mason
Idolatry in the Doctrine of the Second Coming? – “We have no need for a physical presence, for the Spiritual is infinitely superior to the physical. It was the spiritual aspect of the Kingdom that was central to Christ’s teachings.”
3/23/3: Miracles Ceased? – “This Article is an attempt at providing a logical and scriptural answer for those who have failed to consider the context and by doing so have taken a stand against Christ’s on-going intervention via answers to prayer, the gifts, etc.  Let me admit here that those fellowships who have embraced the continuation of the Gifts, and the like, most often, have projected, at the least, much confusion, and in many, if not most, cases they have openly embraced the leadership of charlatans.”

Richard McPherson
2/18/3: What Kind of “God” Do We Know? – “Thomas Ice states that Daniel 9:24-27 supports a gap and that Daniel knew there was a gap between the 69th and 70th week. He also believes that Jesus did not know about the gap when He quoted Daniel. Daniel knew about and not Jesus. God the Father must have forgotten to tell Jesus about this little gap. Not only that, Jesus lied to His disciples and to the people when He taught to about the “Kingdom of God” being “near” or “at hand”. If Jesus lied about this, what other things did He lie about?”
Does Satan Exist Today? – “The Bible says NOTHING on the origin of the Devil. Personally, I really do not wonder about his origin. The big thing is that he is defeated, destroyed and is no more. Where did the devil start? Who really cares, because he is no more.”

Arthur Melanson
The Rapture – 
“If Jesus came back in 70 A.D. then what about the rapture? Fair question. In this study we will look at some Biblical answers.”
II Corinthians 5:4 – Are we in heaven today?  Some Preterists think so.
Isaac Came Back From the Dead – “When the Bible says Abraham received Isaac from the dead in a figurative sense it is telling us.. in a figurative sense, Abraham represents God the Father as Isaac represents Christ the only begotten Son.”
Annihilation? Heaven Now? Universalism? | The Promise to the Fathers | The Appearing of the High Priest | You’re a Preterist? What do you have to look forward to?

Timothy Miller
The Book of Hebrews and the End of the Age
– “Hebrews was written as a final warning to professing Jewish Christians not to reject entrance into the kingdom of God by apostatazing from Christianity just before God’s covenental wrath was to be violently poured out on the unregenerate, rebellious nation of Israel during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.” – “Hebrews was written as a final warning to professing Jewish Christians not to reject entrance into the kingdom of God by apostataizing from Christianity just before God’s covenental wrath was to be violently poured out on the unregenerate, rebellious nation of Israel during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.”

Bill Moore
What about the book of Enoch? – “From a preterist perspective, 1 Enoch adds considerable weight to the many passages in the New Testament which clearly indicate that the consummation of the age together with Christ’s second coming took place in A.D. 70 (in the destruction of Jerusalem). This being the case, it should not surprise us to learn that 1 Enoch was banned by Hilary, Jerome, and Augustine and was subsequently lost to Western Christendom for over a thousand years. In short, it was suppressed. Why? Because it could not be made to fit their idea that Christ’s coming had not yet been fulfilled.

Jim Nicolosi
4/23/3: Judas, the Devil and Satan – “The adversary for Judas in John 13:27 (and for each of us) was the “old man” (our “old self”) spoken of above. More specifically, the “adversary” thoughts that entered into the mind of Judas originated in his heart as it does for all of us.”
4/6/3: Isaiah 34 & Revelation Parallel – “Clouds in the bible speak of God in all His power and majesty.  Remember in Acts that it said that Jesus was taken up and HID by a cloud…the Bible was not telling us what the weather was like that day but rather the part that the Father played in the ascension of Jesus.  This brings me to the verses that have often been used as evidence of a rapture.”
2/18/3: The Rapture and Clouds – “Clouds in the bible speak of God in all His power and majesty.  Remember in Acts that it said that Jesus was taken up and HID by a cloud…the Bible was not telling us what the weather was like that day but rather the part that the Father played in the ascension of Jesus.  This brings me to the verses that have often been used as evidence of a rapture.”

John Noē, Ph.D.
Armageddon: Past or Future? “Armageddon is coming April 8th! According to proponents, that’s the publicized date when it will be “unleashing everywhere” and “no one will escape!” The only question now being asked by a multi-media promotional campaign is, “Are you prepared for Armageddon?”
Beyond the End Times | 12 Most Common Mistakes People Make About Bible Prophecy and the Endtimes | Seven Demanding Evidences Why Christ Returned | A Measured Response to Garringer’s Critical Comments | The Shame of Sereiah

Arthur M. Ogden
Dating the Book of Revelation
 – “The final destruction of Jerusalem came in 70 A.D. God’s purposes and plans were all in place by this time. Nothing remained to be done.”

Don K. Preston
3/13/3: The Parousia: Defining the Second Coming
Is Prophetic Time Elastic? 
– “If it can be shown that the traditional concepts of the ambiguity and relativity of prophetic time statements are incorrect, then the preterist construction of prophecy will have been vindicated.”
The Ashes of the Red Heifer – “If Christ has not completely fulfilled the prophetic aspect of the red heifer sacrifice the old law is still in effect. If he has fulfilled the prophetic element of that offering the old law has passed—and death has been abolished.”
A Full-Grown Baby? – “A key point of controversy is the contention that the church/kingdom was not fully established on Pentecost but was in a state of incompletion until the Old World was taken out of the way in AD 70. Every anti-Preterist which this writer has read or heard has made a major issue over this point.”
Misconceptions About Misconceptions – “Since the disciples did not lack understanding as has been generally assumed, it is easy to correlate the parallel passages of Mark 13 and Luke 21 with Matthew 24.”
Every Eye Shall See Him – “It is strange indeed that such a literalistic interpretation has been imposed on Revelation 1:7 when this violates the inspired interpretation (Matthew 24:30-34) of the source of the verse (Zechariah 12:10.)”
A Critical Text – “We conclude that Matthew 16:27-28 is a prediction by Jesus to return in judgment, in his kingdom glory, in the lifetime of his disciples.”
With The Sound of the Trumpet – “The trumpet was to be blown for the gathering of God’s elect from the “death” of separation from God’s presence and fellowship.”
Those Days – vs – That Day – “We believe we have shown that in Matthew 24:36, when Jesus said “But of that day and hour knoweth no man,” that his reference was to “that day” that would climax “those days” leading up to the final dissolution of the Old Heaven and Earth of Israel at the return of Messiah in 70 AD.”
The World That Perished – “Peter foresaw the coming dissolution of another society, the Jewish world. This is exactly what happened in a.d. 70 in the conflagration of the capital, heart, and soul of the Theocracy of Israel.”
How Heaven & Earth Passed Away! – “If you believe that the Old Covenant has passed away then you must believe that Heaven and Earth have passed away!”
More On Heaven And Earth – “Many passages in the New Testament speak of the “heavens and earth” with no reference to the physical heaven and earth”
How Is This Possible? – “Since the Thessalonican concept of the day of the Lord was the Old Covenant concept, and their concept was CORRECT then it follows that the day of the Lord for which they were looking was not the end of time but was instead a time when God would judge his people.”
A Local Judgment? – “We find untenable the contention that the fall of Jerusalem was a localized judgment. It was in fact the universal judgment of the living and the dead!”
More On No Death, No Sorrow, No Pain – “To literalize means that the Old Covenant prophecies have not yet been fulfilled and Jesus taught that all prophecy had to be fulfilled before the Old Covenant could pass.”
World Without End – “The Bible does not speak of the end of time, but of the time of the end.”
Can God Tell Time? – “If “at hand” time statements mean nothing at all, then God cannot tell time.”
Babylon The Great of Revelation – “In Revelation the coming of Christ, the New Creation, judgment and resurrection are associated with the fall of Babylon. To mistakenly identify Babylon is to incorrectly interpret these issues.”
When All Things Written… – “When we mistakenly believe the Bible is concerned about the “end of time” instead of the “time of the end” we cannot allow Jesus’ words in Luke 21:22 to speak for themselves.”
Typology and Covenant Eschatology – “It is demonstrated from Scripture that the fall of Jerusalem was indeed the antitype of the Flood.”
Hebrews 9:28 – The Second Coming – “Since Christ’s coming in 70 was the coming for redemption, and since he was to return only once for salvation per Hebrews 9:28, then Christ’s return in 70 was the final coming of Christ.”
Thessalonians & The Olivet Discourse – “Context and consistency demands the identical subject matter of the Olivet Discourse and II Thessalonians 2–the end of the Old World of Judaism at the coming of Jesus Christ in 70 AD.”
The Time Has Come – “1 Peter 4:17 has revealed very powerful evidence that Peter was anticipating the consummative judgment coming of Jesus.”
Nature of the Parousia – “In his discussion of the transition from the “outer man” to the inner, from the temporal to the eternal, Paul says “we do not look on the things that are seen, but on the things that are unseen” (2 Corinthians 4:16f). He patently cannot be saying that the resurrection change would be unperceived! It would be seen (perceptual) but unseen (not optical!).”

Jeff Quillin
The End of the World

Charles Roberts
Cashing in on Fear and Faulty Theology – “..everything from helicopters and atomic bombs to computer chips lurking below the surface of the words of Scripture, but the one thing they seem not to be able to find is the ability to interpret things like “coming on the clouds,” “the moon not giving its light,” and “ wars and rumors of wars” in light of what the Bible itself says about those things!”

James Stuart Russell : Essays from The Parousia (1878)
Nero as “The Man of Sin” 
– “The assumption of divine prerogatives, indeed, was common to all Roman Emperors. ‘Divus,’ god, was inscribed on their coins and statues. The Emperor might be said to ‘exalt himself above all that is called God, or an object of worship,’ by monopolising to himself all worship.”
The Coming of Christ to Take Place in the Lifetime of the Apostles 
– “‘The coming alluded to is the destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jewish nation; and the meaning is, that the apostles would barely have time, before the catastrophe came, to go over the land warning the people to save themselves from the doom of an untoward generation; so that they could not well afford to tarry in any locality after its inhabitants had heard and rejected the message.”
The Eschatology of Paul 
– “Thus, it will be perceived it is not to death that the apostle looks as the period of deliverance from present evils; still less to some far distant epoch in the future.”
The Promise of the ‘Rest’ of God 
– “the object of the writer is to warn Hebrew Christians against unbelief and disobedience by setting before them, on the one hand, the reward of obedience, and, on the other, the penalty of disobedience. There was ready to his hand a signal example, memorable to all Israelites, viz. the forfeiture of the land Canaan by their fathers in consequence of their unbelief. They had provoked the Lord to swear in His wrath, ‘They shall not enter into my rest.’
Summary and Conclusion : The Parousia 
– “a complete and connected survey of the whole field which we have traversed, and to observe the unity and consistency of the prophetic system developed in the New Testament.”
The Parousia in Handheld .pdb File (Download Isilo to read on PC) | The Parousia in Single .doc File

David Sergeant
Millennium Now – “In the pages that follow, we will look again at the key biblical prophesies and attempt to discern just what they are saying to us. Are they really predicting such a bleak future? Or are they telling us that Christ has already overcome and that the future is safe in God’s hands?”

Lynn Schuldt
A Christian Dilemma?
– “The case for complete fulfillment of Bible prophecy by the end of the first century”

Jack C. Scott Jr.
A Troublesome Thorn, But For Whom?
 – “No one should ever be intimidated by someone who has “assumed” a particular theological view to be correct, who then sets up some tidy little questions, that if not answered correctly (according to his view), would theoretically prove one’s own view incorrect. Starting with an “assumption” or a “this is the way we have always believed it” mentality has no place in the realm of valid exegesis and hermeneutical science.”
But What Will They Do Will Luke 17? – “A warning to the intrepid! Daring to rise up and question some of the issues of eschatology that have been so readily believed and taught, or more accurately, the “way” they have been believed and taught, can result in vilification and one being treated as a pariah. This is not an area of study for the easily frightened. “

Larry Siegle
Salvation Surgery
– “From a physical standpoint, Adam and Eve did not experience death “in the day” of their transgression. Therefore, the “death” Adam and Eve would face “in the day” of their transgression must have had reference to something other than biological cessation.”

Daniel T. Silvestri
All Jewish Festivals Are Fulfilled – 
“I agree that Jesus’ “appearing a second time” is wrapped up in the Judaic law, but to think we continue to wait for atonement of sin and to be in the presence and tabernacle with God is simply not Biblical.”
Questions for Dispensationalists, Premillennialists, and other Futurists – “a brief exposition challenging the Biblical legitimacy of the currently popular “end times” prophetic scenarios surrounding the “second coming” of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Perspectives in New Testament Eschatology – “A brief exposition of the general presuppositions which guide Biblical interpretation. Special emphasis is placed on the Spiritual nature of the Biblical scriptures and how intellectual understanding guides eschatological perception.”
Futurist Eschatology Unconvinving

Kurt M. Simmons
4/26/3: The Binding of the Great Red Dragon – “The reign of the righteous in paradise did not depend upon the punishment of the wicked in tartarus. If a single soul was never shut up in tartarus, the righteous would still have reigned in paradise. There simply is no correlation between the blessed estate of the one and the punishment of the other. This is equally true of the Dragon and the martyrs. There is no indication that the reign of the martyrs is somehow defined or dependent upon the binding of the Dragon; not a single word to this effect appears in the text. 
4/17/3: What is Bimillennial Preterism? – “Bimillennial Preterism is a school of Biblical eschatology that advocates there are two millennial periods contemplated by the text of Rev. 20:1-6, rather than the traditional single millennium advanced by other schools and commentators.
3/23/3: Dating the book of Revelation – “Arethas makes similar comments, and states concerning Rev. 7:4 “When the evangelist received these oracles, the destruction in which the Jews were involved was not yet inflicted by the Romans.” 
What is Preterism?

Dr. Steven Sizer
1/23/3: An Alternative Theology of the Holy Land – “The destruction of the temple and sacrificial system in 70 AD fulfilled that prediction. Until the rise of the novel theology of Christian Zionism, unlike the Jews, Christians have never looked to or expected the Temple to be rebuilt. Christian attitudes to the Temple therefore crystalise the issue. The choice is between two theologies. One based primarily on the shadows of the Old Covenant and one based on the reality of the New Covenant. Christian Zionism is an exclusive theology that focuses on the Jews in the Land rather than an inclusive theology that centres on Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. Christian Zionism provides a theological endorsement for apartheid and ethnic cleansing, what Don Wagner calls “Armageddon Theology” rather than the inclusive theology of justice, peace and reconciliation which lie at the heart of the New Covenant. “

Terry Siverd
The End of All Things 
– “When Peter said “all things” he was referring to the fulfillment of ALL Biblical prophecy.”
An Air of Expectancy – “If it is true, that the early (pre-70 A.D.) Christians behaved like an expectant church, eagerly anticipating the consummation of all things in their life time, one must ask why did not the apostles correct such a distorted vision?”
Identifying Babylon in the New Testament, Part 1 – “His letters declare the imminent destruction of the city and temple of Jerusalem. Peter’s “Babylon” was none other than Jerusalem! ”
Identifying Babylon in the New Testament, Part 2 – “The hermeneutical key that will open up new perspectives and insights is the realization that the book of Revelation follows in the tradition of Christ, the prophets and the apostles by speaking out against `Jerusalem’ and covenant apostasy.”

Stephen Smith
3/10/3: The Two Witnesses
2/17/3: The Roman Epistle: A Preterist Commentary – “Just as God preserved 7000 men who had not bowed the knee to Baal, He had chosen those who were to receive honor in the New Creation. Paul is leading up to some major theological arguments in Romans 9 and is beginning to identify the characteristics of those who would be part of the Kingdom versus those who would be “outside the gates.”
The Fulfillment of the New Covenant: Identifying Spiritual Israel – “When the New Covenant scriptures mention the ETHNOS (translation: gentile) I believe that they are not speaking about the general population of the world. There is sufficient correspondence to the Hellenists that I believe every case of ETHNOS (gentile) being used in place of HELLEN (Greek) is a synonym.”
A Review of the A & E Special “The Road to Rapture”
 – “Whenever unbelievers go to press with “white papers” about Christian doctrine, they invariably place the subject matter in the category of myth and legend. Such was the approach by the producers of “The Road to Rapture”. Naturally, Hal Lindsey received some time to air his opinion that we’re now in the last generation to live on earth, just as he has been saying for the past thirty years.”
The Hebrews Epistle: A Preterist Commentary – “..there were three religious groups that the Apostles were fighting against: Mithraism, the Greek/Roman pantheon and the Judaizers. John, Jude and Titus seem to be focusing on the cult of Mithra; while Peter and James concentrated on keeping the Jews on track; leaving Paul and Luke to go up against the gods of Greece. I’m sure many will find problems with that concept, but nothing is set in stone.”

Ed Stevens
Silence Demands a Rapture “A rapture easily explains why no Christian after AD 70 mentioned the occurrence of the parousia (they weren’t around to document it).  So when a non-rapture preterist asserts that the rapture preterist has a “documentation problem,” it leaves three fingers pointing back at him.  The non-rapture preterist has three other events to find documentation for (parousia, resurrection and judgment). ”
A Servant’s View “we are not theological liberals or theistic evolutionists! And, in regard to our similarity to the Reconstructionist position? I see nothing wrong with their desire to reconstruct our nation and world around a Biblical-Christian world view. I do not agree with their Post-mil futurist eschatology, but I do appreciate their very conservative and timely approach to malting our world a more Godly place for future generations to live in.”
A Response to “The A.D.70 Doctrine” “I have heard many people assert that there is an “abundance’ of evidence to support the 96 AD date of Revelation. All of it I have seen is based on a poorly-translated statement by Irenaeus. This is the guy who said Christ lived until the age of fifty.”
Regarding “Annihilationism” – Ed Stevens “Now I wish there was some hermeneutical or exegetical way to physicalize or spiritualize this text out of existence, but the stark reality of a real eternal torment in a spiritual place called the Lake of Fire is too clear in this text.  Hell exists forever and ever, and the wicked and demons who go there will consciously experience the torment day and night forever and ever.  Scary, isn’t it?  It should be.”
Response to Ken Gentry’s Analysis of the Preterist View

Mike Sullivan
Christ’s Second Coming Happened in AD70 “Some interpret Matt. 16:28 as having been fulfilled in the transfiguration and cite 2 Pet. 1:16-17 as a “proof text” to try and substantiate that there was some kind of Christ’s coming or parousia that was fulfilled in this event. Bob Ross sees the fulfillment of Matt. 16:28 as the transfiguration in Matt. 17:1-9 because he thinks that the “power and coming” of Christ in 2 Pet.1:16 is speaking of the transfiguration event. He writes, “Thus, the ‘fulfillment’ of Matthew 16:28 could only be found in the glorious ‘Coming’ which is presented in Matthew 17:1-9. Here, Peter says, the three disciples were ‘eyewitnesses’ of His Power,’ ‘Coming,’ ‘Majesty,’ ‘Honour’ and ‘Glory.’”

Daniel Thompson
A Commentary – Romans 7:13-25
 – “Romans chapter seven has been the subject of unending debate since St. Augustine saw a different man portrayed in Romans 7:14-25 than the previous three centuries. For three hundred years, the christian expositors had seen this section of Scripture as depicting an unconverted man and his struggles with sin and the law – apart from the life of God.”

Virgil J. Vaduva
An Answer to Gromacki’s “Where is the Church in Revelation 4-19?” – Unmistakably, despite the traditional view, pain will still exist after the return of Jesus. The mission of the Church, to be the salt and light of the world, to be the healing tree for all nations, is slowly being abandoned because of the notion that the world will become more and more evil regardless of our actions. Let’s not make the same mistake that Israel made when expecting Jesus to return as a physical King to deliver them from a physical enemy, from cancer, and maybe mortgage payments. The spirituality of the problem (separation of man from God) mandates the nature of the solution (restoration of the Godman relationship). Spiritual problems demand spiritual solutions. The physical removal of the Church from planet earth, not only does nothing to resolve the spiritual problem of humanity, but denies the very reason for which the Church exists: the healing of the nations.”

Tracy D. VanWynGaarden
Dualistic Eschatology: An Extensive Refutation of Partial Preterism “I find it interesting that Gentry criticizes Dispensationalism for their eschatological dualism saying, “In multiplying eschatological coming, resurrections, and judgments, premillennialism suffers from what Jay Adams calls eschatological ‘diplopia’ (Three Views on The Millennium and Beyond p. 243). How is this any different than Gentry’s eschatological dualism? His system multiplies the one end time, one second coming, one passing of heaven and earth, one new creation, one resurrection, one judgment and one hope. Doesn’t this qualify as “eschatological diplopia? Gentry’s views apparently have much in common with dispensationalism.”
Problems with Premillennial Preterism
Response to Marc Gibson’s “The AD 70 Doctrine Examined”

Jim Wade
1/29/3: The Carpenter’s Apprentice – January 2003 – “What about those of us living post AD 70? We are not waiting for regeneration as those in “that generation” were. Our faith in Christ immediately identifies us with the ongoing new creation. Though we continue in the flesh and wrestle with all the practical implications of doing so, we are eternally alive and dwell spiritually in the presence of the Father in Christ.” Amen Jim!

Samuel Waldron
Notes on Eschatology -” In the historical introduction to these lectures preterism was presented as a method of interpreting the Book of Revelation originating within Roman Catholicism. It was offered by them as an alternative to the historicist method and its identification of the Roman Papacy as the Beast. It contrasted with the system of interpretation known as futurism which was also presented by the Jesuits as an alternative to historicism. While futurism referred the events of the Revelation primarily to a future period of tribulation at the end of this age, preterism declared that with very few or no exceptions its prophecies were fulfilled by or before the destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70.”

Scott Wagner
The Crowd May Be Wrong – “I believe it was J. Vernon McGee who made a statement such as “why polish the brass on a sinking ship.”  Well, the news is that the ship is not sinking and the brass is dirty.  Unfortunately, I believe dispensationalism has contributed greatly to the erosion of the American culture in the 1900s as so many Christians developed a fatalistic attitude towards any idea of influencing society.  “

Larry White
4/24/3: New Heaven and New Earth – “So we see that the end of the age would be marked by the destruction of the temple, and that it would happen in their lifetime. We know from history that the Roman armies came against Jerusalem and razed it to the ground in AD 70. I believe that this middle time period of 40 years is the time of the war in heaven. (Rev.12) In fact, I believe that this period includes most of the book of Revelation, if not all of it, along with the prophesies that Jesus gave about this time in Mt.24, Mk.13 and Lk.21, concerning the destruction of Jerusalem.  Now Jerusalem was not just destroyed in AD 70, it was replaced and superceded or transcended by a New Jerusalem – a heavenly Jerusalem as opposed to an earthly, physical Jerusalem. We all know this heavenly Jerusalem to be the church from Heb.12:18-23.” (Originally delivered in Eagle Point, OR. August 12, 1984)