The Annotated Parousia by Russell for Kindle Readers (2013-2017 Reviews)

Preterist Book Review: Kindle Parousia – The best, most fun-to-read, study of the book of Revelation

Reviews for The Annotated Parousia for Kindle


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  • 1878: James Stuart Russell, The Parousia, A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of the Lord’s Second Coming – It is evident that the prediction of what is to take place at the close of a thousand years does not come within what we have ventured to call ‘apocalyptic limits.’ These limits, as we are again and again warned in the book itself, are rigidly confined within a very narrow compass; the things shown are ‘shortly to come to pass.’ It would have been an abuse of language to say that the events at the distance of a thousand years were to come to pass shortly; we are therefore compelled to regard this prediction as lying outside the apocalyptic limits altogether.
    • 2013: Todd Dennis: Church-State Relations and the Book of Revelation (Introduction to the Annotated Parousia on Kindle, plus additions) The battle won at home, Russell used the Evangelical Alliance to bring reformation to nations abroad. He provided relief during the Irish famine, established churches in nations such as Switzerland and Germany, and was a founder of the free school movement. He even retraced the steps of his predecessors at Yarmouth by personally bringing the Evangelical Alliance’s vision of independence to American shores.


Free versions of this book are available; why pay for this one? The New 10K reprint of the Second Edition of J. Stuart Russell’s classic study of Christ’s Second Coming is fully optimized for Kindle, with functional links for the Table of Contents and footnotes, and the use of fonts instead of images to display Greek characters.

In addition, two notable scholars have contributed new introductory material to help the modern reader appreciate the enduring value of The Parousia. Archaic spelling and punctuation have been modernized to comply to standard American English.

No matter how it is published, Russell’s book The Parousia remains a classic in the field.  As R.C. Sproul has written,

“I can never read the New Testament again the same way I read it before reading The Parousia. I hope better scholars than I will continue to analyze and evaluate the content of J. Stuart Russell’s important work.”

“Can’t agree with every conclusion but well thought out and studied. I find myself in the same camp with only small differences. I recommend it to anyone interested in the book of Revelation and ‘The end times’.”


August 21, 2017
Verified Purchase

Bruce Thevenot
3.0 out of 5 stars – Great to have this classic on my Kindle

Great to have this classic on my Kindle. Regrettably, the transcription is very sloppy, with lots of typos and much cleanup needed. Some of the added annotation and features are interesting, much of it is not. A redo should be in the offing.

May 5, 2017
Verified Purchase

3.0 out of 5 stars – Starts off great then downhill from there.

A perfect example of expounding truth into heresy.

September 23, 2016
Verified Purchase

Dr. Keith McKenzie
5.0 out of 5 stars – Removes All Doubt

Russell’ work is the most comprehensive on the subject. Vocabulary is at the graduate level, but refreshing in my opinion. It is a literary masterpiece.

September 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

4.0 out of 5 stars – Four Stars

Informative point of view that challenges the standard view.

August 31, 2016
Verified Purchase

Paul Hansen
5.0 out of 5 stars – Five Stars

A very interesting read. A lot of information and for me, a new concept.

 July 13, 2016
Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars – Five Stars

Great read so far. Very good insight!

December 3, 2015
Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 starsI – highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an explanation

This book forever changed the way I read and study the Bible. I will be spending more time looking at the Scriptures from the point of view of those that we’re alive when the letters were written, not from the point of view of some modern day critics and prognosticators who call themselves theologians. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an explanation of Scripture that you won’t hear in today’s politically correct churches.

July 18, 2015
Verified Purchase

D. Ledbetter
5.0 out of 5 stars – Excellent

I have been an avid reader for many years, and I can honestly say it is very seldom that one takes up a volume of the caliber of The Parousia by J. Stuart Russell. It is very much as if the reader is sitting at a table with an amiable friend who happens to be a dedicated and sanctified scholar of Scripture and who warmly and patiently leads one through the Scripture to reveal an astonishing truth. If you like thoroughgoing exegesis, you’ll love The Parousia. I highly recommend this book to all who feel even the slightest doubt about current popular teaching on End TImes. There is a very good reason to feel such doubt….the Bible. And Russell makes it quite clear that the Bible and popular end-times teaching are not compatible. This is not a light volume, but it is neither cryptic nor impenetrable as are so many “scholarly’ works. If you want the quick and sensational fluff that passes for so much “teaching” today, do not purchase The Parousia. But if you have prayed the prayer…”‘Lord, grant me some light on the Last Days, I’m confused”, then Russell’s work may be an answer to your prayer. It has been so for me.

January 5, 2015
Verified Purchase

4.0 out of 5 stars – Inexpensive yet good quality edition of The Parousia

This is an inexpensive Kindle edition of The Parousia. It is very well done.

This edition has a couple of essays that give background on the life and work of J. S. Russell.

Another good feature is the active links to the footnotes, which are located at the end of each chapter.

One thing that I hope could be fixed in a future revision. While there are links in the text to the footnotes, the footnotes do not contain links back to the text. So once you jump to the footnote, you have to page back and find your place in the text.

Even with that minor problem, I still recommend this edition of the book.

 October 24, 2014
Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars – I recommend it to anyone interested in the book of Revelation

Can’t agree with every conclusion but well thought out and studied. I find myself in the same camp with only small differences. I recommend it to anyone interested in the book of Revelation and ‘The end times’.

September 20, 2014
Verified Purchase

Jeremy R. Kappon
5 stars – The best, most fun-to-read study of the book of Revelation

The best, most fun-to-read study of the book of Revelation ever! Great Kindle version as well… Great table of Contents and modern intro, and Roman numerals have been updated to modern numbers.

September 4, 2014
Verified Purchase

Syung Young Lee
4.0 out of 5 stars – Four Stars

Good book!

May 30, 2014
Verified Purchase

Beach Beauchamp
5.0 out of 5 stars – Old view of prophecy in a new age

This book was the start of my journey into the preterist view of the second coming of Jesus Christ (the parousia)- Through these pages God opened my eyes to the falsehood of modern day prophecy interpretation- There were so many holes with modern explanations of His return and the surrounding details- For example, how do modern expositors explain Jesus’ statement that He would return before that generation had passed- I could go on and on with examples that just could not be explained to my satisfaction- These writings answered so many lingering questions that the pretrib rapture and and premillenial stands could not- If you are at all into Biblical Prophecy, this should be the next book you get your hands on- Highly recommended!!

March 6, 2014
Verified Purchase

Chuck Crisco
5 out of 5 stars – You need to read this.

I encourage every believer to take the time to read through this book. It is eye opening! A must read for pastors and spiritual leaders.

March 1, 2014
Verified Purchase

Mountain Girl
5 out of 5 stars -The Parousia great study tool

Updated version of a study aid many years old. Great footnotes, a voice that needs to be heard and given a voice.

January 3, 2014

Martin Trench
5.0 out of 5 stars – A classic brought up to date

This book is, of course, a classic in eschatology. When the book was first released, it received high praise and very, very little criticism. Even those who took a different approach to eschatology still highly valued the book, and Charles Spurgeon’s famous endorsement shows. Today, with all the hype and hysteria that has surrounded “the end times” in the last few decades, and with widespread ignorance of the orthodoxy of the preterist view, lots of accusations of “heresy” abound towards books like this one. I can only challenge anyone who is interested in what the New Testament actually teaches – in its original context – on the subject of eschatology to read this book with an open mind. Although you won’t agree with everything it says (I don’t) I think the major thesis of the book is irrefutable. The “end times” or “last days” were the last days of the Old Covenant system, the “end of the age” of Law, and Temple, and sacrifice, and priesthood – and the ushering in of a whole new Kingdom age of grace, new birth and the priesthood of all believers. We are not awaiting the end of the Old Covenant – its gone.

This version – with valuable forewords, introductions and notes by reputable Bible teachers – is excellent. The formatting and look & feel of this Kindle edition makes reading it a pleasure.

Cant recommend this enough.

December 31, 2013

Edward J. Hassertt
5.0 out of 5 stars – Well Worth it

The formatting and footnotes along make this edition well worth the 4 bucks, but the additional material provided by the editors of this edition make this a must have for any student of scripture who also enjoys electronic texts and their kindle. The text of the original classic is well laid out and easy to read on the kindle. Add this to your library!

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