Rudolph Ewald Stier

Reden Jesu (1851)


Preterist Commentaries By Historicist / Continuists


(On Matthew 11:16)
 the then existing last generation of Israel “ (Stier, vol ii. 98).

(On Matthew 16:28)
“(it refers) to the destruction of Jerusalem and the full manifestation of the kingdom of Christ by the annihilation of the Jewish polity.” (in loc.)

(On Matthew 24:34)
“(this refers) to the generation living in that then extant and most important age.” (Reden Jesu, in loc.)

(On Matthew 12:43-45)
“In the period between the ascension of Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem, especially towards the end of it, this nation shows itself, one might say, as if possessed by seven thousand devils.’ (Reden Jesu; Matt. xii, 43-45)

Matthew 24 – (Interpretation Based Upon Three Comings of Christ)
1. The coming of the Lord to judgment upon Judaism. 2. His coming to judgment upon degenerate anti-Christian Christendom. 3. His coming to judgment upon all heathen nations- the final judgment of the world, all which together are the coming again of Christ, and in respect of their similarity and diversity are most exactly recorded from the mouth of Christ by Matthew.” (Stier. Red. Jes. vol. iii. 251.)

Luke 23:27-31 (“Stier, beguiled by the ignis fatuus of a double sense, insisting on a hidden meaning in our Saviour’s words” – Russell)
‘He spoke expressly and primarily of the judgment of Jerusalem and Israel, yet He contemplated and refers to that which was shadowed out in this historical type,-the judgment of all the impenitent, and of all unbelievers in common, down to the last.” (
Reden Jesu, vol. vii. p. 426)

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Date: 2 Apr 2008
Time: 11:23:35

Comments :

Apparently Stier referred to the context of Isa 14 12 in which Lucifer is mentioned (KJV) as relating to the apostasy and punishment of the angelic leaders.

I have no access to Stier’s comment on Isaiah and wonder if you could shed light on the above.

Kind regards
Gabriël Smit

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