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Definition: “Eschatology” is a study of “last things.” The Greek word of the Bible is “eschatos” and means “end, final or last.” All students of the Bible are interested in a study of eschatology, or the end times.

Eschatology Review is the name of this web site. It was not chosen hastily or casually. The “end times” of the Bible have already occurred. So, the only way that we can look at them, is by way of “review.” We must look closely at the “time elements” of the Bible. There is indeed a “time and place for all things.” Let us not twist the “time and place” of Biblical “end times” that were put in place by the Almighty One.

Reviewing the “last days” of the Bible, as something that has already occurred, might be a new way of looking at things, for you. Don’t let that be an excuse for you not taking a careful look at realized eschatology.

Judging others is something that neither you nor I should do. People do not enter into the picture. The reality is one thing … what does the Bible actually mean?

Speaking and thinking for you is not my responsibility. Any accounting that you might have to make to YHVH will be done by only one person … you. So, you obviously want to know what truth is and you want to do and say what is right, even though it might not be what you currently believe. You might have to change.

An open mind, an open Bible and a continual love and search for truth is what it is all about. May YHVH bless you as you hopefully venture into your uncharted waters.  It is great sailing! Try it. Be challenged. Grow!

Ron McRay, director of studies


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