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Rev. G.L. Stone
Incumbent of the Rossett, Denbighshire

d. Oct. 1, 1863 at Stoneleigh, Denbighshire (aged 49)


The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy;

or, All pure prophecy terminated in the Advent of Christ and the establishment of Christianity

G.L. Stone – “It may as well be stated also here, that the Professor (Samuel Lee) appears to have been more indebted to Calvin than he seemed to be aware of; while the valuable labours of Grotius and Hammond — indeed, it may be added, of Bossuet and Calmet—immensely helped towards the same conclusion.”

1. The Apocalypse fulfilled in the consummation of the Mosaic economy and the coming of the Son of Man ; an answer to the ” Apocalyptic Sketches,” and “The End,” by Dr. Cumming. By the Rev. P. S. DESPREZ, B.D., late Evening Lecturer of the Cathedral Church, Wolverhampton. Second Edition. London: Longmans. 1855. 8vo. pp. 528.

2. The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; or, All pure prophecy terminated in the Advent of Christ and the establishment of Christianity. By G. L. STONE, B.A., Incumbent of Rossett, Denbighshire. London : Whittaker and Co. 1854. 24mo. pp. 104.

BOTH these works are the result of a re-action against the absurdities of the spirit of soothsaying, which infects the visible church to an alarming extent. There is reason to fear that an extreme of folly in H H affirming may beget the opposite one of denying:—” Incidit in Scyllam, cupiens itare Charybdim.” We do not say that either Mr. Desprez or Mr. Stone have fallen into this error, for, while we do not agree with all their opinions, we think they have done good service by calling attention to some serious and prevalent errors. We have before noticed the work of Mr. Desprez, of which this is a greatly enlarged and improved edition. In the present preface he says— ” He desires to express his sense of the importance of the present subject of enquiry, both in itself and in its consequences. If he is right, the expositions of the Apocalypse, with which, alas, hundreds of pulpits are now resounding, must be; as utterly at variance with truth and Scripture as they are with reason and common sense; and views like those advocated in Dr. Cumming’s End of the World, must he as false and presumptuous as they are deficient in argument,  and in a due consideration of the rules of biblical interpretation. If he is wrong, it is incumbent on those in authority to expose his error, and not to suffer heresy to stalk through a second edition unreproved.”

The argument of Mr. Stone proceeds somewhat on the principles of prophetical interpretation adopted by the late Dr. Samuel Lee. Mr. Stone states that the learned Professor was more indebted to Calvin for his views than he appeared to be aware of; and that Grotius and HammondBossuet and Calmet, also ” immensely helped towards the same conclusion.” (The Journal of Sacred Literature, Vol. II, 1856, p. 467)

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