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Note: The arguments presented here are not based upon a thorough examination of all extant writings, but a representation thereof. Please check any statements with your own patrological studies, and rebut accordingly, if so desired.

     The prevailing eschatology of ‘the Church’ has changed numerous times during the centuries. To state that any position has been held, throughout the history of Christianity, is a falsehood. However, we can see that some form of preterism has been held throughout the centuries, regardless of which belief system reigned supreme. The following tables will display the constant stream of Preterism through each period in Christian history.  We will see the maturation and development of Preterist doctrine throughout the centuries to its widespread revival among scholars in the late 19th Century and its popular acceptance today.


 Aphrahat – Excerpts from The Demonstrations (III Cent.)
 Athanasius – Excerpts from Festal Letters,On Incarnation
 (IV Cent.)
 Augustine – Harmony, City of God, Pelagius  (V Cent.)
Cassian, John – Cassian’s Conference # 14 (V Cent.)
 Chrysostom – Homilies (Matthew 24, II Timothy, Jews) (IV Cent.)
 Clemens – Homilies, Stromata (III Cent.)
 Cyprian – Books of Testimonies Against the Jews (III Cent.)
 Eusebius – Excerpts from Ecclesiastical History (325)
Irenaeus – Against Heresies, Book IV
 Justin Martyr – Excerpts from Justin Martyr (II Cent.)
Lactantius – 
(A.D. 260-330)
 Melito – Homily of the Pascha (II Cent.)
 Origen – The Principas (232),Against Celsus (250)
 Sulpitius Severus – The Sacred History (A.D.401)
 Tertullian – An Answer to the Jews (206)