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Preterist Archive Preterism:  The Bridge from Futurism to Preterism – Walt Hibbard

8-2-2004 1:37 PM

“Perhaps the logic of it all ought to be turned back upon the opponents of preterism. How can they dare to suggest that Jesus really did not fulfill His promises that He said He would and in the way that He said He would? If it is scary to 21st century ears that the second coming has already happened, how much more scary should it be to suggest that the second coming has not yet taken place?”

A Critical Response to Kurt Simmons’ Bi-Millennialism Scripture Demands a Spiritual Rapture | Binding of the Great Red Dragon | All These Things | The Hebrews Epistle: A Preterist Commentary | A Response to “Regarding Annihilationism” | The Fall of Jerusalem | THE APOCALYPSE | PRÆTERIST INTERPRETATION | Rapture Debate: Tommy Ice and Richard Perry | The Resurrection of the Flesh | Five Views of the AD70 Rapture | Clouds of Judgment and Glory | What About the First Century Rapture? | The Thousand Years Foreword toThe Consummation of the Ages | Hyper-Preterism-Why is it damnable heresy? | Refuting the Transcendental Argument Against Preterism | General Beliefs of Preterists | Restoring the Kingdom-of-God Worldview to the Church and the World | A Critical Response to the Kloskes’ Exegesis of I Corinthians 15 | The Eschatological Change | The Arbitrary Principle of Hyper-Creedalism | Clarity Accomplished! A Review of Second Coming: Mission Accomplished! | The Second Coming of Jesus Was Not in A.D.70 | Why the Single Millennium Model Forces a Futurist Eschatology | The Resurrection of the Dead | Do We Look For Another? | Interaction with David Chilton & Thoughts on Reformed Moderate Preterist Statements about Hyper-Preterism | Transmillennialism™ A Critical Review of “The Millennium” of Max King – Kurt M. Simmons

Partial Preterist Archive Partial Preterism: Reconsidering the Scriptures: A Biblical Response Designed for Partial Preterists – Compiled by Kevin Craig, X-mas Conspiracy

4-17-2004 – 2:39 PM

Wavering Partial-Preterist, toes in the shallow end, unable to jump all the way into Full Preterism.” – “I find most arguments against Full Preterism to be weak at best, and hypocritically arrogant and dangerous at worst. As one who hasn’t yet been able to bite the bullet and join the Full Preterist camp, I am particularly sensitive to bad arguments from partial preterists.”

Scholars Weigh My Research | Jesus the Preterist On the Olivet Discourse | The Passing of the Heavens and Earth | Biblical Minimalism and “The History of Preterism” Thomas Ice and the Time Texts Why the Early Church Fathers Finally Rejected Premillennialism | Tommy Ice and Dispensationalism under the Microscope — Again – Gary DeMar | Preterism and “Orthodoxy” – Dr. Gary North vs. David Chilton

Critical Article Archive Critical Archive: John Humphrey Noyes and Hyper-Preterism | Acts 1:9-11 and the Hyper-Preterism Debate Page – Keith Mathison

4-26-2004 – 5:34 PM

 “The question, then, is simply this: Is it accurate to classify John Humphrey Noyes as an early proponent of hyper-preterism? After re-examining the evidence, I believe that the answer is yes, and I will seek to defend that answer in what follows.”

 Confused! The Absurdity of Partial-Futurist Refutation | A (Somewhat) Irenic Response to Certain Naughty Heretical Preterists Answering Preterism: Did Jesus Return in A.D.70? | Christ’s Resurrection and ours – Gentry | Topics of Concern Regarding Pret | Pret Spirit of Deception | Anti-Pret Board and Articles | Pret Prattle | Scoffers: Prets and II Peter 3 | Insurrection vs. Resurrection | The Best Defense is a Good Offense | A False Gospel is not a “Good Offense” | Edwards’ Reply | A Refutation of Preterism: Second Peter, Chapter 3 | Forgy’s Affirmative | Defense of the Orthodox View of the Second Coming of Christ In Response to the Teachings of Full Preterism | The PALTALK Adversaries of Preterism: What Are They Afraid Of? |  “So Where’s Your Proof?” | The Anti-Church Movement (Hyper-Preterism) | Answering Mathison’s Questions – Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks  | A Brief Reponse to the Full Preterist Criticisms of Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks | Reconsidering the Scriptures: A Biblical Study Designed for Full Preterists

Dispensationalist Dementia Israel / Dispensationalism: Christian Zionism Challenged in Jerusalem

4-27-2004 – 12:18 AM

Over 600 scholars gathered as part of “Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics and the Middle East Conflict”

Time of the Signs | Christians Under Attack | Israel’s End Times Gamble | NY Times: Rapture and Rupture | Considered the most hated people in the world | Israel is a state in denial | Threat of war brings visions of Armageddon | The People of God, the Land of Israel, and the Impartiality of the Gospel | America Obsessed with Future Apocalypse – Tom Harpur of Toronto Star | At All Silly Costs | Influential Christian Leaders Speak Against Israel’s Biblical Significance and Her Land – Bill Koenig

Study Archive Study Archive:  John Humphrey Noyes Study ArchiveApocryphal Baruch – Written in A.D.70? | Odes of Solomon | Chariots in the Clouds | Johann Philip Schabalie | Julian the Apostate | Jeff Carter | Rev. William W. Patton | ‘Coming of Jesus’ Commentaries

GLOSSARY: Amillennialism Christian Zionism Dispensationalism Eschatology | Historicism | Millennial Reign of Christ | Postmillennialism | Premillennialism | Preterism | Pre-Tribulational Rapture | Reconstructionism | “Seventy Weeks” | Parousia | Bimillennialism | Covenant Eschatology | Corporate Resurrection | TransmillennialismTM | Comprehensive Grace | IBD / IBN

FREE BOOKThe Destruction of Jerusalem – George Peter Holford – “Absolute and irresistible proof of the divine origin of Christianity : including a narrative of the calamities which befel the Jews, so far as they tend to verify Our Lord’s predictions.”

FREE BOOKThe Second Coming of Jesus – G.F. Taylor (1912) “Others think that all the Scriptures about the coming of the Lord refer to the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus in A. D. 70.  Such teachers substitute Titus for the Lord.  How­ever, if this is probable, what shall we do with Rev. 22: 12: “Behold, I come quickly”?  Jesus spoke these words twenty­-six years after the destruction of Jerusalem.  So we are driven to look elsewhere for the coming of the Lord.” | The Jerusalem Tribulation not the Great One

The Signs of the Son of Man’s Presence at the Destruction of Jerusalem. (1855) | Anglo-Israelism Refuted (1879) | The Ways of Providence.. The Overthrow of the Jewish Commonwealth by the Romans and the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus (1881) | The Law of Moses – The Enigmatical Enunciation of Divine Principles and Purposes | 13 Historicist Lectures on the Apocalypse


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