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The following are among the writers who regard
Christ’s Second Advent as an event of the past.

BROWN, ALEXANDER, of Aberdeen. ” The Great Day of the Lord.” E. Stock.
COWLES, Professor HENRY, of Oberlin, U.S.A. ” The Revelation of John.”Published by Appleton, New York.
CROSBY, ALPHEUS, D.D., of Boston, U.S.A.
DALE, R. W., D.D. ” The Coming of Christ” ; a Sermon (1878) now out of print.
DEPSREZ, PHILLIP, S. ” The Apocalypse Fulfilled.” Longmans, 1861.
FARRAR, FREDERIC, W., D.D. ” The Early Days of Christianity.” 1882
GOODHART, C. A., M.A. “The Christian’s Inheritance.” Nisbet, 1891. Grotius. ” Annotations.”1644.
HAMMOND. “Annotations.” 1653.
HAMPDEN-COOK, E., M.A. “The Christ Has Come.” 1894.
HARRIS, J. TINDALL. “The Writings of the Apostle John.” Hodder. HINDS,
SAMUEL, M.A. “The Catechist’s Manual.” 1829.
HOOPER, JOSEPH, of Bridgwater.
KING, ALEXANDER. ” The Cry of Christendom for a Divine Eirenikon.”
LEE, SAMUEL, D.D., of Cambridge, Translator of Eusebius’s ” Theophania.”
MAURICE, F. D., M.A. “The Apocalypse.” 1861.
MURRAY, JAMES, of Torquay.
MURRAY, J. 0. F., M.A., in the Cambridge ” Companion to the Bible.” 1893.
NEWTON,THOMAS, D.D. ” Dissertations on the Prophecies.” 1754.
NISBETT, N., of Ash -next -Sandwich, Kent.”The Triumphs of Christianity over Infidelity displayed, or the Coming of the Messiah the True Key to the Right Understanding of the most difficult passages in the New Testament.” Rivingtons, 1802.
NOYES, JOHN, H. Author of “The Greatest Secret in the World (published by G. N. Miller, 188, W. Houston St., New York; 18.), and of “The Berean” (out of print).
PECKINS, W. N., of Torquay,
RATTRAY, THOMAS, of Toronto. The Regal Advent.” 1878.
RUSSELL, JAMES STUART, D.D. The Parousia.” 1878.
STARK, ROBERT, of Torquay.
STEPHENSON, J. A., ” Christology of the Old and New Testaments,” 1838.
TERRY, MILTON S., D.D. ” Biblical Hermencutics.” Hunt & Eaton, Now York. 1883.
THOM, Dr., of Liverpool.
TOWNLEY, ROBERT, Of Liverpool.
URMY, WILLIAM S., D.D., of San Francisco. ” Christ Came Again.” Eaton & Mains, New York. 1900.
WARREN, ISRAEL P., D.D., of Maine, U.S.A. ” The Parousia.” 1878.
WILKINSON, W. J. P., of Exeter.

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