Jason Bradfield
Former Full Preterist
 / Lyricist-Musician


  • 4/3/11: Apology Regarding Full/Hyper Preterism (2011) “After recording this, i thought there was actually a lot more i could have said, especially concerning the absurd comments by Alan Bondar. While the resurrection of the body is certainly a ‘hope’ for Christians, it is not the end all be all. And saying that only a few have exegeted the text of I Co 15 in nearly 2,ooo years of church history is just absolutely mind-numbing. But, this video isn’t really about Alan. It’s about my own failures.”

  • 11/30/10: Reclassified from Hyper Preterist to “Modern Preterist”  “Atonement hiphop inspired by John Owen” (11/30/10) “I’m done with full preterism. I’m wanting to pursue systematics. I’m not interested in rabbit trails about personalities. Sorry. Maybe it will lead me back to full preterism, but frankly, i just don’t see it happening. I see nothing to work with. Good luck trying to mentor and lead a paradigm that is undefined and ambiguous. Even Chuck admits, “The fact is that it’s never been clearly defined even what a full preterist is”‘

  • An Apology to the Public Regarding Preterism (August 26, 2010) “The online Preterist community is an embarrassment on many levels. And by “preterism”, i am referring to full preterism.. i am preaching against myself as well. I have been guilty of some of  these things. Hence, one of the reasons i wanted to take a break and  reassess things.”

  • Semper Reformanda Full Preterism  (2010) “I believe leaving the community and being inactive elsewhere (not entirely, but to a large degree) helped position me now into the role of an ‘outsider’ in regards to full preterism. Technically, I wasn’t an outsider. Practically, I was. Instead of having my head buried in the sand and getting immersed with all the in-house scuffles, I was now able to step back and look at the bigger picture…and I didn’t like what I saw. I blogged about this, an apology which has now been featured at the infamous PreteristArchive, a site ran by another former full preterist, Todd Dennis.”

    “The rub is ~ given full preterist presuppositions, i want to know how you GOT from point A to point B. Systematically, logically, exegetically. Full preterism has NOT, i repeat, NOT done this! If any full preterist contests that they have, then all they have to do is simply provide the link here to either the work online or to a book they have published. It doesn’t exist.” // “And since no full preterist has done it ~ then why in the world would any full preterist get upset with me for stepping back and saying, “dang. I don’t know about this full pret stuff anymore”? Why in the world would anyone get upset with me for wanting to exercise more CAUTION and to stop being dogmatic about a viewpoint that basically hasn’t answered much of squat?”

    • HyP Response: Jason is like the ancient Jews who tied a rope around the High Priest so they can pull him out if need be in that Jason appears to be pulling on that rope as strongly as he can with  Sam but Sam is clawing by the fingernails to hang onto what he has invested 20 years into.”  (Ostrich Syndrome) // “Now it’s obvious that Sam is trying to hang onto what full Preterist legacy that he can but I’m afraid he has damaged his “theological goods” to the extent that many full Preterist will not trust his work anymore and give him the benefit of the doubt.  “

  • 8/26/10: An Apology to the Public Regarding Full Preterism

    The online Preterist community is an embarrassment on many levels. And by “preterism”, i am referring to full preterism..  i am preaching against myself as well.

    • About the only thing preterists are dogmatic on is that “Jesus already came.”

    • “…if it isn’t enough to make me rethink the foundations of preterism, it at least makes me want to disassociate myself from it.”

    • “I have heard often that a systematic approach would “destroy” preterism. Now, because i have always been pro-systematic, i would just respond by saying, “No, that’s nuts. It has to be systematized. But now i wonder, “maybe that’s the problem…it can’t.” If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the discussion forums involving preterists, you will see nothing but one crazy disjointed claim after another.”

    • “It’s kinda like that game Jenga. 54 wood blocks are placed in a tin can, all nice and neat, to form a “tower”. The can is then lifted. Each player takes a turn removing a block from the tower and then places that block on the top to balance things. Eventually, someone is going to remove a piece that topples the whole thing and thereby loses the game. Some pieces can be moved with little notice. Some blocks are more important though, upon which these seemingly less significant ones rest. But even these less significant blocks will eventually fall as well, when the foundation is constantly picked at. It’s all connected.

    • Oh, we’re “reforming” alright. Reforming the WHOLE kit and caboodle! Heck, we have practically toppled the whole of Christianity and are playing with a different set of blocks! And what have we constructed thus far? “Well, we know Jesus came back. That will be our foundation block…now lets build on top of that. The rest of this stuff…well…let’s just converse about it.”

      • HyP Response: “His message is lost in his rhetoric. If the same message had come without the attacks on people and groups, I would have been the first one lining up to praise Jason.  Instead it came off as just another one of Jason’s rants against various people that all of us have seen and most of us have been the subject of. “

      • HyP Response: “When things like this happen, I feel–not outrage or anger, but just a profound sense of sadness and loss.  I felt the same way with Roderick, Brian, Todd, Sharon and others who have drifted from the what I understand the Scriptures to teach.  If Sam and Jason both announced tomorrow that they were returning to FULLER futurism, I would not be angry at either or them—there is a cost and a price that each of us pays in taking a stand for our convictions.  But I would feel like there had been a death in the family…it is simply a profound sense of sadness and loss, that is the only way to describe it.  I cannot remain unaffected.”

      • Former HyP Response: “I DO happen to agree with what he was saying because much of what he talked about is part of the reason I left full preterism too. So no, I’m not offended by what he said because it happens to be the truth. As much as I don’t like to hear it, I must face up to the facts.”

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