Jack Van Impe on Preterism (2000-2002)

His name is in here, by the way.  First of all, let me just say the word preterist, p-r-e-t-e-r-i-s-t.  Preterist.  Preterist theory.  Jack, explain that to us.  What does that mean?


Jack Van Impe on Preterism



Jack Van Impe is a life-long defender of premillennial dispensationalism and is perhaps the most accomplished televangelist in history.  Because he is such a staunch literalist in interpretation, his perspective offers the best view of the nature of the dispensationalist method of reading the Bible.   Naturally, preterism explains the Bible using a very different method of interpretation.  Which of the two is more accurate is up to the reader.

Posted below are three segments from the television show “Jack Van Impe Presents” along with reader comments.  Van Impe interacts with arguments offered by partial as well as full preterists, so it is difficult to categorize these as arguments against either view in particular.

Jack just doesn’t like preterism in general.

The comments following Jack and Rexella’s presentations are very interesting, and display interaction between those espousing the literal method and those defending the historical-grammatical method.   People from every perspective have always been encouraged to post their comments, and this is perhaps the earliest example of such exhaustive communication between theological opponents on the Internet.  Accordingly, we see comments in favor of Jack and Rexella along with those critical of their statements.    When it comes to the proper way to read the Bible, which side carries the battle to victory?

New segments and video sources will be added as they are found.

 “Jack Van Impe Presents”
12/2/00 : 8 min.- 11 min. mark

Rexella:  Let me refer to something, if you will think back, to a movie that we promoted on this program called “Left Behind.”  In fact, its done so well so far they have sold about 15 million copies.  And we had a tremendous review in one of our local papers here in Michigan.

Take a look at it: “Left Behind.”  Christian movie lovers should enjoy viewing “left behind.”  It is from the runaway bestselling novel Left Behind.   And this is what they had to say just beneath that picture of Kirk Cameron.  And of course he stars in “left behind.”  Its gotten good marks for movie making, mixed reviews for theology.   Now, I’m gonna ask a great theologian, Jack Van Impe, about three different aspects of this article.

His name is in here, by the way.  First of all, let me just say the word preterist, p-r-e-t-e-r-i-s-t.  Preterist.  Preterist theory.  Jack, explain that to us.  What does that mean?

Jack : Well, I will not name the ministers in this article, like they did me.  Because I obey I Peter 2:17, where I’m told to love the brothers.  Love the brothers.  I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I still love you because we’re one body in Christ Jesus.  But I do want to correct  some of these things.

The Preterist view is the one that all the prophecies of the Bible happened in the first century, and therefore have no relationship to today.  Oh, really?

When did we ever see 1/3 of the earth burned (Revelation 8:7)?

1/3 of humanity destroyed through fire, smoke and brimstone  (Revelation 9:18)?

When did we ever see every living creature in the sea die (Revelation 16:3)?

Or the battle of Armageddon fought in the earth (Revelation 16:16), accompanied by the greatest earthquake in history (v.18), accompanied by chucks of ice 120 pounds in weight falling to the ground (v.21)  ?

You better re-think your view.

 So in other words, people who believe in the Preterist theory believe that all the things that we look, say will come, have already happened.

Jack: Yes. Matthew 24Mark 13, Luke chapter 17,21, have happened, and all these things are passe, finshed – baloney!  (laughter)

Rexella: That’s pretty far out. (laughter)

“Jack Van Impe Presents”

Jack: There is another school, right now, called Preterism (prn: Pree-ter-ism).  Watch it, because it is beginning to sweep into evangelical churches.  And this is a doctrine that was created by a Jesuit!  And the Catholic Church would have nothing to do with his teaching.

But some of you Protestants are picking up on it right now and its the teaching that every single sign in the Bible was fulfilled by 70 A.D., so we never have to think about any more prophecies for the future because it is over with!  Finished!

Now that is so much baloney, in fact more than Oscar Meyer has ever packaged in his lifetime.

How can this be?  For instance, in Daniel chapter twelve, verse four he said, “at the time of the end knowledge shall be increased. ”  It took 1850 years — that’s almost 1800 years past 70A.D. — to double knowledge in the world.  Now we are doing it every eighteen months.   Doesn’t it sound like this is the hour in which that sign is being fulfilled?

Ezekiel chapters thirty-six, thirty-seven, we have the Jews coming back to their own land, and calling that land “Israel,”  in chapters thirty-seven, verse twelve.  When did that ever happen in 70 A.D.?  The Jews were in the Diaspora.  They were scattered around the world.  It’s nonsensical.

And then we have the war of Gog, Magog, Mesach, Tubal, Rosh — actually Russia — fought in the latter years and latter days.  Ezekiel thirty-eight, verses eight and sixteen.  When did that ever happen? 

And if every sign was fulfilled by 70A.D., what becomes of Matthew 24:27, when Jesus said “as the lightening cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west, so shall also the coming of the son of man be.”  And Revelation 1:7, “he cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see him.”  Plus, Revelation was written twenty-six years after 70A.D.

Please, if you are being influenced by this teaching, get out of it!  Don’t accept it  It’s wrong!

God’s called me to be a spokesman to warn people today, Rexella.

[later in broadcast]

Jack: And again, I talk to you who are proclaiming Preterism:  Martin Luther, in the sixteenth century,  said there would arise in the last days a king of fierce countenance.  Now he said that almost 1,400 years after you guys said that there would be no more fulfillment of prophecies, because it ended in 70A.D.

“Jack Van Impe Presents”
9/21/02 : 4 min.- 12 min. mark

Rexella:  Well, I’m sure you’ve that you’ve heard of the wildly popular book series entitled “Left Behind” written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  Here they are, “Apocalyptic, and on the top of the bestseller list.”

Well, this is a special report that you see here from the American Free Press.  “Is a Religious Faction Dictating American Foreign Policy?”  They are attacking, actually, Tim LaHaye and those who are his proponents — end times, bible prophecy, and what is going on in the world in connection with what we see today.  In fact, I am going to read to you in a minute what they had to say about Jack Van Impe.. but, it’s a movement against bible prophecy!  Jack? This movement, who are these people?

Jack: They are called Preterists (Jack’s prn: pree-ter-ists).  And they say that every sign was fulfilled by 70A.D., so that from 71 A.D. onward, no prophecy could be fulfilled. It was finished once for all and forever.  And some of them have become angry with me because I said “that is more baloney than Oscar Meyer ever packaged.  And I’m gonna keep saing it.  And I am thrilled that the Pre-Trib research center, Dr. Falwell’s school, is now through Tim LaHaye and others putting out a six hundred page book exposing this movement.  And they have sent me an unedited manuscript and it is powerful.  And I want everyone to know that I am going to expose this in the month of January, because I believe it is one of the most deadly, heretical things that has ever hit the church – along with Amillennialism, that there will be no one thousand year reign of Christ, according to Revelation twenty, verse four.

Rexella: Well, in this article from this paper that I quoted a moment ago, it says this, “Is it possible that Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Jack VanImpe, and all of the famed prophecy experts are wrong?  And that we are really (not) living in the “Last Days?” Is it possible that modern day end time believers are dead wrong, and that the biblical last time – days already occurred?

Now, I understand that this movement believes that all the signs that we talk about, and all the things that we connect with what’s happening in the world today, happened thousands of years ago, Jack.

Jack: (ear to ear grin while nodding no) I could go through the whole Bible and show them how wrong they are, and I believe that they are the ignorant brethren of First Thessalonians 4:13 (laughing).

I’m going to do something, Rexella.  They try to make it look like even the book of Revelation was written in 60 A.D., so that none of those prophecies could ever happen again.  But I’m going to show you something here. Folks, listen carefully.

Chapter one, verse seven – “He cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see him.”  The extremists in this movement say He came. Where is He?  Where is He?

Chapter four, verse one – We hear the words, “come up hither.”  The four and twenty elders are laying their crowns at Jesus’ feet, verses ten and eleven.  You cannot be crowned until the resurrection of the just.  (Luke 14:14)

Where did that resurrection occur?

When were all those graves opened?

How come we’re still here?

In chapter five, verse nine, they’re singing.  These are the ones who are raptured up, through the “come up hither,” Revelation 4:1.  And guess what they’re singing: “We shall reign on the earth.”  When did they do that? 

In chapter six, verse eight – The fourth horseman of the Apocalypse seized one-fourth of the earth destroyed through the Beast of the Earth – West Nile Fever, and all the rest.  When did that ever occur?  Come on, now.

In chapter eight, verse seven – A third part of the trees is burned.

Chapter nine, verse eighteen – By these three was a third of men killed by the fire, smoke and brimstone.   When did that ever happen?

In chapter eleven, verse fifteen – Christ returns.  He puts a stop to those who are destroying the earth.  And at that time they beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning-hooks and they learned war no more,  Isaiah 2:4Micah 4:3 

Hey!  That’s all we’ve known since 70A.D. is wars and rumors of wars.  In fact, according to the Associated Press, just in 1999, 2000, 2001, we’ve averaged sixty-five conflicts a year – that’s one-third of the nations on earth.

We can keep on going. 

Chapter thirteen, verse one – The Antichrist arises..  out of the European Union.

Now, listen to me.

This is seventy years after 70 A.D., and the great church father Irenaeus (Jack’s prn: Uh-rain-e-us) said, “The Antichrist shall sit in the temple and dupe his followers.”  Shall!  That’s 140.  That’s seventy years after 70 A.D.

We can go on and on.

Revelation sixteen, verse sixteen – The battle of Armageddon is fought. 
Verse eighteen
 – The greatest earthquake in history occurs.
Verse twenty-one – There are hailstones falling from heaven, weighing eighty to a hundred and twenty pounds.  When did that all happen?

Rexella: (unintelligible)

Jack: In chapter nineteen, Christ returns on a white horse.  The armies in heaven follow him.  He comes as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, verse sixteen.  And there is the Revived Roman Empire’s army waiting to beat Him in verse nineteen.  The European Union.When did that happen?

In chapter twenty, verses eleven to fifteen the great judgment day occurs – on and on!  Hey.  That’s more baloney they’ve preached than.. Oscar Meyer ever thought about packaging.

Rexella: Alright, Jack. That’s very convincing.   Here are some things that could not have been fulfilled..

[story about clothes implanted with ‘smart fibers,’ technology, and knowledge doubling every 22 months]

Jack: The fifth generation computer.. will be able to do  everything.. because it will be alive.  Oh.  That didn’t happen in 70A.D.

Rexella: No. 70A.D. was when the Preterists say that all the signs were fulfilled?  Right? My, my.

[moving on] Well, Elvis Presley..

Jack: [16:08] And I don’t want to become obnoxious, but none of this happened before 70A.D.  I’m sorry, you Preterists are really off base.

What do YOU think ?
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Date: 20 Sep 2001
Time: 05:04:42

First of all, let me just say the word dispensationalist, d-i-s-p-e-n-s-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-i-s-t. dispensationalist. Dispensationalist theory. Explain that to us. What does that mean?

A dispensationalist is a mom and dad church member who, we have convinced, cannot read prophecy for themselves and are happy to give us large sums of money for our rehashed modernised sanitised form of Darbyism.

That’s pretty far out. (laughter)

Date: 20 Sep 2001
Time: 06:40:26

Jack won’t name any preterists’ names because, unlike us, he obeys I Peter 2:17.

Then he proceeds to laugh at us on national television.

Dave : )

Date: 20 Sep 2001
Time: 15:16:05

Jack and Rexella’s comments are their own refutation. When did we see, the mountains flattened and the moon turn to blood and the heavens roll up like a scroll? Well, if you believe the Bible, at least a couple times.


Date: 21 Sep 2001
Time: 22:18:33

This morning you admitted that you had been parroting others. You still are. I used to teach what you teach by and large, and I know your sources. But now I know and you know that the book of Revelation says nothing about a seven year tribulation period. It says nothing about rebuilding a temple. It says nothing about The LORD reigning on earth a thousand years with His feet planted on earth. It says nothing about a revived Roman Empire…Shame, Shame, Shame…Robert Blankenbaker, Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Date: 22 Sep 2001
Time: 20:38:31

These comments by Van Impe proves that his patchwork and puzzling exegesis of Scripture, that is the breeding ground for dispensationalist, is incapable of countering the truth of preterism with on single coherent Biblical rebuttal

Date: 22 Sep 2001
Time: 23:44:12

Jack Van Impe: The preacher who claims to love the Jews, but writes a book entitled, “ISRAEL’S FINAL HOLOCAUST.” It’s not enough that 6,000,000 Jews were slaughtered by Hitler in the past. But, no, now comes Van Impe (who loves the Jews) predicting that the Jews are going to be put through another “Final” Holocaust. Pardon us Jack, but that sounds so familiar: something like The Final Solution?

Date: 24 Sep 2001
Time: 18:55:25

Maybe if Jack VanImpe would actually take the time to study he would actually know the truth of scripture. I used to believe in the rapture the way it is taught, but God through His Holy Spirit showed me the truth. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Eason, Florida

Date: 26 Sep 2001
Time: 18:29:33

I think that Jack Van Impe should be labled as Jack the Imp. His television show make me want to puke with all of his cookiebowl mixing up of news cast and (his views) of unfullfil bible prophesies that he knows that will take place just be cause he thinks they will.

It never ceases to amaze me how the whole world of RELIGION can fall for the same lie as the PREMILLENNIAL PROPRAGANDA. If Jack is not under the blood of Christ, not by his own free will, then he will deffinately hear Jesus say: “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, for I never knew you Jack and Jackella.”

Paul Bollen

Date: 04 Oct 2001
Time: 00:34:30

I once went to see Van Impe speak when I younger – at the end of his so-called sermon – he put in a plug for the accordian store where he got his accordian. A five minute commercial from the pulpit. He was a con-man then…

I reminded my friends as we left that the definition of gentleman was a guy would play the accordian but didn’t. 😉

Date: 05 Oct 2001
Time: 19:19:01

In Luke’s account (Luke 21) of the same prophesy (Matt. 24), the Jews are carried away captive into the nations. Does this mean that the nations are going to scatter the Jews all over the world again in our day?

Date: 24 Oct 2001
Time: 16:58:17

The ministry of Jack Van Impe is one of the best arguments against dispensationalism. It is difficult to take anything he says seriously.

Date: 25 Oct 2001
Time: 13:24:53

Jack Van Impe treats the book of Revelation like its an end times “laundry list ” where you just go through and check things off one by one. Every time someone throws a rock in Palestine another prophecy in Revelation was just fulfilled. Someone needs to talk to Jack about AUDIENCE RELEVANCE. Revelation was written to seven real historical churches in the first century, not to us. Maybe its time Jack and Rexella re-think they’re view. Brandon Hilliker— Plantation, FL.

Date: 08 Nov 2001
Time: 01:02:42

I don’t think you have take every thing in the bible Natural for exmple in the old testement you read were the Sun or the moon was confuse. Jesus told his people that the star in will fall these star are not the star we see at night. The star that Jesus was no doubt talking about some kind of authority figures in the romans or Jewish gov.

Date: 12 Nov 2001
Time: 21:33:47

When did we see all these things, Jack? Never. And neither will you. You claim to take the Bible literally, yet there is no mention of “The Antichrist” in the Book of Revelation. You have to import this figment of your imagination from various snippets of Scripture.

Literally speaking, Jack, if God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who owns the cattle on Hill #1001? Satan? Tim Lahaye?

Also, if this supposed “Great Tribulation” Dispies so look forward to missing is going to be the greatest catastrophe in earth’s history, does it mean that only seven people will survive? Eight survived Noah’s flood. If any more than eight survive the “Great Tribulation”, then Noah’s flood still ranks Number One in catastrophes. Any catastrophe that leaves 66% of air-breating organisms alive cannot possibly compare to a handful of people on a boat full of animals?

Is it asking too much for you to be true to your own confession of “Literalism”, Jack?

Bob J. Rousse

Date: 15 Nov 2001
Time: 11:04:53

As with all dispensationalist, Jack and Rexella know very little about rightly dividing the word of truth. Just because you can quote scripture, does not mean you know them. For example, comparing scripture with scripture. In this case look at Matthew 24:29 where it says, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

What does this mean in light of other scripture? Does the stars fall from heaven, or the moon not give its light, or the sun darkened? Are these things literal? Are they figuratively?

In Matthew 23 Jesus contended with the scribes and Pharisees, the religious leaders of His day and in verse 38 Jesus tells them that the house of Israel is left to them desolate and this is what Matt. 24Luke 21Mark 13, the book of revelation is all about. Read the book of Joel, specifically 2:2, 10-11, 31-32, 3:15 to name a few.

What Matthew 24 is talking about and Jack does not see, is that it is the powers that be that are falling, not the literal sun, moon and stars. God destroyed Israel in 70AD because they were apostate and became useless to God. Read the Book of Hosea as an example of just how Israel became apostate.

Jack and Relella may quote scripture but they don’t know scripture and one of the dispensationalist problems is they don’t use the whole counsel of God, such as the Old Testament. In 2nd Tim. 3:16 teaches us that doctrine and precepts come from the old Testament, for when Paul wrote this book, he was speaking of the Old Teatament because the New Testament was not yet written.

Search all the scripture to see if these thing are not so!

Michael Helfrich helfrich_@msn.com

Date: 15 Nov 2001
Time: 16:23:13

I think Jack Van Impe is RIGHT ON! To me the preterist view where the whole bible is past events and nothing in it will happen is just crazy. Its first and foremost God’s plan for mankind and its prophecy. Some prophecies have been fulfilled, some not. Yes there will be a 7 year tribulation. The church(believers) will be raptured up. Then the antichrist will move in and sign a 7 year treat, which he obviously breaks after 3 1/2 years.This signing of the treaty will start the 7 years. The 7 year tribulation is the 70th week of Daniel. 69 weeks have already been fulfilled. After the tribulation, Christ comes down for armageddon on a white horse, along with His church, the white army. the devil is bound for 1,000 years. Then after the battle, Christ will judge the people left on earth as to how they treated Israel. The sheep and the goats. Then Christ will reign on earth for 1,000 years and the devil is released one last time. Then the great white throne judgment of all unbelievers. and the old heavens and earth are destroyed and new ones created for eternity. The rapture is very real, without the rapture, you have no place for the judgement seat of Christ and the marriage supper prior to Christ’s second coming. I think the preterist theology is scary to me. There are numerous prophecies to be fulfilled yet. I think you better really look at scripture. Good biblical scholars on this subject, which i see you dont mention, are Tim LaHaye, Grant Jeffrey, John Hagee, John Ankerberg, Edwin Lutzer. Thanks and always, Trust in the Lord, Chad

Date: 21 Nov 2001
Time: 18:12:09

Father, I pray in the Name of Jesus that you will show these Preterists where they are wrong! please Lord, Don’t let them deceive with their doctrines of Demons, instead, I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the Truth of God’s Word to them, If they are reachable! I believe everybody is reachable but not everybody will see the truth due to the hardness of their harts. Praise God and Thank you Jesus, for answering my prayer.

Date: 28 Nov 2001
Time: 13:12:17

All I can say is that anyone takes a hard close look at the scripture using the context, backrgound grammar, parallel passages, word studies (Grk and Hebrew) one will come to know who is correct. However, I find most if not all dispensationalists, including our brother Jack and his wife, failed to do this! We can argue until doomsday about what is true w/o looking hard at the text. Some teaching as well as Christians need a course in H-e-r-m-e-n-u-t-i-c-s.

IN Love, Michael R. Mysliwiec saigon_christ  @  hotmail.com

Date: 04 Dec 2001
Time: 23:59:22

Dear God, I pray for the person above who prayed for the Preterists, that that person would spend more time studying Your Word than watching Jack Van Impe and TBN, if that be the case. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Date: 08 Dec 2001
Time: 08:26:49

I think that Jack Vanimp is rhe biggist joke on tv . I personally despise his slaughter of the book of Revelation

Date: 23 Dec 2001
Time: 17:17:27

I do not know much about Jack Van Impe, and I do not know Rexalla, but if Preterism holds to the views presented here, it is not only pretty far out, but unscriptural as well.

Date: 01 Jan 2002
Time: 20:26:52

I always thought the Bible says That the antichrist comes first, and then when Christ comes all would be changed to the spirit for judgement. Who’s left behind? I,am still waiting to be forced to be tattoo,d and a chip placed in me to change my mind and my heart to follow the antichrist. I always believed in free-will, meaning I have a choice in my choice. I do not believe that God allows that to be changed just becouse antichrist is here. I sure hope your teachings are in God will. I would not want to be judged for my teaching of His Word.

Date: 09 Jan 2002
Time: 13:36:00

This is for Chad who tows the Christian party line when it comes to the end times (dispensationalism). Chad, you had bettter take another, closer look at the scripture you quoted from Daniel. Let me first ask you a question, Who stops the clock between the 69th week and the 70th week? There is no “gap” in the timeline laid out in Daniel, but a continuing prophecy. The “he” in verse 27, who confirms the covenant with many is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Check the use of pronouns! It is Christ who caused the sacrifice to cease and it is the Messiah who saves the lost by entering into a covenant with them. Please search the scriptures and pray for the Lord’s guidance as you do. I once held to the false view of dispensationalism but thank the Lord Jesus that a closer study of the Scriptures lead me into the truth. As for the rest of us, let us pray that Christ will overturn this false doctrine, which enslaves so many and leads so many away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

David davidbiser@hotmail.com

Date: 15 Jan 2002
Time: 18:04:05

I think it is sad that Christians are arguing and mocking and slandering each other. Any unbeliever who visits this site is not going to care whether you’re a preterist or a dispensationalist. They will, however, notice how nasty you were to each other. I urge all of you to treat each other with deceny and respect. It is possible to have a debate without resorting to slander.

Date: 08 Mar 2002
Time: 00:27:35

amen to brother and sister jack and rexella stand for christ many people are going to be deceived believeing that the great trib the wrath of the almighty god happened already its very sad but i know as they know it hasnt you will be judged by god by all your hate and false teaching your spreading!1 and i see many will believe in this anti-christ about to appear very soon !! jesus said there will be scoffers in the last days so were not to suprised of all this filth being spread because we know that satan has but little time and then eternal damnation with all that follow is false and lieing teachings!! they will fall from there faith and man isnt that the truth lord amen

Date: 09 Mar 2002
Time: 13:04:21

Do not buy the film “Left behind”, please, Read the Bible instead.

Date: 10 Mar 2002
Time: 20:51:58

I love it when people talk about Tim LaHaye as a “Scholar” a guy with NO post-graduate work in Theology at all. He has an honorary Dr. of Divinity and a Dr. of Literature degree. Big woop. Not that a degree makes a man, but when you don’t even know the rules it makes it hard to play the game. Read his book covers closley, he only calls himself a “Prophecy Expert” because in a very true way, he is not a scholar. To be a “Scholar” you need to have a research degree in a specific field. Why does he not go to his beloved DTS and get one? Could it be that he is not respected even by Dispensational scholars?? Shame shame, on anyone who jerry-manders Matt. 24:24 to make anything in the Olivet Speach future!

Date: 10 Mar 2002
Time: 20:58:44

You know, it really is all about the Bible. What does it say? Look. There is no 7 years in Revelation, there are many examples sun moon and stars going dark and falling from the sky in the OT so why do I have to think that the NT means something different? Please show me in the Bible where some prophecy (with the exception of the resurrection) is future. Show me the rapture and a World wide Great Trubulation in Matthew 24. I would really thank you. john@jmharris.org 🙂

Date: 13 Mar 2002
Time: 13:23:34

Jack Van Impe’s ballet with religious questions did not impress me that he pays any attention to the “Spirit” of the Word. It seems that the letter kills, but it takes the “spirit” to give life. Wake up my beloved brother.

Date: 13 Mar 2002
Time: 14:14:48

In honestly trying to understand the preterist view, if Revelation has already been fulfilled, when in history were the two witnesses of Rev.11 killed? How could all the nations see them lying in the streets for three days (vs.9) apart from satellite technology? Who were these two prophets and when did they torment those who dwell on the earth (vs.10)? Finally, it would seem to me that the events in vs.11 would have prompted first century witnesses to this event to about this miracle of God. Say Josephus maybe. Again, I’m honestly curious about this. I would appreciate a response. ed5763@aol.com

Date: 19 Mar 2002
Time: 11:45:18

I have to take issue with Mr. David Curtis and his “Theme of Revelation”. He states that Revelation was written in A.D. 68 before Nero’s death. How can this be when John the Apostle was exiled to the Isle of Patmos by Domitian who reigned as Emperor from A.D.81 to 96?

Date: 20 Mar 2002
Time: 16:58:50

et us examine today’s title “Doctrinal Deficiencies”. -)Doctrine:This transalates into teaching, principles advocated as instructions. -)Deficiency:Lacking an essential quality, incomplete , inadequate. Look at what the apostle paul tells us in Titus 1:5 “This is why I left you in Crete, that you might amend what was defective,…” and this is what we will do tonight. Let us put in perspective and contrast The Apostle paul and the Apostle John. We will do this in order to better comprehend the spirits with wich they wrote. The Apostle John 1) He was called into ministry by Jesus of Nazareth. 2) He was know as the beloved disciple 3) He was called to be an apostle during the dispensation of the law. 4) He was known to exercise his ministry of circumcision in Jerusalem. 5) He wrote John, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Letters of John and The Book of Revelations (between the years 90-96). 6) He Died of Natural causes at the end of the first century. 7) He Wrote of his experiences with jesus of Nazareth and of visions and revelations he received in theislad of Patsmos. 8) John Speaks of future things of things in the future. Notice: When we read Rev 1:1 we see that the things John spoke about in this book had not yet been fulfilled but were to occur in the future…keep this in mind as we go along. John was called to ministry by Jesus of Nazareth during the law a dispensation characterized by works. But we see in Romans 10:4 That JesusChrist is the end of the law indicating the change in dispensation that ocurred after Jesus death in calvary. The Apostle Paul 1) He was called by JesusChrist the Resurrected 2) He was kown as the master arquitect and founder of the work. 3) He was called to be an apostle during the dispensation of grace 4) He was known to execute the uncircumcision ministry throughout the world. 5) He wrote 14 epistles , from Romans to Hebrews (50-70 a.d.) 6) He Died in Rome decapitated by the end of the year 70 a.d. . 7) He Wrote of visions and revelations he received from JesusChrist in paradise. 8) He wrote of things past , of things that have been fulfilled already. Notice: The apostle paul was called to ministry during the dispensation of grace, to reveal the mistery of the gospel of grace (ephe 3:8), only Him was constituted apostle during this time (Heb 10:20) to show the pattern of a new and better way. Let us see what each apostle taught on a number of things…. THE TEACHINGS OF THE APOSTLE JOHN (the disciple) AND PAUL (the master) I) ABOUT THE DEVIL A) John wrote that the devil was still active and alive. Keep in mind that John wrote his letters 20 yrs after Paul’s death. 1) Rev 2:10 “…, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison..”. B) Paul exposed that the devil and its principalities had been destroyed by Jesus on the cross. 1) Heb 2:14 2Col 2:15 II) ABOUT SIN A) John presented sin as still being active. 1) “..if we saywe have no sin..”. (1John 1:8) B) Paul said that we should consider ourselves dead to sin… and he said sin had been taken away. 1) Rom 6:11 2Heb 9:26 III) ABOUT THE TRINITY A) John presented this as the lamb and his father. 1) Rev 14:1 B) Paul said this was a mistery, that Jesus and the father were one, and that God had come in the flesh. 1) Col 2:2 “..the knowledge of God’s mistery of The father of Christ, in whom {the word here whom denotes singular [in the original greek]} are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” 2) 1Tim 3:16 IV) THE JUDGEMENTS A) John Speaks of the great white throne 1) Rev 20:11 B) Paul said that the doctrine of judgments was a rudiment. 1) Heb 6:1 (not laying again the doctrine of judgements) 2) Heb 9:27 V) ABOUT THE PERFECT SAINTS A) John says the saints must wash their clothes 1) Rev 22:14 B) Paul presents the reality of the inheritance of the cross 1) With one offering we were made perfect. He 10:14 2) We are holy and blameless. Ephe 1:4. VI) ABOUT THE HEIRS AND CHILDREN A) John Conditions the inheritance to works 1) Rev 21:7 ..”He who conquers shall have this inheritace” B) Once again the master arquitect shows the reality 1) We are more than conquerors Rom 8:37 2) Through God we are sons and heirs Gal 4:6-7 VII) THE MARRIAGE OF CHRIST A) John speaks of this in a future sense..something that has to happen. 1) Rev 19:7 B) Paul says that this was a mistery and that Christ and his church are already one 1) “..This is a great mistery, and I take it to mean Christ and the church..” Ephe 5:31-32 2) We are already united with christ. ..”..But he who is united to the lord becomes one spirit with him”..1Cor 6:17 VIII) THE LAKE OF FIRE A) John presented the lake of fire as a place of eternal torment. 1) Rev 20:10 (see note below) B) Paul said hell was not prepared for the children. 1) No codemnation for those in Jesus (Rom 8:1) 2) God did not destine us for wrath..1Tes 5:9 Note: It is worthwile to mention that the same Lake of Fire that John spoke about, was also mentioned by the apostle Jude, whom was also an apostle of the cicumcision like John. Let us see what he says in verse 7..Jude compares it to Sodom and Gomor’rah and the surrounding cities …let us then make reference to Gen 19:24..with the brimstone and fire….see verse 29 It says that this brimstone and fire destroyed the cities….now!?…if destroyed How can it be eternal?…for notice that all matter decomposes and it is transformed…like wise hell is not an eternal place but a place where things cease to exist. It is also worthwile to know that the Apostle Paul never spoke of hell or the lake of fire….. We declare you submitted not to the Disciple but to the Master Arquitect and founder of the work, the Apostle Paul. …..Remember you are Blessed with every Spiritual blessing. *The Continuation of Paul’s Ministry* http://www.growingingracespanish.com/

Date: 25 Mar 2002
Time: 13:42:30

I believe that an important thing to remember is letting the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of truth) descern what’s right and what’s wrong… I believe in the past fulfillment of Christ. I believe in the past fulfillment of Christ. Without the Holy Spirit coming over those who believe in a “Great Escape,” we can’t do anything. I personally would like to ask what the message of the cross is with a great escape? I believe in a “Great Exchange.” -Kyle-

Date: 26 Mar 2002
Time: 19:35:20

In response to 19 March 2002 Are you sure that the apostle John was the author of the book of revelation? scholars of greek in the early centuries concur that the style of greek of revaltion and the style of greek of the gospel of John and the John epistles are not similar! what about the possibility it was John Mark who was the only person of the NT to be a full legal heir to the 4 chief tribes

Date: 30 Mar 2002
Time: 02:42:45

The most disturbing thing I find in the debate regarding the preterist/futurist debate is that those who have come out of the belief of dispensationalism are assumed to have been deluded. That there was no serious study on their part to understand what Scripture teaches, even if it flies in the face of long held traditions and teaching. Futurists label preterists heretics without questioning the preterist, not solely on doctrine, but on the spirit and on the journey the person has made which has led to this new paradigm. I would like to see more futurists wanting to understand the heart of the preterist, before condemning them to hell.

Date: 02 Apr 2002
Time: 23:17:45

jack van impe and rexella need to do more reading in the holy scriptures and not try to understand the bible in a 20th century western civilization mindset. Even secondary history that is being taught in public schools tell us about how the romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 ad. How the great famine came upon the land and that is the exact reason why the Jews started cooking there own children and killing each other because the romans surrounded them in a eagle formation which is spoken of in the old testament. another thing is that Jesus makes reference to the judgement of that generation of vipers they killed the prophets not us, they had a temple system not us so what jack, creflo dollar, all of tbn, roman catholics, presbytirians, baptist, some apostolic\holiness buildings and people are totally wrong you cant be in the body of christ and dont give Jesus the glory. Jesus even said some of them standing there would see him coming when he judged those hebrew people. by anyone denying the promise that Jesus fulfilled what he said is total opposite to Jesus. so what you didn’t see it the kingdom of God came without observation. Alot of people wasn’t around during slavery or alexander the great but we aknowledge that it is truth, but when we get to Jesus word we cant seem to give him the respect of what he said because we dont understand. jack learn hebrew language and may ask have you read the old testament lately.

Date: 09 Apr 2002
Time: 08:13:35

Some of the above comments are helpful in sorting out the Preterist position, but for the most part I find many of the comments lacking “grace”. I have always had a problem with Jack Van Impe’s dispensational views. I find dispensationalism full of questionable assertions. However, the Preterist position presents its own set of hard to get my head around teachings. In my study of escatology, I believe it is important to approach the subject with humility and watch our attitude towards the brethern who have prayerfully and sincerely come to different conclusions in their search for answers to many perplexing questions. Escatology should be a comfort in death, a challenge to holiness and evangelism while providing the Christian with real hope in a world in the grip of dispair and sin. As for me, I am looking at the Preterist position with reservations and interest. I am actually surprised to find out how many godly men hold to this position. In some senses, the Preterist position makes sense – re: the promises of Jesus to return quickly. On the otherhand, I have questions about the nature of Christ’s return. I cannot turn away from Acts 1:11 and Rev 1:7 where the clear statement of scripture indicate a clear visible bodily return of Christ to be witnessed by Christ’s followers and the whole world. At this time, personally I look for the coming of Christ, at which time it will be all over – the rapture of the Church and the world judged. Sin will be banished. There will be a new heavens and earth. No laughing allowed. It is my sincere position. It is as plain as day in the sciptures. Can’t you see it? (Ha! Ha!) PTL! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the world will know that we are Christians not by our escatological position but by the love we have for one another. Please leave escatological arrogance at the door. John Goulet-Jones Lover of Jesus

Date: 10 Apr 2002
Time: 00:31:02

These are the comments of “a great theologian”? No, they are knee-jerk, populist and shallow.

Date: 11 May 2002
Time: 12:16:15

Jack Van Impe is right on you preterists are way out in left field what about the 200,000 man army rev 9:16 the one world goverment Rev 13 the one world religion Rev 17

Date: 27 May 2002
Time: 09:33:35

Your “End of the World” page says this: “Nothing can be more misleading to the English reader, than the rendering, ‘the end of the world;’ which inevitably suggests the close of human history, the end of time, and the destruction of the earth — a meaning which the words will not bear. . . . What can be more evident than that the promise of Christ to be with his disciples to the close of the age implies that they were to live to the close of the age ? That great consummation was not far off ; the Lord had often spoken of it, and always as an approaching event, one which some of them would live to lice. It was the winding up of the Mosaic dispensation; the end of the long probation of the theocratic nation; when the whole frame and fabric of the Jewish polity were to be swept away, and the kingdom of God to come with power. This great event, our Lord declared, was to fall within the limit of the existing generation.” (The Parousia, p. 121.) My question is: did ALL the disciples live through the fall of Jerusalem? If not, which ones died before that time? Thank you for clarifying this for me. Allen

Date: 05 Jun 2002
Time: 22:13:16

some other verses to consider such as this one: matthew 16 : 28 “I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man soming in his kingdom.

Date: 27 Jun 2002
Time: 15:43:27


Date: 29 Jun 2002
Time: 05:51:37

The problem with modern prophets is that they take everything in the book of Revelation literal. If you take one thing literal you have to take everything literal. John was “in the Spirit” when he had the visions and wrote it down as he saw it and most of it already came to pass. If you expect a real mark, you have to expect a real beast rising out of the literal sea. They simply interpret it in the flesh and not in the spirit it was written.The problem is that most ‘prophecy’ or ‘prophetic’ writings are written with a apocolyptic view or interpration in mind and the result is a interpretation to arrive at the desired conclusion. The term ‘apocolypse’ simply means ‘unveiling’ or reveiling – it is the unveiling or revealing of Christ to the world of Adam. Men have speculated over this for ages and got into all sorts of error. They take John’s remarks of the antichrist and bring it into revelation and forget conveniently, that John says “that he is already in the world, and even now many antichrists have come..” (my own paraphrase) – Antichrist simply means instead of Christ. All of us operate in that spirit prior to getting to know Christ, only then does the antichrist spirit leave (they went out from us, for if they were of us they would have continued with us). The other game is the prophecies of Daniel, nowhere is there an indication of a break or an interval between the fullness of weeks. Nowhere does the bible indicate a one world government, that is a figment of a fertile imagination to keep God’s people in fear. In Daniel 2 we read of the vision of Nebucanezzar and we saw the interpretation and know in history that we had all the different empires that ruled the world in history – this teaching is too long for now- but the last one was the the Roman empire that ruled the whole world. After that others tried, Hitler, Mussolini, etc. but failed – all because of one verse (verse42) the last empire (the roman) was scattered into 10 kingdoms or nations in Europe and the word says that they shall not hold together – they will never come into harmony even as iron does not mingle itself with clay. You may have seen attempts to bring this to pass, but it will never succeed, because God has declared it. The 666 only means that man has come to the fullness of what he can do without God, and even now we see a move towards humanism like never before, man is again becoming his own god,even in Christian cirles we see deception and lying, and the ‘fleecing’ of God’s sheep for their own properity. Another scripture that is used is the ‘abomination of desolation” or the man of sin sitting in the temple of God as God. This is why many have to see a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. What they miss is that the spirit of man sits in the temple of God (the body) “for do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” before meeting Christ. The next part is totally ignored where it says in 2 Thess. 2:3,4,7-8 ….for the mystery of iniquity does already work, only he who now lets will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then the wicked shall be revealed, whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. His revealing is his destruction. To think that God will vacate this temple to again dwell in a temple made with hands is nothing short of blasphemy, Jesus himself said “behold your house is left desolate” and when he died on the cross the veil was rent from top to bottom to indicate that God is not there anymore, yet the priest still continued in sacrifices and service as if nothing happened. The anichrist system or antichrist is that which is instead of Christ and we see that in many mainstream religiouns – where “they look like a lamb but speak like a dragon” they look like real ministers of Christ but preach a different gospel, a different Jesus and that is where the deception is. If you like I can do a whole teaching on the deception of the rapture and antichrist theology. God bless Danie Rossouw

Date: 29 Jun 2002
Time: 18:31:00

I enjoy Jack Van Impe Presents at least they are not preaching like the liers that are other tele-evangelists

Date: 03 Jul 2002
Time: 00:40:49

no offense…but the preterist view is rather…odd. and for what i’ve understood so far it’s also wrong. i don’t know whether to believe in the rapture or not but to think the world “ended” (for lack of a better word) in a.d. 70…is a little silly…but if it did…where is Jesus and why am i still here? i would like an answer to that.

Date: 10 Jul 2002
Time: 00:11:52

first of all i believe the bible and if there is no other recorded evidence on these things if the bible says that the desciples will see christ come back (matt 16:28) i believe the bible with all my heart and i do believe christ did not lie to the deciples AS HE DIDN’T LIE to the high priest in (matt 26:64) so weather there is documented evidence or not i believe the Bible to be true and thats that

Date: 15 Jul 2002
Time: 13:47:04

From a charismatic evangelical partial preterist: When evangelicals teach on the epistles, they say, “See, the apostles mistakenly believed that the Lord would physically return within their generation.” They quote numerous phrases which the apostles wrote to support that view. Some of those phrases are found in the Thessalonian epistles, the Corinthian epistles, and elsewhere in the New Testament. But, then when they teach on Revelations, and other parts of the New Testmant, they say, “See, the apostles wrote about things which were to occur several millennia, in the future. See, here in Revelations, the seven churches represent the seven church ages. And, all of Revelations will happen after the last church age. Then the Lord will come.” Hey, as a charismatic evangelical believer, I would like to ask everyone why we are teaching two conflicting views. It is even in many of the textbooks. They explain the apostles references to a soon coming return, as a mistaken assumption on the part of the apostles. But, in other parts of the same textbook, they say both Jesus and the apostles supposedly spoke of things which were to occur thousands of years in the future. Well, if the apostles mistakenly thought that the Lord was about to return in their own generation, then HOW could they have even thought about events which were to take place several millenia in the future? And, if evangelicals really believe that the apostles were writing about things several millenia in the future, then why do they explain a number of passages of Scripture, by saying that the apostles mistakenly thought the Lord was about to come? Why are evangelicals teaching it both ways? The answer is because some of their beliefs are so compartmentalized, that they don’t even realize that they are teaching things which are self contradictory. Also, evangelicals fail to take into serious account Hebrews 8Jeremiah 30-31, and the words of our Lord when he said “this is the cup of the New Covenant made in My blood for the remission of sins, of many”. In both the Old Testament Hebrew prophecy which the Lord was alluding to (Jeremiah 30-31), and the New Testament Greek texts found in the gospels, the Greek word “new” means qualitatively new. It refers to something new in quality which is brought in as a replacement for something which is worn out, worthless, and fit to be thrown away. In the eight chapter of Hebrews, the writer very clearly explains that when Jeremiah uttered the words that God would make a “new covenant” with the house of Israel, that very statement revealed that the present old covenant was worn out, worthless, and ready to be discarded. Also, in the eight chapter of Hebrews, it is very clearly stated that God disregarded that covenant made with the Jews, because they DID NOT CONTINUE in it. When Jesus said this is the cup of the New Covenant made in His blood, it was not installed along side the Old Covenant, but in place of it. According to the epistles,(this can be verified in many places; Romans 7:1-12, Collosians, Hebrews, etc), the old covenant was nailed to the cross and done aways with, when Jesus was crucified. In fact, when He died the very veil of the holiest of holies was supernaturally torn in two. Today, there is only one covenant available to the Jews, and that is the New Covenant in Christ’s blood. Whether they enter into that covenant, or not, is up to them. Nevertheless, most evangelicals refuse to acknowledge any of Paul’s teachings, concerning these things. They disregard the words of the New Testament and, instead, revert to the Old Testament promises concerning Israel, as if that covenant was still in force. Do evangelicals not understand what the New Covenant in Christ’s blood means? Do they not understand what happened at the cross, and what Paul so clearly enunciated in his epistles? Is God ever again going to be pleased with the blood of cows? That is blasphemous. Yet, when it comes to Israel, evangelicals revert back to the old covenant, as though it were still in force. They want to extoll the promised blessings of the old covenant, upon Israel. All the while, they willfully forget that that covenant is no longer in force. God said that He disregarded that covenant because the Jews did not continue in it. To hear evangelicals go back to the old covenant, in reference to Israel, is sort of like hearing a divorced wife, who became a prostitute, go back to her first husband, saying “but you promised that you would always love me, so give me some money.” What good is a marital blessing, or promise, after a divorce? Also, evangelicals fail to explain what Paul really taught, in his epistles, about the seed of Abraham. His teachings are found in the fourth chapter of Romans, and the third chapter of Galations. They fail to teach why Jesus told the Jews that IF they were the children of Abraham, then they would love him. The question remains, if they do not love Him, then are they the seed of Abraham? What would Jesus say? In the fourth chapter of Romans, Paul makes it clear that the seed would not be reckoned according to the law, but according to faith. Are the Jews who rejected Christ the seed of Abraham according to faith? In the third chapter of Galations Paul also makes it clear that those of us who are in Christ, are the seed of Abraham. The epistles to the Corinthians, and to the Hebrews, both give the promise of the land of Canaan as a type of spiritual realities which are now found in Christ. Yet, today evangelicals overlook all of this, and try to fall back upon the Old Testamant types and shadows. Today, there are evangelicals who say that we should not witness to the Jews, because they will not be saved until the end. Yet, Jesus Himself told the high priest of Israel, “unless you believe in me, you will die in your sins.” So, should the church follow Christ’s example, or not? Today, some evangelicals teach that good Jews are “our brother’s in the covenant”, and they are going to heaven with us. What Bible do they read? Paul himself said that he wished he were accursed from Christ for his brethren’s sake. None of the apostles, or the Lord, ever said good Jews were going to heaven for being good Jews. Today, some evangelicals teach that the Jews have “their own special covenant” with God. The book of Hebrews makes it very clear that God has made the New Covenant (in Christ’s blood) with the house of Israel. Whether or not they accept that is up to them. But, it does not say that they have their “own special covenant.” Why all of the gross heresy among evangelicals? Because they fail to study the Bible. And, one deception leads to a little more deception. Eventually, if we are not careful, we may have evangelicals trying to circumsize people, and saying that if they are not circumsized, then they will go to hell. Also, evangelicals teach that when the disciples stood with the Lord on the Mount of Olives, they asked him about His second coming by asking, “what shall be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?” Yet, evangelicals also admit that the disciples could not understand that Jesus must be crucified. The disciples did not
believe that He would be raised from the dead. And, they had no idea that He would be with them forty days, and then ascend to heaven. Even at the last supper they asked Him, “Lord where are you going?” So, if the disciples understood none of this beforehand, than how could the disciples have been asking questions about the “second advent”, a week before the crucixion? In fact, how can anyone even think that the disciples knew of the second advent a week before the crucifixion? How can anyone say that they even understood the ressurection, the forty days, and the assencion, a week before the crucifixion? Also, the disciples question concerning the sign of His coming, and of the end of the age, was in response to a statement made by the Messiah. He said that not one stone of the temple would be left upon another. Upon hearing that statement, they immediatley asked what would be the sign of His coming, and of the end of the age. In the original Greek New Testament, there are 61 different Greek words which were translated “come”, or some similar form of “come”, such as “coming”, or “cometh”. The person who told the disciples that the temple, and Israel, would be destroyed was not an enemy, it was not a Roman, but it was the Messiah Himself. Yet, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was not in a position of world rulership when He spoke with the disciples on the Mount Olives. When He said that the temple would be destroyed, what did the disciples think that He was saying? What did they think that He meant? And, why did they ask what would be the sign of His coming, and of the end of the age, in response to his statement about the destruction of the the temple? Instead of asking relevant questions like this, evangelicals simply view the word “coming”, and automatically assume that the disciples were referring to the “second advent”, which is something that the disciples most certainly did not even know about a week prior to the crucifixion. I have a few dozen questions which I would like to ask every evangelical-Scofieldist scholar, and every charismatic scholar, in America. And, many of my questions involve numerous New Testament passages which evangelicals, fundamentalists, and charismatics, never touch. I used to wonder why so much of the New Testament was always neglected, while other portions have been continually replayed, like a broken record, for decades. I think the answer for the neglect is that if ministers began to study the whole book, and not just pet doctrines, then many of the present day faulty teachings would become endangered by a greater understanding of the truth.

Date: 01 Aug 2002
Time: 09:24:22

“Baloney” is hardly a theological refutation. Should we say “pepperoni” to Mr. Van Impe’s ideas?

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 15:19:53

Crazy stuff.

Date: 15 Oct 2002
Time: 23:07:39

Well, Rexella and Jack are quite far out people themselves! For example, these “literalists” take the liberty of seeing automobiles prophesied in Nahum 2:4, a verse clearly describing chariots. Indeed the context of this verse is the overthrow of Assyrian Nineveh. And that happened long ago, even long before 70 A.D.! If only the false prophesies of the Van Impe-types came to an end a long time ago! Even so, if God predestined these false prophets as a test for His people, then let us accept the challenge, and rebut their denial of Christ’s present Kingdom! Your brother in Christ, Stephen DeLany

Date: 17 Oct 2002
Time: 14:19:02

I believe Dr? Van Impe to be a sincere and dedicated Christian communicator. Yet here he is, devoting his entire ministry to the most bazaar and rediculous eschatology imaginable. Now if this isn’t enough, he focuses the later years opposing Biblical truth. Irony doesn’t get any better than this. It would be interesting to do a psycological profile on our good friend Jack. It will help us to see the things we should avoid in our own lives. Where has he failed, both personally and publicly, to the point that God would give him up to such foolishness? A.E.C.

Date: 21 Oct 2002
Time: 12:31:23

I once espoused the doctrines of Dispensationalism untill….I started reading and studying the scriptures. The thing that bothered me was this turning THIS on and turning THAT off with no scripture warrant. Since embracing the Preterist viewpoint due to the complete warrant of scripture, I reject the Impe’s Doctrines! Get a hold of the book called the Parousia by J. Stuart Russell (not related to Charles T Russell of the JW’s). Titus 2:11-14 Dispensationalist’s! dduncan@itt-tech.edu

Date: 25 Oct 2002
Time: 22:11:45

Well the only people who have to worry about Jack, and Rexella are those who will not read their Bibles. Jack states that Matthew 24 is the same as Luke 21, and can not see they have been fullfilled in the first century? Watch real close. Jack and his wife Miss Plastic surgery have one thing in mind, and that is money. They do not believe a word of what they are saying on the tube. I have shared the truth about Matthew 24, and Luke 21, and Luke 19, and Mark 13 with individuals. All men and women see these truths. Friends believe me, you that know these truths know I am telling you the truth. You have seen it on a persons face when you share it with them. They see it, real crystal clear. But then they do either of two things, they accept it, or they reject it. But when they reject it they can never read the Bible the same again. Never. The Truth keeps screaming at them. They will never be able to drown out Truth. When I first saw it I tried to expalin it away. But the Truth is the Truth. You have to face it sooner or later. Jacko and Rexella know this Truth, and when they put on their fake smiles for the fans in never never land. The Word of God is reminding them that they are not telling the Truth. Oh they are loving the money that is flowing in, they are laughing every step to the bank. But the scriptures of the Word is dogging their steps. Truth is tracking true. It is all over the place, and Jack and the rest of the Doomsday Gang is feeling the heat. 2003 is coming, and the Truth is right there screaming out loud to all that will hear. One World Boogie Man Preachers, and Micro Chip Mark of The Beast False Prophets are seeing the writing on the Wall. The Finger of God is telling them that their clock is ticking. People are getting Truth, and shutting off Jack, and Rexella, people are asking them hard questions, and all they have to reply with are empty words.

Date: 29 Oct 2002
Time: 08:46:40

Duped Christian Zionists don’t understand that God’s special relationship with the temporary and merely typifying OT, natural Israel ended forever at the first advent of Christ, the true, spiritual and eternal Israel. Futuristic Zionists believe that special relationship will be resumed in an imminent Jewish millennium. Preteristic Zionists believe that relationship continued during a 40-year Jewish millennium (AD 30-70). Both beliefs are false and demeaning. When an OT type was fulfilled, the type passed away forever.

Date: 05 Nov 2002
Time: 13:16:33

I suggest everyone read “Right Behind”. It is a comical look at the Left Behind series and will have you in stitches reading it. The book is written by Nathan Wilson (a partial preterist, if I understand correctly), and his wit and satire in relationship to the goofyness of the Left Behind series is totally histerical. Question; If the dispensationalist view is true, why did it take 1800 years before anyone in church history held that position? No early church fathers (at least to my knowledge) held to anything dispensational.

Date: 19 Nov 2002
Time: 20:00:10

I think it’s funny when a man of this caliber attempts to refute a view that he doesn’t even do the research to understand opposing arguments, and any simple minded person that is not twisted into the dispensationalist hypnotism knows that his arguments just gives himself an overhelming amount of credits towards ignorance.

Date: 15 Dec 2002
Time: 18:58:21

Let’s look at a third possibility. Maybe all the prophecy in the bible has been fulfilled and we like the Jews of Christs day are so busy arguing about religious viewpoints that we have forgotten what is really important….Seeking the face of our God. We have recieved the greatest gift that has ever been given and in gratitude for that gift we fight amongst ourselves? Shame on us. I pray that the God of Israel will show mercy on us all!

Date: 31 Dec 2002
Time: 14:13:35

you preterist are sad . what do you have to hope for. the bible is litiral I think the majority of you are following satans plans perfectly to brainwash the world so when the rapture happens you idiots will be saying we died and went to hell.on that day you all will know that what you been believeing is a lie.maybe some of you know the lord but the only one assuring you of your beliefs is satan not god.

Date: 14 Jan 2003
Time: 08:03:18

Mr. Van Impe does not even attempt a serious refutation of preterism. He does not deal with the fact that the book of Revelation is symbolic. Sad. Worse still is the fact that most, if not all, of his followers will not check for themselves. In all likelyhood they will just accept what he says and leave it at that. Truly sad! Darryl Trapp highplainschristian@yahoo.com

Date: 24 Jan 2003
Time: 16:53:33

As to the person who said why did the earth remain? Remember in the days of Noah, “the whole earth was destroyed” – yet we are still here, It is not talking of the globe as they suppose but a system. IN the same way when “heaven and earht passed away” it is symbolic of one sytem or way of government passing away and being replaced by another, (Judaism and the old covenant passed away and was replaced by the new) I suggest that all these people who accept the theology of a coming destruction start searching the scriptures and get some traineed pastors and teachers to teach them and not just believe everything they are taught in church circles. Danie Rossouw

Date: 12 Feb 2003
Time: 20:21:36

I see very little in the way of biblical refutation here. I only see personal attacks. Try putting your bible where your theory is.

Date: 12 Feb 2003
Time: 21:06:24

Here is a little bible to go with the name calling. The rapture is a resurrection of those “in Christ” (1 Thess. 4:13-18). Isn’t it a little bit odd that in Rev. 19:11-21, which is the clearest picture of the second coming of Christ, there is no mention of a resurrection? The rapture will be the biggest event since the resurrection of Jesus where hundreds of millions of Christians will be resurrected and translated, yet there isn’t any mention here. Don’t you think it deserves at least one verse? The rapture isn’t mentioned because it doesn’t happen at the second coming. Zechariah 14:1-15 doesn’t mention a resurrection. This is an Old Testament picture of Jesus returning to earth at the second coming. Again, no mention of a resurrection. In the Old Testament, there were two different pictures painted of the Messiah—one suffering (Isa. 53:2-10Ps. 22:6-811-18) and one reigning as King (Ps. 2:6-12Zech. 14:9,16). As we look back on these scriptures, we see they predicted two separate comings of the Messiah—the 1st coming as a suffering Messiah and the 2nd coming (still future) as a reigning King. In the New Testament, we have another picture added. Again, we have two pictures painted which don’t look the same. These two different descriptions of Jesus’ coming point to two separate events we call “the rapture” and “the second coming.” Concerning the return of Jesus, the Bible presents a day we can’t know and a day we can know. Matthew 25:13 says Jesus will return at an unknown time, while Revelation 12:6 says the Jews will have to wait 1,260 days for the Lord to return. The 1,260 days begins when the Antichrist stands in the Temple and declares himself to be God (Matt. 24:15-212 Thess. 2:4) This event will take place at the mid-point of the seven year Tribulation (Dan 9:27). The Antichrist has authority to rule for 42 months, which is 1,260 days (Rev. 13:4) and will be destroyed by Jesus at His second coming (Rev. 19:202 Thess. 2:8). The known and unknown days must happen at different times, meaning they are two separate events. The door in heaven is opened to let John into heaven. We believe John’s call into heaven is prophetic of the church being caught up at the rapture (see proof #6). In Revelation 19:11, heaven is opened again, this time to let the armies which are already in heaven out. This is the Church, which has been raptured at a previous time, following Jesus out of heaven at the second coming. A voice called for the apostle John to “Come up here,” and immediately he was in heaven. This could be a prophetic reference to the rapture of the Church. The words “Come up here” are spoken to the two witnesses who are killed in the middle of the Tribulation, who are resurrected and ascend into heaven (Rev. 11:12). Therefore, the phrase “Come up here” could mean the church is raptured in Rev. 4:1. The word “church” is mentioned 22 times in Rev. 1-3, but is not mentioned again until Rev. 22:17. After John is called up into heaven, he sees the 24 elders with their crowns (Rev. 4:4-10). We know that Christians will receive their rewards (crowns) at the rapture (2 Tim. 4:81 Pet. 5:4). We will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous (Luke 14:14). The elders couldn’t receive their crowns unless the resurrection (rapture) has taken place. The armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, follow Jesus out of heaven at His second coming (Rev. 19:14Zech. 14:5Col. 3:4). These are not angels because Rev. 19:8 tells us the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. In order to come out of heaven we first have to go in, indicating a previous rapture. Revelation 3:10 says we will be kept out of the hour of testing which will come upon the whole earth (the Tribulation). Some have wrongly believed “keep” means to keep through, or protect through the Tribulation. Suppose you approach a high voltage area with a sign that says, “Keep Out.” Does that mean you can enter and be protected? No, it means you are forbidden from entering the area. But this verse also says He will keep us from the hour of testing. It is not just the testing, but the time period. If a student is excused from a test, he still may have to sit in the class while others take the test. But if he is excused from the hour of testing, he can go home. The Church will be called home before the hour of testing. When the angels are sent forth to gather the elect at the second coming (Matt. 24:29-31), some have wrongly interpreted this as the rapture. There is one huge problem with this interpretation. If we are resurrected at this time, why would we need angels to gather us? In the resurrection, we will be like the angels (Matt. 22:30), able to travel in the air at will. Obviously, these people who are gathered are not resurrected, therefore it can’t be the rapture. No one would claim the wicked are raptured at this time, yet Matthew 13:39-4149 says the angels will not only gather the elect, but also the wicked. This gathering is not a resurrection. First Thessalonians 4:13-17 says the righteous are taken and the wicked are left behind. Matthew 13:3049 says the wicked are taken first and righteous are left behind. This points to two separate events, the rapture and the second coming. When Jesus returns to earth at the second coming, He will return from a wedding (Luke 12:36). At the rapture, Jesus is married to His bride, the Church. After the wedding, He will return to earth. Jesus said He would prepare a place for the Church in heaven, then He would come again to receive us to Himself. Why would Jesus prepare a place for us in heaven and then not take us there? At the rapture, He will come to receive us to Himself, “that where I am (heaven), there you may be also.” If the rapture occurred at the same time as the second coming, we would go up to the clouds and then immediately come back to earth. That would contradict John 14:2-3. In 2 Thess. 2:6-7, Paul says “the one who restrains will be taken out of the way” before the Antichrist can be revealed. We believe this refers to the rapture because the Church is c
learly the biggest obstacle to the Antichrist becoming a world ruler. If the rapture occurred at the second coming, why would the sheep and the goats need to be separated immediately after the second coming? A rapture at the second coming would have already separated the sheep and the goats. With a Pre-Tribulation rapture, the people saved after the rapture will need to be separated after the second coming. If the rapture occurs at the second coming and the wicked are cast into hell at that time, who will be left to populate the millennium? Only people in their natural (non-resurrected) bodies will be able to have children (Matt. 22:30). With a Pre-Tribulation rapture, the people saved after the rapture who are alive at the second coming will populate the earth during the Millennium.

Date: 12 Feb 2003
Time: 21:22:25

It mite supprise you to find out that there are some serious Bible students who adhere to the Dispensationalist point of view. Indeed we are the fastest growing segment of christianity.

Date: 15 Feb 2003
Time: 18:00:40

Acts 12:7 7 And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands. KJV Rev 1:1 Revelation 1 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: KJV NT:5034 tachos (takh’-os); from the same as NT:5036; a brief space (of time), i.e. (with NT:1722 prefixed) in haste: KJV – quickly, shortly, speedily. (Biblesoft’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.) NT:1722 en (en); a primary preposition denoting (fixed) position (in place, time or state), and (by implication) instrumentality (medially or constructively), i.e. a relation of rest (intermediate between NT:1519 and NT:1537); “in,” at, (up-) on, by, etc.: KJV – about, after, against, almost, altogether, among, as, at, before, between, (here-) by (+all means), for (… sake of), giveself wholly to, (here-) in (-to, -wardly), mightily, (because) of, (up-) on, [openly-], outwardly, one, quickly, shortly, [speedily-], that, there (-in, -on), through (-out), (un-) to (-ward), under, when, where (-with), while, with (-in). Often used in compounds, with substantially the same import; rarely with verbs of motion, and then not to indicate direction, except (elliptically) by a separate (and different) preposition. (Biblesoft’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.) Look up quickly in Acts 12:7 and the word shortly in Rev 1:1. Both words are Tachos #5034 prefixed with en #1722. How can Acts 12:7 mean right now and Rev 1:1 mean 2000 plus years? Allan Johnson–McArthur, OH

Date: 31 Mar 2003
Time: 16:20:46

After reading all your posts here is the tone I get. Yes, you are preterists. Yes, you are Christians. No, you are not followers of Jesus.

Date: 01 Apr 2003
Time: 08:37:49

Hi, my name is Joshua Brown and I’m doing a research paper on the Bible code/Revelations ect… I would appreciate it if you could send some info on these topics, thank you! Sincerely, Joshua Brown

Date: 16 May 2003
Time: 21:53:24

Jack Impie needs to study. Do these guys go to school? Are they this stupid or are they lying? I am of the Amill eschatology. I am a predestinationalist. I am studying my Greek Grammar and the Bible about 25 hours a week on the average. I don’t know as much as Robertson(The Greek Scholar) not the man with the crystal ball, but I can see these people are getting rich knowing little Bible. How come no one is preaching the doctrines of election? 200 years ago we didn’t have ‘free-will’ Protestant Churches. O.K., I like the fact that you Preterist make my Amill stand sturdier:) Learning what Scriptures have happened and which are to come is good. If I don’t agree on all prophecy’s-big deal, If I agree and have learned, Praise God! It is late and I am tired, Blessings, Donnie

Date: 27 May 2003
Time: 15:13:27

Most importantly I am a Born-again blood bought child of God saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Raised as a Pentecostal and then became very Baptistic in my doctrine. At this time I am someone who Loves to serve my Lord and Savior and fail Him everyday. I feel Preterism makes the Bible a complete Book with no other options as Christ Himself is complete. I also know the Lord tells us not to cast pearls before swine and if we will grow we will realize that sometimes the swine can be a saved person. Stop attacking and debating someones salvation that is between him and our Lord. Continue to debate Jack’s viewpoint but allow Jesus to decide who is saved. And by the way the Holy Spirit is the only one who will change a persons viewpoint so present your case and then leave it to Jesus and continue to spread the good news. In His Presence, Paul

Date: 31 May 2003
Time: 01:37:57

First, to the person who wrote: “Here is a little bible to go with the name calling,” thank you, and God bless you beyond measure. Believers in Christ, Any of us can get caught up in the bias or one ism or another–so much of the psychology of this is really about human nature and the depravity of mankind to do and see and know things according to his/her own sense of reasoning. Right relationship with Christ–intimacy with Him in His Word and with the Holy Spirit is the only clear and faithful way of getting to His truth–for he is “full of Grace AND Truth.” Understanding the unity of all Holy Scripture as well as understanding the quintessential promise of the resurrection–which certainly Old and New Testament time Jews believed–is the key. I agree with Jack Van Impe also in that I do not believe the world will be utterly destroyed as in annihilation. Annihilation has never been the way of God with regard to man–consider the purpose of Hell even beyond justice and penalty of sin. Annihilation of soul and spirit is an issue of cultism, say, for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not the way of Yahweh, Jehovah God of The Bible. When He made us in His image–that is a spirit–at once, He made us infinite like Him–that is, our essential spirits–the real us. But our God is a God of the resurrection who wastes nothing. Nature demonstrates quite well how God renews and does not waste. As Christ died yet was resurrected in perfect eternal bodily form together with His Spirit—fused together in perfect unity–yet only holding marks that He as God chose to hold for His redeemed children– (Whether Jew, Gentile, male, female, bond or free, Greek, African, whatever race of people–to those children who have opened their hearts to receive that which God has done for them and revealed to and in them By His Word and Holy Spirit)–there in this perfection He ascending to heaven, not in spirit only but in resurrected/perfected wholeness. And “We shall be like Him.” He will resurrect and rapture those in Him, and not only that, He will purify and resurrect His creation, the world…”world without end.” God is the only true and holy God and as such is a God of unity. His has weaved the prophecies in completeness, and through them all, they point to and speak of Him, Messiah, Savior, Jesus, the Christ. Only God’s hand of grace holds back what will inevitably come when, for a time, His grace is removed. His body of true believers–the true church–not one made up of denominations but the one composed of those in true fellowship and relationship with Him, these are they that make up the Bride of Christ. The symbols of marriage and its necessity of purity and unity had/have pragmatic purposes for family and procreation, but moreover, they speak of the oneness and unity between God and those in Him. Ultimately, agape love is agape love; regardless of what relationship it is housed in or named. The symbolism is pure in its own crystal pure nature–from the heart and mind of God Himself. The imperfect and fallen thinking processes of mankind taint his symbolisms. “…To those who are pure, all things are pure.” The Body of Christ is His bride while also being God The Father’s children through and in Christ–and it is in that unity and completeness in Him we are one as in one eternal family of God. And this “forever family” of God is a condition and state where the law of God that reigns is love, for indeed all His laws of holiness are all about and for love. Truly, “…His law is love and His gospel is peace.” as that last verse of “O Holy Night” declares. His family isn’t a family of isms but rather of perfect, agape love in and with Him. God does relate and weave symbolism as well as literalism in His truths. He is not restricted by the inferior minds and limited conceptualizations of men and women who would seek to tell Him what His purpose, plan and prophecies are all about. Neither is He limited by time as we all know and think and are ever so controlled and confused by it. It add good control to our thinking and at the same time, it so limits our thinking–particularly in terms of what we “see” God as capable or doing or not doing within time’s realm–as if God would bow to this separate force known as Father Time. But to God time is simply a tool for the here and now and whatever purposes in the past and future He may or may not merge together in His mysterious infinite unity. And what He reveals in Scripture by way of His Spirit may be somewhat of a mystery to us–our views of it as revealed by and through Him are quite limited in comparison to His vistas–and often even that is of divine purpose and wisdom. My Father used to say to me with regard to the Psalm “The word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path,” that God doesn’t shine our entire path in detail as we progress through it. He gives us only enough to require more faith to take the next step.” It’s all about the process. And even Paul saw this lamp-by-our-feet, step-by-step process, and indeed he saw more than most Christians. Nevertheless, God’s only “limitation” to time is only in terms of what He has allowed for His eternal purposes. But His infinite mind is beyond the limits of time. However, with us, many of the points of confusion are merely manifestations of our own human frustration at not being able to see clearly, completely and all at once so many of His great mysteries. Did not Paul by the Holy Spirit write in I Corinthians 13:12, “But now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known”? And then Paul concluded chapter 13 of I Cor. with this in verse 13: “And now abides faith, hope and charity (Here the purposeful derivation is certainly agape love as has been through out the entire chapter.), these three, but the greatest of these is charity.” (That is, Love–agape love–God’s faultless, pure, holy, faithful, gracious, merciful love.) What of this discussion survives or even matters apart from this essential truth regarding agape love? I respectfully ask many here to study in prayer on the doctrine of the resurrection related through I Corinthians 15: 1-58 and also I Thes 3: 13 and 4: 14-19. Truly the doctrine of the resurrection and the doctrine of the Resurrection (15: 35-58 of I Cor.) are vital to the historical preaching of the gospel (vss 1:19) and are vital to the prophetic preaching of the gospel (vss 20-28). The Grace, Truth and Love of The Savior, The Word, give peace, joy and clarity of mind, emotion and spirit to all here. Sincerely, jl

Date: 05 Jun 2003
Time: 08:27:21

Very interesting… I never knew I bore the label “Dispensationalist.” Fellow Christians, thank God it does not matter what we believe about Revelation, so long as we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our salvation, journey into eternal glory, and being in the presence of God depend upon his eternal grace and wisdom, not our own interpretations of scripture. We could all be wrong, and still be heavenbound. Halleluia! Let us love one another, so that all may know we are His. Joe

Date: 05 Jul 2003
Time: 06:58:00


I don’t even know what a Prederist is really. I don’t know why I even watch J.V.I. I guess I just like yelling at the T.V. I actually heard him say once that Jews don’t have to accept Jesus as Lord to get to Heaven, because they have some “special” way in! I asked him on his “Question of the week” if I wasc still “saved” even if I did not believe in the Raprture, and if it WAS true, what choice would I have anyway? No answer,as yet…I think his name translated from the German says it all; Jack-From-The-Devil

Date: 16 Jul 2003
Time: 10:15:46

I watched your show on Monday July 14, 2003, and I was very upset with what you said about 8-Mile and Eminem. How could you say something like that. It pissed me off. I strongly dissaprove of EVERYTHING you said about him and his movie. Its a movie if you dont like it dont listen to his music or watch the movie. Keep your comments like that to yourself. I didnt mind you before but I strongly dislike you for what you said. If your hard up for topics, talk about how much of an ass you are.

Date: 25 Jul 2003
Time: 21:15:46

The popular movement in our modern time is to push these differences of opinion to the side but isn’t there great danger in that type of reasoning? What about Christ’s prediction of his own death and resurrection should we question that too? Of course not, so why is it difficult for others to believe in Jesus’other contemporary prophecies? The futurist have done more than open the doors for liberals they have given them the keys as well. I believe Christ’s credibility is too important to be pushed to the side. Charles M. Varner

Date: 04 Aug 2003
Time: 17:02:09

Greetings in Jesus name , we must remember that scripture must interpret scripture. We must not neglect the histories. In Matt.24, Jesus was speaking to his generation not ours. The year 70.AD. has a great significance.Christ came down in judgement. The kingdom was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles. We stand on the finished works of calvary.Jesus completed his work of salvation. To refer Matt. 24 to our times, means that Jesus has not completed his workof salvation. Philip – South Africa

Date: 14 Aug 2003
Time: 22:43:48

Impe explains how 666 spells out VISA. Okay… how about this, the definition of imp: imp – a small demon that is according to the American Heritage Dictionary, 2000. Ironic?

Date: 27 Aug 2003
Time: 12:27:36

actual preterists are honest enough to admit that Jesus did predict both the destruction of the temple and His second coming. the temple has been destroyed, and His second coming hasn’t happened. Ooops. So it doesn’t fit into a nice dispensational framework. Gosh – it sounds like JESUS!

Date: 07 Sep 2003
Time: 10:40:57

Who is the founder of the internet,and why did he use WWW.com? Do you think it will come to the point when everything must be purchased through the Internet? Why does the name christian have the word anichrist in it?

Date: 04 Oct 2003
Time: 21:57:20

Dr. Van Impe: You sir, must be stopped at all costs. Your heresy has gone on long enough. I ask God that you will either be show your error in eschatology, or your ministry will fail. You should take the opportunities given you to study Preterism, and see if it is true instead of letting your presupposition dismiss it for you. I watch your Premilleniallism ideas on TV all the time, and frankly I find your entire belief system to be nothing short of laughable. Your entire decorum is pathetically superficial. I wish that you would get off of the air, and let the Bereans do the talking, for they study the word of God honestly, and draw conclusions from Scripture, not their own movie-like fantasies. Or perhaps you feel as though you could debate a learned Preterist. This I would love to see. This site contains many names worthy to debate you. Pick one to debate publicly, and finally, or shut your mouth forever on the subject of eschatology, because you are not a good student of the Bible, and have not right to teach other Christians the pack of lies you sell on the air waves daily.

Date: 16 Oct 2003
Time: 10:21:32

I believe that the prophecy lin revelation has not yet happened and people who belive that it did are gonna be in for a treat.

Date: 16 Oct 2003
Time: 16:34:18

Hi jack it’s funny you know when your looking for god related sites on the net there not there.. I’ve been watching your show for almost two years now .could you help me I’m looking for some of the 61 or so prophecies jesus fullfilled in the new testement. You see I have a jewish freind that is getting an intrest in what I’ve been saying. I sure could use some help thanks prfect2@webtv.net

Date: 17 Oct 2003
Time: 13:34:19

Date: 20 Mar 2002 Time: 16:58:50 Remote User: wrote the following- “John was called to ministry by Jesus of Nazareth during the law a dispensation characterized by works. But we see in Romans 10:4 That JesusChrist is the end of the law indicating the change in dispensation that occured after Jesus death in calvary.” I used to be a dispensationalist and my theology professor taught us this same thing. He also told us that under the old covenant people were saved by works, by keeping the law, and under the new covenant people are saved by grace. First of all, the infallible Word of God teaches that the law was never intended and never could and never did save anyone. “God forbid: for if there had been given a law which could have given life, verily RIGHTEOUSNESS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BY THE LAW”- Galatians 3:21. If keeping the could have saved people then there was no need for Jesus to save people. “For what the law could NOT do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh”- Romans 8:3. The law was not a ministration of life and salvation, it was a ministration of death! “But if the ministration of DEATH, written and engraven in stones,…”- 2 Corinthians 3:7. The function of the law is to reveal sin, “for by the law is the knowledge of sin”- Romans 3:20. “I had NOT known sin but BY THE LAW: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet”- Romans 7:7. “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also th law: for sin is the transgression of the law”- 1 John 3:4. People in the old testament are saved by Christ just as the people of the new testament are saved by Christ. “Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and did all eat the same spiritual meat; and did all drink the SAME spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock WAS CHRIST”- 1 Corinthians 10:1-4. Secondly, the old covenant had nothing to do with salvation, read Exodus. The covenant was that the children of Israel would remain in the promised land of Canaan and be God’s people as long as they kept His law. This was a shadow of the heavenly Canaan. We will go to the heavenly Canaan because Christ safisfied the law. About the new covenant, it astounds me how many christians don’t even know what it is, especially dispensationalists. That professor told me the old covenant was the law and the new covenant is grace, and the two are like oil and water, complete opposites. What a load of crap! It is found in Jeremiah 31 and repeated in Hebrews 8 & 10, and it says no such thing as this professor was claiming. It says that God will put His laws in our minds and write them in our hearts and remember our sins and iniquities no more! That is an action of grace, yes, but it is not the opposite of the old covenant, it is an improvement of the old covenant. Thirdly, Romans 10:4 is being misused. Christ did not the end the law. Do a greek word study on the word “end” in that verse. Actually, you don’t even need to do that, just cross reference in english. You will see that “end” in archaic english is synonymous with “goal”, or “objective”. For example, 1 Peter 1:9- “Receiving the END of your faith, even the salvation of your souls”. Has your faith ended since you have salvation? Hebrews 13:7- “Remember them which have rule over you, who have spoken unto you the of God: whose faith follow, considering the END of their conversation”. Does the author mean consider only the last part of their conversation, or consider the objective of their conversation? The list goes on and on. Christ is the objective of the law. Christ did end the condemnation of the law, but not the existence of it. He put it in our minds and wrote it on our hearts. Finally, the change in “dispensation” did occur after Jesus’ death at Calvary, but not immediately after. It happend nearly 40 years after. The old covenant did not immediately vanish with the confirming of the new covenant. The author of Hebrews writes “that which is old decayeth and waxeth old is READY to vanish away”, verse 8:13. He did not write “it has vanished away”, but that it “is READY to vanish away”. The spreading of the gospel was the transitional period of the two covenants. The change was not immediate. The old covenant did not and could not vanish away until the old temple also vanished away. For the transition to be made full Christ had to minister his own blood in the Most Holy Place in the Temple of Heaven itself. Yet Hebrews 9:8 tells us “that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as THE FIRST WAS YET STANDING:”. Christ could not enter Heaven’s Most Holy while earth’s Most Holy was still standing! The temple had to be destroyed to make way for the one in Heaven, and that didn’t happen until A.D. 70!!!! Over and out.

Date: 06 Feb 2004
Time: 00:32:43

I have decided not to post what I was orinally going to post here, in respect to I Peter 2:17.

Date: 12 Feb 2004
Time: 12:58:24

Jack and Rexella are the perfect examples of Christians who have a pre-concieved belief system in place that pre-determines how they interpret scripture. And regardless of what a particular passage states, thay will twist it to fit their theology. I think that if there’s any prophet we can believe with certainty, it’s Jesus. Therefore, when he stated with certainty that he would return before some of his contemporaries would taste death, THE HE RETURNED! Now it’s our job to study scripture, and sola scriptura, to understand the nature of his return and all of the other related events in prophecy. If we can’t take Him at His word on this subject, can we really trust Him on any other crucial matter? Jack and Rexella, don’t say you believe Jesus is trustworthy if you can’t have faith that He did what He said he would do, when He said He would do it!

Date: 29 Feb 2004
Time: 02:01:32

I agree with Jack Van Impe. As there would be some historical record of 1/3 of the earth being burned, 1/3 of humanity being destroyed by fire, smoke and brimstone, every living creature in the sea dieing, the battle of Armageddon, and the greatest earthquake in history, accompanied by chucks of ice 120 pounds in weight falling to the ground. I pretty sure that everyone on this plant who lived through this would have made some sort of documentation on these horific events. If you do believe that “it’s all History” I do remember Luke 24:45 JESUS APPEARS TO THE DISCIPLES “Then he opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures.” So without the guidance of the Holy spirt the Bible will just be words without meaning. You may read but you will not understand. The only other comment I have is in regards to 1Peter 2:17. “Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.” We are told to do this For God’s sake not for our own or for the easily bruised feelings of others. This was meant for the Christian at the time when the Roman Empire was putting them to death. By giving respect to others they themselves could gain respect from the Government. This is still applicable today. By giving respect you are more able to spread the Good News of the Gospel to those that may not have listened if you had first scoffed thier beliefs. If you agree or disagree with what I have said doesnt matter, what bothers me most about quite a few of these messages is you judge with Anger. Praying for others to Change, and those who think that the above prayer was wrong. WHy not instead pray For God to open the hearts of ALL who claim to believe to the truth of his word and also include yourselves. This would be a logical approch and one that would be pure of anger and hate. Angry prayers don’t reach the ears of God. You can NOT pray with Hate in your heart. I pray for the Angry that their blinders will be taken off so that they can see clearly. I pray that Love and respect will become common place between denominations and we will spread the word of God. I pray for change in myaelf that I might not hold anything against anyone for their beliefs. Amen

Date: 10 Apr 2004
Time: 11:24:31

Please, in the name of Jesus, stop the madness here. So many have written ugly things about Jack Van Impe. Would Jesus appreciate that? Let’s pray, unite, and be more like Jesus, our Lord. Let’s not fight, guys. JESUS IS RISEN!!!! Happy Easter

Date: 04 May 2004
Time: 19:34:38

this is a long shot- my father was the pastor of the first baptist church in bay city, michigna back in the 1950s. i believe that you came through there in that time period and you had an accordian that you paid my brother a dime to carry for you. you had dinner at our house on center avenue. was this real?

Date: 22 Aug 2004
Time: 21:42:33

After reading all these responses, I’m stunned to see how nasty the “Christians” are to one another. I’ve enjoyed Dr. Van Impe’s show for quite a few years (not including the cornball jokes), and have gotten a lot out of it. Rexella has a nice singing voice too. How many of you brilliant “Bible scholors” out there have taken the Holy Scriptures so seriously as to memorize them to the extent as has Dr. Van Impe? Go home and do it.

Date: 06 Sep 2004
Time: 03:42:31

Praise the LORD….Jesus is coming, be ready for the rapture,dont be living in sin… don’t be like the foolish virgins or those who think the Lord is delayed HIS coming, He is giving us time to win the lost to Jesus. then the Rapture will happen and God will pour out tribulation on the whole earth. then Jesus will return to the earth to set up HIS kingdom!! Praise God- this is our Blessed Hope Steve

Date: 21 Sep 2004
Time: 09:14:22

Jack and Rexella,I think you’re pretty far out. You have to have half a brain to understand preterism.

Date: 10 Oct 2004
Time: 15:40:35

For God so loved the world,he gave his only begotten son for whosoever believes in hi will not perish but have everlasting life. *John 3:16* All people need to hear this verse -Katie Allen 11 years old

Date: 22 Oct 2004
Time: 21:30:39

They do ask some valid questions.

Date: 23 Oct 2004
Time: 07:35:19

I think it’s funny that you can all claim He’s wrong in a hateful way, yet scold him for doing the same. “The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God” Me thinks you protest too much!

Date: 01 Nov 2004
Time: 15:24:22


Date: 19 Nov 2004
Time: 08:09:25

I believe that the Lord Jesus spoke of many things that were to happen in the end times that absolutely did not happen in the first century. The lion and the lamb certainly aren’t yet laying down together… Good Job Jack!

Date: 17 Dec 2004
Time: 20:58:32

I must beleive that the events in Revalation are yet to happen as you mention above. At the same time I hear the comments from Hank Hannagraf that are so articulate, well researched and with academic excellence, what is a common man like me to make of this? I do not possess the necessary study skills to even come close to this level of aquiring knowledge. Thanks for your help.

Date: 26 Jan 2005
Time: 17:05:18

Van Impe thinks that the Chosen People/Jews/Israel are exempt from the 10 Commandments. The genocide against the Palestinian people in God’s name is an affront to all that is holy. Van Impe fails to see the Gospel example of “…the blind leading the blind..” With these atrocities Israel can never be that “Light among all Nations.”

Date: 16 May 2005
Time: 11:22:25

Those (guy on Septeber 20, 2001) who mock God’s people (Jack Van Impe) will be one laughed at by God. The future events are “future events.” God bless Van Impe for exposing the wrong philosophy of the preterists.

Date: 27 Jul 2005
Time: 14:48:58

I think the preterist view fits more than any other view. Many of the well known prophecy teachers Jack Van Impe, Tim Lahaye, Hal Lindsey, to name a few, have made many false predictions about the “end times”. In my opinion, anyone who make a false prediction (prophecy) is a false prophet. Jesus himself warned us to be aware of false prophets who would come in His name. I don’t mean to be judgemental of these men, but I’m the kind of person who calls them like I see them. These men have made predictions saying “the holy spirit showed me these things.” To make such a statement and then be wrong is making God out to look like a liar to those people who are making a decision as to whether or not to follow God. In my opinion the greatest cause of atheism in the world is Christians.

Date: 31 Jul 2005
Time: 11:49:38

preterism is false because all the saved would be in heaven with god and sin would be no more.That has not happened yet.

Date: 11 Oct 2005
Time: 20:21:24

I agree with Impe, because even I have been persecuted harshly, even told that i was of satan because i opposed the preterist theory. I call it a bunch of bologny too! I study and read the scriptures, and found that I yearn to know more about God and His word. I am deeply saddened by the behavior and attitude of our Preterist brethern. I also read and study endtimes scriptures and have come across many interesting things. And I have started my own Yahoo endtimes group.
Andreia Haddad

Date: 17 Nov 2005
Time: 12:26:28

To the person who said ‘How many of you brilliant “Bible scholors” out there have taken the Holy Scriptures so seriously as to memorize them to the extent as has Dr. Van Impe? Go home and do it.’ Can you spell t-e-l-e-p-r-o-m-p-t-e-r, teleprompter? Anyone in television will tell you that you cannot do newsreports or talkshows to a large degree without them. Van imp is only as brilliant as his followers.

Date: 29 Dec 2005
Time: 13:04:33

I think van Impe has set up a straw man again. Few preterists believe that EVERY prophecy of the Bible was fulfilled in 70 A.D. Their point is that most of the prophecies were directed at national Israel in regards to the destruction of the Temple and national Israel. The current nation of Israel cannot prove their claim as there is no geneology, which also makes a Levitical Priesthood IMPOSSIBLE (a big point of the Book of Hebrews).

Jack has also mistated the Reformed position of the Church being the Israel of God. It is not “replacement” theology. The true Israel has ALWAYS been the children of Abraham in the faith, not by descent.

Jack van Impe is quite simply a FALSE PROPHET who berates the Reformed brethren while embracing the Romanists. Truly sad.

Date: 19 Dec 2005
Time: 22:25:25

I am not very proud of Mr. Van Impe because of his recent (the last 15 years of his ministry) buttering up to the Pope. However, the comments he makes about postmil are correct (except for the poking fun at it). It is better to be a literalist and grammatical realist when dealing with the scriptures. Spiritualizing the scriptures without a sane contextual cross referencing has led to many errors such as the Watchtower,(Russelites) Christadelphians, Assemblies of Yahweh, Mormons.

I have yet to see in historical literature of the 1st Century, or for that matter any century yet, the literal fulfilments of some of those thing Dr. Van Impe mentioned. In that I happen to agree with him.

Another error of postmil is using the “40 years is a generation” statements of past premil authors to prove the premil is wrong. Not all premil believe 40 years is a generation. The scriptures are clearly indicative with abundance of evidence that a generation consists of physical life beginning at conception and ending at death. Joshua’s age at the time of death was 110 years, not including gestation period in the womb. Before the Flood, life span of the patriarchs averaged around 930 years. If the length of David’s generation, Christ’s generation, and those living today is 70-80 years (a 3000 year span), it would be reasonable to conclude that the generation Christ was talking about in the parable of the fig tree will also be 70-80 years in length. *If* the fig tree in this parable (Luke 21:29-33) represents the nation of Israel, as many prophetic premil scholars believe, and the generation that is described has a lifespan of 70 to 80 years, then we see several strong indicators th

Here is a shocking indicator of today’s generation as being the last. Type in the words “Peace and Security” or “Peace and Safety” into any search engine and checkout the results. This phrase is THE buzz-word of our politicians and law makers just pre-911 and after.

Date: 28 Dec 2005
Time: 14:06:16

Regarding Jack Van Impe’s salary, according to Charity Navigator – http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/search.summary/orgid/3913.htm
His salary is $160,000 even though his ministry grossed almost 11 million. He lives in a modest house. He has been a TV ministry since the 1950s if I am not mistaken.

Regarding his detractors and those bearing false witness –

Mat 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
Mat 24:46 Blessed [is] that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
Mat 24:48 But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;
Mat 24:49 And shall begin to smite [his] fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;
Mat 24:50 The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for [him], and in an hour that he is not aware of,
Mat 24:51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint [him] his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Date: 29 Dec 2005
Time: 16:39:24

“Jack won’t name any preterists’ names because, unlike us, he obeys I Peter 2:17.”

I have seen him attack Lorraine Boettner, the late Presbyterian defender of the Faith.

As for his Biblical Knowledge – so what? What does knowing where something is have to do the proper interpretation of it?

Date: 25 Jan 2006
Time: 20:33:47

I heard Jack Van Impie make a point about something he believed the Scripture teaches and his authority for backing it up was his boasting that he had memorized the entire New Testament and eight thousand verses in the Old Testament. I wonder if Jack remembers the NT verse that says “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you at the proper time”. It appears that Jack exalts himself in his ability to quote Scripture. Remember, the devil himself quoted Scripture.

Onerray Neal

Date: 11 Feb 2006
Time: 15:30:50

Dear Jack

I four questions of the Gospels. Did Matthew, Mark, Luke and John write the book with their name in it, or it?

Love always in Yeshua

Date: 16 Feb 2006
Time: 21:26:09

The fact is jack called upon the name of JESUS and is now saved praise the lord. I once heard a demon speak through my friend when he was high and it said, this earth is gods lil baby crib full of babys people are just like little chickens when they speak I cant understand what they are saying there like tweet tweet .then he pointed to the sky and said remember heaven hell you know remember man.I stopped hanging out with him after that but I pray for him. Also I have seen the son of man seated in the right hand of power in the sky the son in the sky is gods power and the clouds that day were in the shape of a man holding the son I was in awe He was pointing to the earth I was scared and still scared and fear what I saw .I became a christian and I do believe in JESUS.what I saw in the sky you all will see one day It was in the calgary skies of canada

Date: 15 Jun 2006
Time: 02:56:42

Jack needs to read the historian Josephus and take
off his literal mindset while reading. But first he needs to look up the meaning of the word SHORTLY in the dictionary or Read Gen 41:32 coz we know that the Famine did take place in the lifetime of Joseph
This word SHORTLY is their real stumbling block coz if SHORTLY means 2000 years then their RAPTURE is at least another 2000 years yet in the future.

Date: 30 Jun 2006
Time: 03:42:52

The tribulation has still to happen !!!!

Date: 04 Jul 2006
Time: 14:16:03

the bible is inerrant and fortells the future he who does not believe is afraid of the future and what it holds its easier to just say it wont happen
jack van impie is a brilliant bible scholar and god chose him to warn us about the terrible things comming

Date: 07 Aug 2006
Time: 15:11:15:

I believe we are close to the end. All signs shows Jesus will be coming .So look up. Rejoice ! From the storms , to the mideast wars , to the acts of people and what they believe. Many do not have time to study the word. They find more easy to listen all the lies and the falst teaching. How can you know the word of GOD if you do not take time to study foryour self. How will you know if you are not being mislead.?? I pray the people wake up before its too late. Jesus said, If you love me you will keep ALL my comandments . What happen to the sabbath? Why do the people keep that comandment away from the church .When did GOD change that comandment to us for Sunday serves .Is Jesus not the Lord of the Sabbath ,is He not coming for the church who keep ALL HIS COMANDMENTS…John 14/15. May GOD, our Lord Jesus blessed All! AMAN. Love Debbie Marazoff.

Date: 10 Aug 2006
Time: 22:46:22

Hi Jack and Rexella,
Question: Is it possible that Massimo D’Alema is the antichrist? What do you think? If not, why not. So many things he is doing just now toward Israel’s peace makes me ask, is he the man?
Garry Mcinnis

Date: 11 Aug 2006
Time: 07:14:46

The Preterist view makes sense. VanImpe’s view makes non-sense. Read Matt. 24 for what it really says. To whom was Jesus speaking. He constantly says ‘you,’ meaning the disciples. His comments refer to them and their ‘time.’

Date: 30 Aug 2006
Time: 15:17:55

I think vanimpe is right, I haven’t seen these things take place or heard of these things taking place either.

Date: 13 Sep 2006
Time: 11:50:27

Tell me…why does it matter? Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever…Why is it necessary to pull thorns out of one anothers eyes when we are all walking around with logs in our own, I mean really! Jesus is going to return, even if you don’t believe we are in the last days, as we speak,…every day that passes is one day closer to His return. How is your heart? Are you ready for the day when every knee WILL bow and tounge confess that Jesus Christ is LORD? Maybe we would be better off if we stopped stabbing one another spiritually and started witnessing to a very LOST world…ya think

Date: 30 Aug 2006
Time: 14:25:13

I truly believe JVI doesn’t beleive his own ramblings. Every verse he quotes is taken out of context, and his ridiculous newspaper headlines make me laugh. He is a false prophet, and will one day be silenced by his own deceit.

Date: 30 Aug 2006
Time: 15:17:55

I think vanimpe is right, I haven’t seen these things take place or heard of these things taking place either.

Date: 13 Sep 2006
Time: 11:50:27

Tell me…why does it matter? Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever…Why is it necessary to pull thorns out of one anothers eyes when we are all walking around with logs in our own, I mean really! Jesus is going to return, even if you don’t believe we are in the last days, as we speak,…every day that passes is one day closer to His return. How is your heart? Are you ready for the day when every knee WILL bow and tounge confess that Jesus Christ is LORD? Maybe we would be better off if we stopped stabbing one another spiritually and started witnessing to a very LOST world…ya think

Date: 08 Oct 2006
Time: 04:12:43


Date: 29 Oct 2006
Time: 16:13:21

Greetings All,
Let me tell you people that the 7 peals od thunder sealed up in Revelation 10 are Rock and Roll. That will mean that IT will all happen ion the flesh this time too. One of those prophets is already dead in the big apple and Michael of Daniel 12:1 and Rev. better never go there are the Ancient of Days who is a man today to would get a bit upset.
Good Day

Date: 07 Jan 2007
Time: 01:52:47

I have a friend that says she is a christian but does not beleive in the rapture or tribulation how can someone be a christian and not beleive in that?

Date: 12 Apr 2007
Time: 13:46:44

Hey the Lamb said thesed days would be shortened. John Lennon’s death is how they were. Michael of Daniel 12:1 (The child of Rev. 12) is the prince of the covenant in Daniel 11:22 who gets shattered by a Lady who is the Jewelof the kingdom in Dan 11:20. Michael must never go to the big apple.
Stars and hosts were dragged oput of heaven in Daniel 8:9-14 and trampled by this establishment. The 7 peals of thunder kept secret in Rev 10 are Rock and Roll and the mystery of god they sing about is a Brotherhood of Mankind.

Date: 13 May 2007
Time: 17:36:50

I belive thats its coming to the end time. Its near very near.

Date: 29 Apr 2007
Time: 20:46:00

Dispensationalism is religions form of the “Happy Meal” everything so neatly packaged and looks pleasant to the eyes and has no spiritual nutrients to fortify your very soul/
PS – the Happy Meal will desease you unto death.
Dispensationalism – brings about the curses in Rev 22😕

Date: 13 May 2007
Time: 21:31:36

‘To be Preterist or not Preterist, that is the question. Alas dear R.C. I once knew thee.’ Shakespeare’s Hamlet….paraphrased

Well we will all find out some day in that great gettin’ up mornin’ won’t we?

Let’s say the Preterists are right. Then what will be my loss in eternity? Well for one I’ll have to take my lumps for being a dumb literalist and not smart enough to get the gnostic spiritual interpretation of the prophetic passages. That would mean I will have less reward (all other things being equal) than the Preterists who were committed to their view.

But let’s say the Premills are right. Then what will be the loss for the Preterists? Well we won’t know for certain but if I were the good Lord and were assigning positions of authority in the Millennium, would I give a high position to a believer who did not even believe there would be a millennium? I doubt it.

Date: 04 Aug 2007
Time: 11:45:04

God bless you Jack!!! Way to go brother – love your accurate interpretation of the scriptures that crush the false teaching of preterism. Says a lot about Dr. Van Impe’s authority on the subject as he is the only one here who actually used “Bible scripture” to prove his case.

Date: 26 May 2007
Time: 11:19:46

In responce to Bob J. Roussee, but not in support of Jack; the word anti-christ is a metaphoric symbol, used to describe the behavior of the person(s), who resist the teaching and Commandments of Yehoshua Messiach (known to Gentiles as Jesus Christ!
I am not writing to insult you, but you should have known this; and if you claim to be a true follower of Yehoshua, you must not be unrealistic in your rebutals for the sake of arguement. the anti-christ is meantioned by Yehoshua in Matt:24; but the Pharisees and scribes and the Priest were also anti-christ; which is why they did what they did unto Messiach. So, in Rev:12:3-17 13:1-18; lends support, and give a scriptural pictorial ideal of the anti-christ himself; which is spoken about in Matt:24:15-24; shows Yehoshua’s pictorial of the anti-christ. If you play word games with Jack, you do not prove him wrong, you encourage him because he knows your not presenting a proper rebutal to what he teaches.
Where you spoke about the Great Tribulation, in comparison to Noah and his families rescue; the numbers of people today are greater than then, and without knowing the number of people who will be saved, you’ve made an invalid arguement; and you are calling Yehoshua a liar; where He spoke in Matt:24;15-24; I hope that this will help you, and hope that you will not make war, but seek to enlighten, because, our goal is not to fight mankind who have a different point ov view; but. it’s to enlighten them if we can, and obtaining a real victory in the name of Adoni Yehoshua!

In the Spirit oc true christian love, I write;
Billy R. Colbert
A Crusader For Christ!

Date: 30 May 2007
Time: 20:25:37

I’ve been listening to the praeterist view,It makes alot of sence to me.I also read the book :Last Days Madness.I recomend it.I am a christian,however I dont understand why people especially chritian leaders would want hold on to certain teachings that are really not biblical,and why they are not even willing to listen to with an open mind to other view points that differ from their own.If we are seeking the truth we should not fear.I feal that I am of Christ first and foremost and of the truth,and I am not very concerned about denominational labels.If I feal that I have been wrong on any biblical view,I have no problem accepting it.We ought to be not only able but also willing to accept truth no matter where it comes from,after all the truth is the truth.

Date: 10 Aug 2007
Time: 17:35:52

I said once before that as much as preterists do HEAR the Word of God, the entire preterist belief system is a work of idiocy. Only someone who is WILLFULLY ignorant of the facts could possibly believe that ALL of prophecy has already been fulfilled.

With all the evil that currently tries to pass for a “world”, they honestly believe that Satan has already been bound, when it is clear to everyone else that the Spirit of Satan is self-evident in the workings not just of so many ordinary people, but also in our so-called “world leaders”, who are in fact committed Luciferians.

Date: 12 Aug 2007
Time: 20:47:09

Praise God that so many believers are coming back to the original teachings of the Bible. There will always be a hold out number who retain the teachings of the moneymongers instead of allowing God’s Holy Spirit do the teaching this end times madness is fertile ground for the little season of Satan.
A. R. Morton

Date: 03 Oct 2007
Time: 12:26:41

The first time i saw rexella on tv, i know right away that she had cosmetic surgery, my question is…will God be glorified if someone like rexella who is a pastor’s wife…go for a plastic surgery just to look younger and beautiful? no offence to her but she doenst look so real. u cant see a little wrinkle on her face.

Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 12:38:15

I love your comentary about of Davince code. because Jack and Rexella Van Impe have to defend to JESUS CHRIST of Dan Braun and another antichirst. I know on the Jack`s tear. and Israel`s God give you a very big blessing.please you need to talk a lot of about of it. And i have a one question. why Hitler hated to Israel?I Forgot write my name and my contry on my comentary of bad antichrist: Hector Henry Lopez Romo of Bogotà Colombia and if you like to write me do it please hhenrylr93@hotmail.com send me one of your books as a gift from you to a televison viewer of colombia. my adress is cll 50a sur nº 80h 24 of Bogotà. thak you for your atention…

Date: 26 Dec 2007
Time: 09:36:46

You need to read all the Bible and fit it all together ,no just the verses you want.Besides a lot of the NT was written after 70AD, like the book of REV.which say’s Things which you have seen things which are and things which will take place after this. Please explain the time line.

Date: 29 Jun 2009
Time: 14:48:03

I have this confusion on Mathew 24:31. When the word elect is used are they referring to Israel or to Christians. Many endtime preachers like Joel Rosenberg,John Hagee,Hal Lindsey.Jack Van Impe say the elect is Israel in this verse where they are gathered together,and that is the count down to when the lord comes back. When I Look In strongs lexicon it says in word 1588 that the elect are chosen ones by God. Then it says Christians. I need some help here. It sure is more exciting if it is Israel, then that means they are the time clock to when the lord comes back.It says that generation will not pass. Even though there is a disagreement on what a generation is. We would still know that somebody a live when Israel became a nation in 1948 would be alive during Christ’s return. That would be cool. Other wise it is disappointing for me. I need some help here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 22 Aug 2009
Time: 23:51:42

First off I’ll point out that MOST preterists do not believe that every prophecy of the Bible has already come to pass; in fact, the main ones (Sproul, Demar, Gentry) simply believe that most of Matthew 24 was completed with the destruction of Jerusalem – that “this generation” meant the generation that Jesus was then addressing, not a generation 2000 or more years in the future.

It should be pointed out that, irrespective of ones agreement or disagreement with preterists, the aforementioned are amongst some of the most careful bible expositors around. You won’t see them predicting the End of the Age in 1976, 1981, 1988, or any of the other various times that van Impe and his fellow Dispensationalists have predicted.

Now, I am certainly not trashing Dispensationalists. John MacArthur, the late Jim Boice, and the late Adrian Rodgers are/were very careful expositors. But like Mark Driscoll and Dan Kimball in the Emerging Church movement, the orthodox Dispensationalists seem to be the minority.

Date: 01 Sep 2009
Time: 15:38:01

Mathew 24:31 refers to the people who Jesus is speaking right in front of him. Why would he refer to 2000+ years in the future and ignore the plain meaning of their normal question? In Hebrew culture (old testament) ‘coming in the clouds’ as Daniel say it means a spiritual coming. He is NOT talking about coming in person in this scripture (thats in other verses).

try this ebook:


Date: 13 Sep 2009
Time: 19:41:52

Van Impe’s ability to quote chapter and verse from memory may impress, but he represents pop-theology at its worst.

Let us answer a fool according to his folly: If Van Impe insists on mocking instead of providing answers for serious symbolic interpretations of obviously symbolic passages then we might justifiably ask him —

When overcoming saints are turned into pillars will they be made of wood or masonry? Rev 3:12) Does Impe think it might be boring and difficult to stand there holding up the roof of the temple for all eternity? In what particular city and in which particular building is the door where Jesus is knocking so that we can go let Him in? (Rev 3:20) Will Impe’s antichrist employ a private tailor to make shirts for his seven-headed body or will he order Walmart to produce them? Will he wear hats to hide his seven horns, and special shoes to hide his bear paw feet, or will he just let it all hang out? When the 2nd and 3rd angels cause every living thing in the world’s oceans to die and turn all of world’s fresh water sources into literal blood, how will anyone manage to stay alive for the remaining years of tribulation? (Rev 16:3,4) Will all the islands of the world sprout legs and to where will they flee? (Rev 16:20) Does the great harlot of Rev 17:1 possess special characteristics of boyancy or does she employ a floating chair to sit on many waters? In which particular motel will the kings of the earth make whoopie with the great harlot? (Rev 17:2) Finally, and in a slightly different vein, what part of “things which must SOON take place” (Rev 1:1), “for the time is NEAR” (Rev 1:3), “even those who pierced Him” (Rev 1:7), “the hour of testing that is ABOUT to come” (Rev 3:10), “I stand AT THE DOOR” (Rev 3:20), “a LITTLE WHILE longer” (Rev 6:11), “I am coming QUICKLY” (Rev 22:7), “the time is NEAR” (Rev 22:10, and “I am coming QUICKLY, AMEN” doesn’t the learned Mr. Van Impe understand???

Date: 22 Dec 2009
Time: 18:40:35

He is the antichrist c how convincing he sounds he is loved and acts like jesus so i bet the rapture will accure about a month after he is seated in the e u in seat number 666 look god gives us signs

Date: 25 Jan 2010
Time: 08:45:24

I am a futurist, a post-tribber. Of course, there are problems with my view, as with any view, but I still want to know where Jesus is. He was to return in a “like manner” as he had gone. SO where is he? And Jack brings up good questions, like, when did 1/3 burn up or die, and all that. The way these questions are answered by preterists is much worse than the way futurists answer the problems facing their view.

Date: 26 Sep 2010
Time: 07:01:34

The distruction of Jerusalem was not just because
of the rejection of Jesus as saviour. This was
a final call for repentance upon a people who’s
chickens came home to roost for the Blood of right-
eous Able to the Blood of Zackeris slain between
the altar and temple. This is the second comming
where he comes in the clowds for judgement upon
a land, not the world or earth and upon a chosen
people his own, as judement must begine at the house of God. Robin Elliott

Date: 02 Oct 2012
Time: 10:22:45

the veil still remains over the eyes of you preterists because you won’t confess JESUS as LORD. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. capital L in Lord is the Lord. i.e. the Lord thy GOD of the old testament. Also don’t you know Isaih 9:6,7.The gov’t isn’t on his shoulder yet. Also see deut 10:17 and Isaiah 43:11(I am the Lord thy God, beside me there is no Saviour.) The veil hides the truth from you when you don’t confess Jesus as Lord. we won’t be reading the bible when Jesus returns, we will be surving him because we beleive and are humbled by the event of his coming. We will rule and reign with him 1000 years. Glory be to God !!!. So I ask you where did the 1000 years occur? Be carefull trying to date it. Caught you didn’t I. Revelation right? corky


Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 06:18:53

Ah, yet again Mr. Van Impe defines the terms by which we should interpret Scripture, then interprets according to them. “For instance, in Daniel chapter twelve, verse four he said, at the time of the end knowledge shall be increased.’ It took 1850 years — that’s almost 1800 years past 70A.D. — to double knowledge in the world.” Isn’t it interesting how Jack defines what the Bibles means by “knowledge” without a single verse to back it up and then interprets an entire passage according to his definition. Where’s the exegesis there?

Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 20:25:37

It is amazing that Jack uses the Catholic Church as an authority to dismiss truth, which by the time of Constantine was already corrupt. Early Church Fathers believed in a fulfilled account of 70 AD. Jack also states that the book of REV. was not written until 26 years after 70 AD. Without giving his readers the time date of REV. is debatable. Many believe it was written between 64 and 68 AD. There is only one statement in history that even suggests a late date and as I said it is only a very unclear statement. Jack, if you are going to use such info, it seems only JUST that you present all views to your readers instead of leaving them with only what you want them to see. I came from a denomination that, when in college they taught only their view. If Jesus said the Spirit will teach us truth, than we need all views shown and then we let the Spirit teach us the truth. Man’s doctrines have truth, yet so often is only limited truth. Thus it keeps the followers bound in religion and following men instead of Truth given by God, which brings true freedom. Jack, be fair show all views held in history – not just your view! As for Jesus coming in the clouds, remember how God ruled in the Old Test., from the clouds. They knew God was there, yet they could not see Him. It is true than as Jesus said, “ I do the things the same as my Father did them”. When everyone looked up and saw the cloud above Jerusalem in 70 AD. They knew it was the Lord. Josephus reports it as so. Come on Jack, Follow history not current events. Haven’t you made enough money on people who FAIL to study on their own? Peter said “ we need no man teach us, but the Spirit will teach us all”. It is time to stop tickling peoples ears and let the Spirit teach mankind as Jesus said was His duty. Jack, Rosh is not ever meant to be interpreted as Russia. Again, you attempt to use current events to interpreter the historical facts of the early Church. And how you keep coming up wrong in those interpretations. The fact remains; the Bible is the history of the responses of man to God and His plans. It is far from a complete account, yet gives us the base principles to see how to walk in God’s Kingdom, NOW. The reality is His Kingdom has come; His will is being done (although He does not always get His way because He made us free moral agents) on earth as it is in Heaven. This is Now not in some future period that you seem to try to invent. When are you going to be held accountable for all your wrong interpretations over the years? And yes, there have been many all we have to do is read your early books and see how you continually change to meet to-days headlines. History does prevail if people would study, but you keep people in the dark as to the rest of the story.

Date: 10 Nov 2002
Time: 19:55:40

It seems strange to me that Jack says a Catholic priest started preterism, when it is a well established fact that dispensationalism was fostered by the translation and dispensing of the writings of a catholic priest by Edward Irving and J.N. Darby. Jack makes a statement, gives a Bible reference (often without quoting it) to prove his point and people believe it because “he said” the Bible says it. Some of his references when checked out have nothing to do with what he is talking about! Did you ever notice that he really never does an in depth study of anything he teaches, only lots of passionate hype to say its all happening now, and yet nothing he has predicted has ever happened yet! A blind leader of the blind, making false statements, false accusations and never an opportunity to discuss the possibility that he might be wrong! Sad, very sad.

Date: 23 Nov 2002
Time: 02:32:21

Need a good laugh, so watching smiling Jack reminds me of the Joker.

Date: 11 Jan 2003
Time: 04:17:54

You seem just like the media to me. You can make things sound and play to the tune you set. If you really want to make sure the truth comes out — have God set you up with a tv broadcast that goes to millions of people. He can do that you know! So I should be seeing and hearing you soon? Jered

Date: 30 Jan 2003
Time: 11:58:44

If a Jesuit created Preterism and you know it is wrong. Why do you teach futurism which also was created by a Jesuit? Try the Historist view point of Daniel and Revelation. You will finally get it right.

Date: 07 Feb 2003
Time: 15:11:07

One thing that I find particularly interesting, is how movements of thought work. Here you have a movement, and a guy who is explaining that movement. After people here the explanation, they judge the movement based on what they have heard. I will openly admit that there seem to be a million of flaws with every viewpoint, but it is only when a person really studies that they will find the truth. Truth wont just pop out at you. I wont even start with what I think you should believe, Im just saying that you should believe that there IS truth. Now go find it.

Date: 17 Feb 2003
Time: 19:19:33

To whom it may concern, I read about 1 or 2 pages of the critiscism directed at the Van Impe’s and find your ignorance and mockery not worth continued reading. Mr. Van Impe is human and may be mistaken in some of his speculations but is obviously well educated and devoted to what he does, as well as having good intentions about trying to prepare people at what is to come. As terrible as what will take place, Jack & Rexella smile because the time is drawing closer to the coming of the Lord. I can’t imagine anything greater taking place. “What a time to be alive!” Kee

Date: 24 Feb 2003
Time: 18:30:45

He teaches what he does because it sells.

Date: 02 Mar 2003
Time: 16:30:25

I think Impe is an Imp. I like to watch his show for mindless entertainment!

Date: 06 Mar 2003
Time: 20:02:03

I think Van Impe is right on.The preterist view dosn’t make any sense at all. If all the prophecies have been fulfilled THEN WHAT are we born again Christians still doing here????

Date: 14 Apr 2003
Time: 14:23:15

Dear Jack: At the “end of the age” knowledge was increased; The spiritual knowledge of experiencing God’s salvation through grace, without the trappings of Judaism (or any other religion). Secondly, Ezekiel ezperienced his prophetic vision on the banks of the Euphrates while in captivity. Cyrus’ command to rebuild was the fulfilment. Finally, if Revelation was written in 96 AD, why does John speak of the temple and its measurements as though it still existed. The destruction of the city and the temple, and the dispursion of the Jews was, to a Jew, the ultimate catastrophe. John makes no mention of it. Why? Because it was yet future when he wrote the book. Ken Goertz BC

Date: 29 May 2003
Time: 05:14:14

The early church, made up of both jews and gentiles (parable of the mustard seed?), were daily exhorted to live right and to watch for the Lords return. This to me signifies an expectancy that the early church had. If this is true, and the Lord did not return in their life-time as they expected, then they held to a false teaching. This false teaching that they believed came from the teachings of the apostles who were led by Gods spirit. Now why would God allow this? Why no correction to the early church since they did believe that Jesus would soon return?

Date: 01 Jun 2003
Time: 19:03:56

We are living in the end times now. The mark of the brast is on the horizon, cataclysmic events are happening world wide, then there’s Aids, Sars, and only God knows what’s next. Let’s stop critizing eath other and start reading the WORD of GOD for yourself.

Date: 16 Jun 2003
Time: 18:47:15

Dear people, Can you tell me why we should believe clear contextual reference to an immediate timeframe addressing the Israelites in Matthew [especially 23-24] should relate to us? How can a nonexistent race of people be the heirs to the promise fulfilled in the church? Please read Galatians chapter three. There you will see that the heirs to the promise of Abraham are the children of Christ! The people that call themselves Jews today are no more Jewish than I am a Muppet from outer space! Do a little research on the modern “Jew.” You will find that they are white proselytes from Kaza Russia, and can no more trace their family linage to Abraham than Michael Jackson can [though, he would have a good shot at the Muppet line]. Another question I must raise: How does God maintain a dual covenant? To adhere to dispensationalist thought, one must adhere to a dual covenant. In over four years of study – not one solid biblical answer has surfaced! Another point, for someone so caught up on biblical prophecy, the man does not appear to understand biblical language to well…riding on clouds. If you interpret everything literally [as you claim], then resting under the wings of shadow means God is a big chicken! Notice that Matthew wrote to a Hebrew audience. He used language reminiscent of OT prophecy. Luke paralleled it with plain Gentile language. Please, compare the two. Has anyone here read the context of the passages? Does any person here no Greek? I do, and it is clear to whom and what Jesus referred to in Matthew 24Dear people, Can you tell me why we should believe clear contextual reference to an immediate timeframe addressing the Israelites in Matthew [especially 23-24] should relate to us? How can a nonexistent race of people be the heirs to the promise fulfilled in the church? Please read Galatians chapter three. There you will see that the heirs to the promise of Abraham are the children of Christ! The people that call themselves Jews today are no more Jewish than I am a Muppet from outer space! Do a little research on the modern “Jew.” You will find that they are white proselytes from Kaza Russia, and can no more trace their family linage to Abraham than Michael Jackson can [though, he would have a good shot at the Muppet line]. Another question I must raise: How does God maintain a dual covenant? To adhere to dispensationalist thought, one must adhere to a dual covenant. In over four years of study – not one solid biblical answer has surfaced! Another point, for someone so caught up on biblical prophecy, the man does not appear to understand biblical language to well…riding on clouds. If you interpret everything literally [as you claim], then resting under the wings of shadow means God is a big chicken! Notice that Matthew wrote to a Hebrew audience. He used language reminiscent of OT prophecy. Luke paralleled it with plain Gentile language. Please, compare the two. Has anyone here read the context of the passages? Does any person here no Greek? I do, and it is clear to whom and what Jesus referred to in Matthew 24 – Jerusalem, its destruction, His judgment on the nation, and…you get the idea, or do you? O my time is so limited. I would love to go on and on…but I am afraid you would be overwhelmed and stop reading! Hey Kee, { posted 17 Feb 2003} Hitler was just a human too! Do you defend his error? Paul said it would be better to have a rock tied around your neck and thrown off a bridge than cause a person to stumble! He said if any man preached another gospel than the one he preached, let that man be accursed – literally – go to hell… Hey Mr. “What are we doing here!” {posted 06 Mar 2003} Try making disciples of people that turn from sins by the grace of God! We were never meant to warn people about a horrible world government! Good night

Date: 10 Jul 2003
Time: 20:40:23

FROM THE PEN OF JOHN GILL, D.D, OF THE “PARTICULAR BAPTIST” PERSUASION. HE PASSED FROM THIS LIFE ON OCT. 14, 1771: (On Matthew 10:23): “ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, or “finished” them; that is, their tour through them, and their ministry, or the preaching of the Gospel in them, “till the son of man be come; either of his resurrection from the dead, when he was declared to be the Son of God, and when his glorification began; or of the pouring forth of the Spirit at the day of Pentecost, when his kingdom began more visibly to take place, and he was made, or manifested to be the Lord and Christ; or of his coming to take vengeance on his enemies, that would not have him to rule over them, and the persecutors of his ministers, at the destruction of Jerusalem.” (On Matthew 21:43): He shall come and destroy these husbandmen, &c.] Which had its accomplishment at the destruction of Jerusalem: according to the other evangelists, these words are the answer of the chief priests, Scribes, and elders, to the above questions put to them by Christ, after he had delivered the parable; but here they seem to be the words of Christ, who also said the same, and confirmed what they had observed, and could not but own, that it was just and right, and what might be expected, with what follows: and shall give the vineyard to others; the land of Judea to the Romans in particular, and the church state, with the Gospel and ordinances of it, to the Gentiles in general, sometimes called “others”; see Gill on “Lu 5:29” and see Gill on “Lu 18:11”. and when they heard it, they said, God forbid; though they were their own words, yet repeated and confirmed by Christ, and perceiving that they were the persons intended, deprecate the fulfilment of them; at least so far as they understood they related to the killing of the Messiah, and to the destruction of their nation, city, and temple. (John Gill, Online Bible.) (On Matthew 24:14): Ver. 14. And this Gospel of the kingdom, &c.] Which Christ himself preached, and which he called and sent his apostles to preach, in all the cities of Judah; by which means men were brought into the kingdom of the Messiah, or Gospel dispensation; and which treated both of the kingdom of grace and glory, and pointed out the saints’ meetness for the kingdom of heaven, and their right unto it, and gives the best account of the glories of it: shall be preached in all the world; not only in Judea, where it was now confined, and that by the express orders of Christ himself; but in all the nations of the world, for which the apostles had their commission enlarged, after our Lord’s resurrection; when they were bid to go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature; and when the Jews put away the Gospel from them, they accordingly turned to the Gentiles; and before the destruction of Jerusalem, it was preached to all the nations under the heavens; and churches were planted in most places, through the ministry of it: “There was a necessity of the promulgation of it by the will of God, the command and commission of Christ; and for the gathering in of the Jews, that were the elect of God, “among all nations” of the world, especially in the Roman empire; and that “first”, or before the destruction of Jerusalem.” for a witness unto all nations; meaning either for a witness against all such in them, as should reject it; or as a testimony of Christ and salvation, unto all such as should believe in him: and then shall the end come; not the end of the world, as the Ethiopic version reads it, and others understand it; but the end of the Jewish state, the end of the city and temple: so that the universal preaching of the Gospel all over the world, was the last criterion and sign, of the destruction of Jerusalem; and the account of that itself next follows, with the dismal circumstances which attended it. (On Matthew 24:15, The Abomination of Desolation): Ver. 15. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, &c.] From signs, Christ proceeds to the immediate cause of the destruction of Jerusalem; which was, “the abomination of desolation”, or the desolating abomination; or that abominable thing, which threatened and brought desolation upon the city, temple, and nation: by which is meant, not any statue placed in the temple by the Romans, or their order; not the golden eagle which Herod set upon the temple gate, for that was before Christ said these words; nor the image of Tiberius Caesar, which Pilate is said to bring into the temple; for this, if true, must be about this time; whereas Christ cannot be thought to refer to anything so near at hand; much less the statue of Adrian, set in the most holy place, which was an hundred and thirty years and upwards, after the destruction of the city and temple; nor the statue of Titus, who destroyed both, which does not appear: ever to be set up, or attempted; nor of Caligula, which, though ordered, was prevented being placed there: but the Roman army is designed; see #Lu 21:20 which was the ~mfm ~ycwqf @nk, “the wing”, or “army of abominations making desolate”, #Da 9:27. Armies are called wings, #Isa 8:8 and the Roman armies were desolating ones to the Jews, and to whom they were an abomination; not only because they consisted of Heathen men, and uncircumcised persons, but chiefly because of the images of their gods, which were upon their ensigns: for images and idols were always an abomination to them; so the “filthiness” which Hezekiah ordered to be carried out of the holy place, #2Ch 29:5 is by the Targum called, aqwxyr, “an abomination”; and this, by the Jewish writers {w}, is said to be an idol, which Ahaz had placed upon the altar; and such was the abomination of desolati
on, which Antiochus caused to be set upon the altar: “Now the fifteenth day of the month Casleu, in the hundred forty and fifth year, they set up the abomination of desolation upon the altar, and builded idol altars throughout the cities of Juda on every side;” (1 Maccabees 1:54) And so the Talmudic writers, by the abomination that makes desolate, in #Da 12:11 9:27 to which Christ here refers, understand an image, which they say {x} one Apostomus, a Grecian general, who burnt their law, set up in the temple. Now our Lord observes, that when they should see the Roman armies encompassing Jerusalem, with their ensigns flying, and these abominations on them, they might conclude its desolation was near at hand; and he does not so much mean his apostles, who would be most of them dead, or in other countries, when this would come to pass; but any of his disciples and followers, or any persons whatever, by whom should be seen this desolating abomination, spoken of by Daniel the prophet: not in #Da 11:31 which is spoken of the abomination in the times of Antiochus; but either in #Da 12:11 or rather in #Da 9:27 since this desolating abomination is that, which should follow the cutting off of the Messiah, and the ceasing of the daily sacrifice. It is to be observed, that Daniel is here called a prophet, contrary to what the Jewish writers say {y}, who deny him to be one; though one of {z} no inconsiderable note among them affirms, that he attained to the end, yyawbnh lwbgh, “of the prophetic border”, or the ultimate degree of prophecy: when therefore this that Daniel, under a spirit of prophecy, spoke of should be seen, standing in the holy place; near the walls, and round about the holy city Jerusalem, so called from the sanctuary and worship of God in it; and which, in process of time, stood in the midst of it, and in the holy temple, and destroyed both; then whoso readeth, let him understand: that is, whoever then reads the prophecy of Daniel; will easily understand the meaning of it, and will see and know for certain, that now it is accomplished; and will consider how to escape the desolating judgment, unless he is given up to a judicial blindness and hardness of heart; which was the case of the greater part of the nation. {w} R. David Kimchi, & R. Sol. ben Melech, in 2 Chron. xxix. 5. {x} T. Bab. Taanith, fol. 28. 2. & Gloss. in ib. {y} T. Bab. Sanhedrin, fol. 94. 1. & Megilla, fol. 3. 1. & Tzeror Ham, mor, fol. 46. 4. Zohar in Num. fol. 61. 1. {z} Jacchiades in Dan. i. 17. ************************************************* JACK VANIMPE is just another run of the mill dispensationalist that thinks he has the market cornered on prophecy. Holy Writ states: “The law and the prophets were until John”. Someone should tell brother Jack that he is no prophet ….. & quit being so enamoured with the catholic church. RT4PT@CS.COM

Date: 15 Nov 2003
Time: 08:08:04

dear brothers & sisters,if this is on a broadcast cassette would please send imformation, i am teaching revelation now. i am at rev.6,vs 3i had a 7 month interupption. i begin again nov.16.rev.roy brooks bx 1101 sophia,w.va 25921

Date: 08 Feb 2004
Time: 13:12:41

Before I even stumbled across Preterism, I had long ago concluded that Van IMpe was a prat of the first degree very much in love with himself!

Date: 27 Feb 2004
Time: 11:32:17

As a Missionary/Bible Prophecy teacher, I will have to agree that Jack van Impe is a false Teacher on many subjects of scripture ,such as his mindless interpretation of Ezek. 38/39, his absolute fraudulent “Rapture theory” as well as much of his so-called “prophetic” explanation of the book of Daniel. However, having said that, it must also be said, that holding to the “Preterist” position, is nothing less than Sriptural “Idiot’ism”, as there is no valid foundation for such thought process. I challenge any and all “Pre-terists” ,to open debate, in a public forum of their choosing. All I can say is; if they accept, they will be humilliated. Thank you . “sorens70601@yahoo.com” My web site is <www.doctrinalhonesty.org>

Date: 25 Jun 2004
Time: 14:11:17

Oscar Meyer spells it bologna.

Date: 14 Jan 2005
Time: 11:57:05

Jesus said He came to fulfill the law and the prophets words which would include Ezekiel and Daniel’s words (Matthew 5:17). Did Jesus bring fulfillment to the prophecies of the old testament or do we continue to wait 2.000 years after Jesus came for the words of Ezekiel and Daniel to be fulfilled? I will put my faith in Jesus words that the old testament is fulfilled. Mr. Van Impe you are teaching that the old testament prophet’s words were not fulfilled and therefore you make Jesus out to be someone who has not done what He said he planned to do in fulfilling the law and the prophets of old. Sincerely, D.M.

Date: 06 Mar 2005
Time: 22:17:27

I don’t watch Jack vanImpe all that much, but I do agree with him. Not with him, but with Jesus and the Holy Bible. It is very clear, and I am following the teachings that are laid in my heart through the Holy Spirit.

Date: 21 Apr 2005
Time: 18:07:40

Jack in 1999 I took a picture then put it on my computor as a desk top,well when I blew it up it showed much more.It shows the two edged flaming sword coming out of the mouth of a sun lit face,and this face has eyes nose and lips.I also see Jesus as a silhouette off to the right.I also see a baby lamb in this picture.I could e-mail you the picture.also On jan 1st I was just getting ready to go to bed,and as I did,all of a sudden this bright light surrounded me,well I also had a vision that I also saw the same time was me looking at me in the light raising my hands to jesus and saying yes lord then the light went immediatly away.Then jan 15th I had a dream that I was high up above earth on a cloud on a grey cloudy day,and I wanted to see what was happening down below only to see massive people below running everywhere,then dream ended.Then in July of 2004 I was picking up my house as a daily thing ,all was so quiet and I was the only one home, then I heard a very loud trumpet blowing

Date: 27 Jul 2005
Time: 14:52:22

Jack VAn Impe says God called him to warn people. God did not however call you, Mr. Van Impe, to make false predictions that turn people away from God.

Date: 18 Nov 2005
Time: 05:18:20

How can anyone badmouth Dr Vanimpe? He means what he says and I think he is really close to being 100% right on. All you haters are probably living in sin and dont want to hear his message. He is a man of God for sure. And all you who think it is for money, how much do you think he can make off his program and tapes? Near the end times, you bet, just look at all the emails that are bashing anything that is good… Go read something “New Age” and be a loser

Date: 12 Dec 2005
Time: 01:07:14

“How can anyone badmouth [“Dr.”] Van Impe?” How indeed.

How many times, Love, in the past two decades has the good “doctor” promulgated the end of the world, the beginning of Armageddon, or the Rapture–complete with dates–only to be proven wrong by the passage of time, alone???

How many times has a “prophet” to be wrong before GOD declares that one a *false* prophet??? (Hint, look at Deuteronomy 18:17-20..the answer’s right there in black and white…)

How many of the good “doctor’s” academic accolades and credentials are, in fact, honourary and not the result of any actual work on his part? (you’ll be shocked and appalled by the answer…)

No, see Love, Van Impe is not a man of GOD, but a man of wealth, and a lover of his own voice and coifed hair. The reason that his broadcasts, these days, are “Paid Programming” is because after his last *major* dated false prophesy (in 1997) he was forced off the air and no network on the planet wanted to deal with him. So now he spreads his message and makes a fortune doing it. Don’t believe me–just take a road trip to Michican and have a look at his “ministry” complex, and his “house”. These are not the trappings of a modest man preparing for the imminent Rapture, by any stretch of the imagination, but of a wildly successful propagandist who has found a way to become filthy rich off the trust of the witless and unschooled amongst the faithful.

And just for the record, I say this as an Orthodox Catholic cult-exit counselor and catechist who converted from Protestantism–after years of hearing the same mis-comprehensions and misrepresentaions of Catholicism (which an education of the facts proved untrue) as those stated by others above, and on air by good ol’ Jack himself.

I watch Jack and Rexella (and record their programs) just so that I can keep a record of how badly he misrepresents the Catholic Faith and twists it for his own purposes, to keep a record of how badly he twists Scripture, and to be up on what is said to make my job easier in dealing with those who actually listen to him and fork over their money for his fat, padded coffers. It’s much easier to fight your enemy when he is known to you–and this man is no representative of my Lord and saviour.

Van Impe has no authority from GOD to teach, nor is there any reason to give him cred. Even Satan couches his lies in truth–he’s been doing it since the Garden, and he’s taught Jack well. His own past is proof of this fact. You should do some research before you sing his praises….

…marymagdalene at catholicexchange dot com….

Date: 29 Dec 2005
Time: 16:22:50

Really simple. Rev 1:1,3. Things which are “at hand” and must “shortly” come to pass can only be explained away by Dispensationalists by appealing to texts that are completely unrelated to the context. The fact that van Impe and Lindsay, et al., have been proven FALSE PROPHETS over and over again should give pause to any who would subscribe to their eschatology, which I used to hold to. While my views are in transition, I tend more towards a partial-preterist view (Gentry, Sproul).

Date: 01 Jan 2006
Time: 02:29:21

What do you think will happen this year in 2006?,are we really safe these days?friends fighting friends, brothers not getting along and most of all how do we protect our family from these thing in time to come?Well god bless us sheep.thanx
jason cherry
first nation of ontario canada

Date: 27 Jan 2006
Time: 13:34:38

I beleive if everyone would find God for themselves they would not have the confusion of who is right and who is wrong but they would all know him but like through history everyone looks for some great man to have the answer to their problems therefore they will be deceived because in the bible it teaches that if you receive the annoting of the holy ghost you need not that any man teach you but God will teach you and bring all things to your rememberance THAT IS WHY JESUS DIED, FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE THE SAME POWER TO BE ABLE TO TOUCH HIM

Date: 26 May 2006
Time: 20:45:56

I think Dr. VanImpe is Right. I also think you should check yourselves, sounds to me like you all want to spend all your time trying to prove that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. I believe that’s called being “Puffed Up”. When you stand before Christ one day. you will be accountable, so if you’re right or wrong, you might want to check you attitude towards fellow Christians.

Date: 19 Jul 2006
Time: 06:39:18

who gives you the right to judge jack or any one? and if god called on you to be his spokeman than he would not have you do it like this. It also reads in the bible, judge not thee,and thee is not to be judged.The Lord would ask you to just preach and let others believe what they want so go teach what you believe and let the lord do the judgeing
Native American Angel

Date: 02 Sep 2006
Time: 19:24:12

I find that the more I hear from Jack, the more I don’t want to hear anymore. Just because you have some scriptures memorized doesn’t make your view point right. More often than not, the quoted verses are taken completely out of context and misapplied by Jack. For instance Rev.4:1 is not the rapture of the church. It was directed to John. How can any reasonable person find the rapture in this verse? I have heard jack say that the word church is not mentioned after this verse, so it must apply to the rapture. What sense does that make? The word “churches” appears in Rev. 22:16. Even so, this type of hermeneutic is non sensical and unscriptural. Shame on you Jack. I believe the only thing you’re really trying to proclaim is your offer of the month. That’s your queue Chuck!

Date: 02 Sep 2006
Time: 19:24:12

I find that the more I hear from Jack, the more I don’t want to hear anymore. Just because you have some scriptures memorized doesn’t make your view point right. More often than not, the quoted verses are taken completely out of context and misapplied by Jack. For instance Rev.4:1 is not the rapture of the church. It was directed to John. How can any reasonable person find the rapture in this verse? I have heard jack say that the word church is not mentioned after this verse, so it must apply to the rapture. What sense does that make? The word “churches” appears in Rev. 22:16. Even so, this type of hermeneutic is non sensical and unscriptural. Shame on you Jack. I believe the only thing you’re really trying to proclaim is your offer of the month. That’s your queue Chuck!

Date: 06 Oct 2006
Time: 14:02:54

Simple and Plane english i think he is correct and god bless him saying and standing up for Our God Jeaus

Date: 20 Nov 2006
Time: 03:36:34

“The Soviet Flag will fly over Independence Hall, Philadelphia, by 1976!” – Van Impe

Date: 24 Oct 2007
Time: 19:38:05

We are just a bunch of people on a piece of dirt who know everything. Amillenialish I guess is what I am “sort-of”. I leave considerable room in the interpreting of biblical prophecy though. I think we all should. I dont consider my position to be absolutely correct.

Date: 28 Dec 2007
Time: 15:34:02

Dear Mr Van Impe.
You are a Doctor so I suppose you know. The only empire resembling the power and priviledge of the ancient Roman Empire is our own. Why do you keep saying the second beast is a European Union Leader? Are you God? Forgive my sarcasm, but I am sure you must know who the second beast is by now. But if you revealed this would you have your ministry destroyed. Please don’t be afraid to search for the truth.

Date: 31 Jan 2009
Time: 21:28:40

who gives you the right to judge jack or any one? and if god called on you to be his spokeman than he would not have you do it like this. It also reads in the bible, judge not thee,and thee is not to be judged. The Lord would ask you to just preach and let others believe what they want so go teach what you believe and let the lord do the judgeing
Native American Angel

Date: 27 May 2009
Time: 08:28:56

I don’t agree with Preterism. But I do wonder why Jack has not adequately ever (as far as I know) explained the reason that 1844 wasn’t a real prohpetic date, which had significance. How can he agree with the 69 weeks’ cutoff, which virtually all Christians unite on, but then say nothing on the 2300 days? I don’t understand logically how 1 year equals a day up until the death of the messiah and then have it mysterisouly cancelled.

Date: 10 Jan 2010
Time: 11:38:01

Jack and Rexella are on a good wicket, they know how to twist current news reports and the scriptures and catch the gullible.

Alien spirits from outer space according to Jack are now invading the planet. He quotes single verses and never uses anything in context and then paints continuos imaginary scenarios. I think it is a shame that they should make a mockery of the christian faith.

Mt 23:24 Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

He must have fulfilled this scripture every time he professes his superior knowledge.

He has no concept of Audience Relevence or the historical context of the New Testament at all.

We all make mistakes from time to time , yet Jack cannot even see his own.

The scripture is Christ centered , and giving Christ’s covenant in the middle of Daniels 70th week to a imaginary Antichrist who is still to appear almost 2000 years later is the height of human folly.

But this scarecrow of Jack’s brings the cash in from his admirers.

Date: 01 Feb 2010
Time: 12:42:45

Now I’m really messed up. Whose right and who’s wrong??????

Date: 27 Jul 2010
Time: 07:25:33

Jack , No Worries please keep doing what you and Rexalla do by keeping us updated on this that, and mainly World current events, cause we sure will not see or hear them anywhere else for sure.
i like to read all the in- puts, all good.
however if one follows what Jack says, beleive me your in great hands….Joe mc. Glenside PA.

Date: 24 Oct 2010
Time: 17:25:20

Granted I am only human and not a theologian, which by the way may not be al all together bad thing as I feel many who began fully faithful believers who have all but died of spiritual loss of soul, rendering God invalid because of too much study-nearly convinced themselves it is not real; tried to make it almost scientific in nature-I do not hold to Preterism philosphies. It is astounding how much goes astray with much detriment to the Body of Christ with nutty things like this. I love history and have studied it. I must have snoozed that day in my World History class in school and in Sunday School when this all things have been met with no other prophecies to be coming down the pike! It very distrubing to me what all we pick and choose to believe out of Scripture and no where is it more dangerous than to tell the world that it all is done…IF this concept is true, then why has the Messiah not already come a second time? Sometimes I feel that we dwell on things that are truly trivial and unimportant regarding the Bible. For example there was a book written by a fella that said the early Christians did not worship Christ as we do today-he included the ones who were his deciples, too. Another man wrote a book to counter claims made by his fellow writer on this insisting that they did in fact worship Christ whilst still upon this earth. In the grand scheme of it all does this REALLY MATTER and am I going to fry in damnation if I choose not to subscribe to this belief? I think not! That is such a low priority on the list of things we Christians today need to deal with-perhaps should not even be an issue. And, I think that while view like the one just mentioned on opposing arguments of how or if Christ was worshipped in his lifetime as now is totally irrelevant; howver, false directions and teachings like Preterism can not and must not be ignored. Too much evil is the teachings whereby Satan takes truth mixing with lies to confuse. And, you know what? Most Christians today ARE CONFUSED, BLINDED, IGNORANT to!
what God and the Bible really says. This notion of Preterism sounds hopeless and dismal if you think about it. I get feeling that the author and teachers through the years pushing this are utterly lost and without any hope, joy, or excitement of the Lord. I just sensed in that definition of it that in my mind under this concept of false doctrine that world lies in a wasteland of dust that is dried up and useless. And, exactly how blinded the many are with strange notions totally unfounded and baseless get to point of popularity to where it is a normal ideal behooves me. I don’t mean to sound judgmental and ask all to forgive me if I do, but for us who proclaim Christ as our sovereign savior and are fooled by this kind of thing begs one to ponder if they ever really knew Christ at all? I don’t think they do and it may head up under category of ignorance which is not a viable point. The Bible is literal, it is current, it is a must, it is not hard to understand. You either BELIEVE IT OR YOU DON’T. You BELIEVE EACH PERIOD, WORD, AND VERSE without exception. For those unclear I would suggest asking the Holy Spirit to elighten them for he will. I just feel really sorry for this kind of Christian. And, you know, I wonder how much more stern the punishment and suffering willbe heaped upon those who once were ministers, rabbis, priests, etc. spreading unholy interpretations of the Divine Scriptures of God? They were and are supposed to know and be the leaders teaching us laymen about the faith. How they came to be duped is astounding but I think they possibly could suffer worse in torment than perhaps others also condemned. I don’t know if that is true, but is only my opinion. No, sir! I don’t like this idea of prophetic events having all been dispensed and none are to follow. When we say things like this it is like calling God a liar. Thanks for being bold and telling truth. But, you know, Jack-we were told of false teachers and people of God…is this warning of false teachers not a continual unfolding prophetic prom!
ise in and of itself? So, then it is proof positive that Preterism is not valid and is a filthy lie used with sole intent to ensnare sould for Satan. Funny, but I don’t think that was the aim and intent to disporove thier own statement of Preterism. The constant prophetic promise of false teaching by false teachers/prophets is prophecy being always continually shown. I know those bent to that way of thinking didn’t anticipate that little wrinkle in fabric of beliefs.

Date: 09 Jan 2011
Time: 09:41:30

Yes, God’s Holy Word,His Promises Through Jesus Christ and The Holy spirit To Reveal His Plans to his Church.
To Warn Them of Future Catastrophy to The World.


Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 15:16:13

Can’t wait for the book to come out! Preachers, be ready for a flood of interest.

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 15:18:53

A man so blinded by his emotional connection to his eschatology that NO OTHER view could possibly be right, or he wrong, is just what the Church is filled with today? A classic example is Jack Van Impe.

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 16:16:09

I understand Jack did some math and determined that a Biblical Generation is 53I understand Jack did some math and determined that a Biblical Generation is 53 years, and that the last possible date for Christs return is 2017, up until which time books and tapes will be sold.

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 16:40:01

A serious attempt to disprove preterism might have addressed the question of whether the prophecies in the book of Revelation are to be understood literally to begin with. Dr. Van Impe knows his audience though, as evidenced by Rexella’s last statement.

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 17:48:28

Ignorance is nothing to scorn. As I recall, for over 20 years I held the EXACT SAME BELIEFS as the prophecy-mongers like Jack and Rexella. I am the most stubborn man who has ever walked the earth — I pay no attention to anyone other than my own thoughts — and if I can be shown that preterism is the beginning of true understanding, then anyone can. To me, this factionalization among Christians has always been the most disturbing aspect of that faith. There is need for calm, contemplative analysis and rebuttal. Jeering at the dispensationalists is wrong, just as Jack is wrong to jeer at the preterists. Who is it that changes hearts? Is it you?

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 18:16:47

Jack, if you are so right, why don’t you have a debate with Don Preston? R.K.M.

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 19:08:05

Ha! what a laugh! -too bad we can’t get ole Jack and Roxella on TV down here in Oz [maybe we should be counting our blessings 🙂 I noticed one of Roxella’s responses was given as “(unintelligible)” -that I believe is an apt description of their dispensational circus. Jack say: “Where is He? Where is He?” -sounds an awfull lot like the scoffers of 2Pt 3:3-4. davo

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 19:21:17

Sorry, that should read Rexella, not Roxella. davo

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 20:34:44

Rev. 5:6 says there is a slain lamb with seven eyes and seven horns in heaven. Come on now when did that ever happen? That will never happen literally. Revelation is unveiling the spiritual realm by way of symbols (Rev. 1:1). Look at how Jesus is revealed in Revelation; not once is it a literal depiction of Him. It is funny, the more these people (who are our brothers and sisters by the way) try to stamp out preterism the more they fan the flame! Duncan

Date: 25 Sep 2002
Time: 22:02:00

The old questions, again and again. Perhaps Mr. Van Impe will be happy when he will see the blood, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. I think nobody can persuade Mr. Van Impe, only God or the time. Gabor

Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 10:20:22

I would like to know where the Bible says anything about a “European Nation” or a “Fifth Generation Computer”. Where did this guy learn to read? I did a word search and never found any of these words. I guess if you can’t find what you want you just make up your own Bible. Is this guy for real?

Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 11:39:56

The fact that VanImpe dismisses a preterist view as a farce is clearly demonstrated by his comments, even in how he pronounces it. It is clear that he has not examined the historical facts and is unwilling to look at any other Biblical interpretations other than his own. That is sad because numerous Bible students flock to him and others, as the expert. He is probably very much afraid of our movement, because it threatens his power and credibility. I would have more respect for the man if he would attempt a serious refutation, but he can’t even do that. I would hate to be him and have to answer to the Lord for leading millions of people doctrinally astray. Brethren, we still have a lot of work to do amongst the community of believers! Let the book (he mentions) come out and we will joyfully refute it.

Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 11:40:17

The man sounds like he might loose his wonderful T.V. program, if he has to go out on the limb and mix it up with Preterist. PWB

Date: 26 Sep 2002
Time: 14:22:38

I have watched Dr. Van Impe’s broadcasts occasionally out of curiosity and for entertainment value. There is another question here besides whether Dr. Van Impe could successfully defend his teaching against preterism in a serious discussion. I mean, this is a man who says one week that the image of the beast will be a clone of the Antichrist. Another week he said it would be a robot, with a human (presumably the Antichrist’s) brain – a cyborg. This is a man who has said on his program that if we ever send astronauts to other solar systems, they will find them populated with demons because the demons fell from the third heaven and now inhabit the second. Some non-Christians suggest that TV preachers themselves do not even believe what they preach. They merely preach it because it gets people to send money. I never used to believe that, but Dr. Van Impe’s ideas really make me wonder…

Date: 27 Sep 2002
Time: 08:26:38

It’s guys like Van Imp that has caused me to accept the past fulfilled view! He continues to quote scripture out of context! It’s the Jack Van Impe space ship once again! Sorry Jack, your the one who is out in left field! Your Hermeneutics are pure literalism!

Date: 27 Sep 2002
Time: 08:38:19

Jack makes the scoffers of Peters days look really great right about now! JB

Date: 19 Oct 2002
Time: 02:36:54

The fact of the matter is that if the Lord hasnt openned your eyes to the truth in the scriptures you will continue in your blind thinking. If Christ was the final prophet and he was then his prophecies had to be proven and they WERE. Let those that scorn us continue, I know what is in my Bible and I know that we I pass from this life to the next it will be with Christ and not some limbo state waiting around for a “RAPTURE” If the preterist movement is so far off base then why do people get in such an uproar. It is very possible that the “expert” prophecy thinkers are in fact WRONG. They have devised a plan that fits their way of thought but they have removed piece of the eschatological puzzle and tried to place it where it cannot fit. Finally why did Christ go to so much trouble to tell those believers and Jews of that day over and over again that, “this generation shall not pass” if He did not me their genetation? Let them wait around for the rapture and well see them waiting around another billion years from now. Christ did come and He is on the throne, thank GOD. William Williams ps sorry for the spelling

Date: 30 Oct 2002
Time: 21:19:24

Duped Christian Zionists don’t understand that God’s special relationship with the temporary and merely typifying natural Israel ended forever at the time of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, the true, spiritual and eternal Israel. FUTURISTIC Zionists believe that special relationship will be resumed in an imminent Jewish millennium. PRETERISTIC Zionists believe that special relationship continued during a 40-year Jewish millennium, AD 30-70. Both beliefs are false and demeaning. When an OT type was fulfilled, the type passed away forever in the sight of God.

Date: 08 Nov 2002
Time: 08:42:47

I’m going to pray that all of your eyes be opened. You just need to scratch the surface of the European Union to know that they’re foundation is the treaty of Roam. Does this mean nothing to you? Do you know that they are thinking of changing their name to United States of Europe? Might just be a long shot but all three of these main words have 6 characters in them. If all prophases have taken place then tell me what the number of the name is when referring to the Beast.

Date: 11 Nov 2002
Time: 23:25:02

If you would study the Bible for just a little while I think you will begain to see the truth in what Jack teaches. If you listen to what he is saying and look at what is going on in the world you will see it is all coming togeather jsut like he says. At one time I didn’t beleave this teaching either, but the more I have studied the more I find Jack is right. I think you need to take a closer look!

Date: 30 Nov 2002
Time: 14:56:40

Well I just want to say that Jack is right on thew money this time. None of those things could of happened back in 70AD. I say this because the British descendant peoples, also known as modern day Isreal, (the lost ten tribes of Isreal, including Britain, America, Canada and Australia and New Zealand) are yet going to enter a time of judgement. Possibly by another revived German army that will head the European superpower.

Date: 03 Dec 2002
Time: 07:43:07

Jack, another example of your lack of wisdom and understanding. Revelation 4:1 does not say that these are the ones (rightheous saints) who are raptured up, through the “come up hither,” The voice was Christ’s invitation for John to see what was transpiring in heaven, it was a revelation of God. Jack, I suggest you read again Rev 1:1-3, God sent and signified his message by an angel to John “who bore witness to the word of God, and to the testomony of Jesus Christ, to all things that he saw”. Jack, did you catch that? “TO ALL THINGS THAT HE SAW”, so you see Jack, John was having a vision, John himself said “Immediately I was in the spirit” Rev 4:2, “Come up hither” was not some beam me up cosmic event from Star Trek. Christians are making the serious mistake of building theology around one verse or part verse, mixing truth with error. A verse taken out of context is nothing more than a pretext, the bible explains itself when studied in context with the immediate chapter and the whole book. Search the scriptures for the truth, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” Asaiah 28:10 What is truth? Precious light is to shine forth from the word of God, and let no one presume to dictate what shall or what shall not be brought before the people in the messages of enlightenment that He shall send, and so quench the Spirit of God. Whatever may be his position of authority, no one has a right to shut away the light from the people. When a message comes in the name of the Lord to His people, no one may excuse himself from an investigation of its claims. No one can afford to stand back in an attitude of indifference and self-confidence and say: I know what is truth. I am satisfied with my position. I have set my stakes, and I will not be moved away from my position, whatever may come. I will not listen to the message of this messenger for I know that it cannot be truth. It is from pursuing this very course that popular churches are left in partial darkness, and that is why the messages of heaven have not reached them. Beware of rejecting that which is truth. The great danger with people has been that of depending upon men, and making flesh their arm. Those who have not been in the habit of searching the Bible for themselves, or weighing evidence, have confidence in the leading men, and accept the decisions they make; and thus many will reject the very messages God sends to His people, if these leading brethren do not accept them. Do not read the word in the light of former opinions; but, with a mind free from prejudice, search it carefully and prayerfully. If, as you read, conviction comes, and you see that your cherished opinions are not in harmony with the word, do not try to make the word fit these opinions. Make your opinions fit the word. Do not allow what you have believed or practiced in the past to control your understanding. . . .Find out what is written, and then plant your feet on the eternal Rock. Proverbs 4:5 Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.

Date: 05 Dec 2002
Time: 12:34:15

Preterists and dispensationalists are unable to understand what really happened in the first century. First the old, temporary, hopelessly fallen, natural Israel was SPIRITUALLY RE-CREATED in the moment of Christ’s resurrection in AD 30 as the new, spiritual and eternal Israel (Christ and the church) and then the old, temporary, hopelessly fallen natural world was SPIRITUALLY RE-CREATED in the moment of the resurrection of the dead in Christ at his parousia on the last day of the true first century as the new, spiritual and eternal world of Rev. 21,22.

Date: 17 Dec 2002
Time: 15:15:40

Jack Van Impe has been trying to predict the second coming of Christ for over 30 years now. When will he realize that no man knows the exact day.

Date: 31 Dec 2002
Time: 12:23:15

preterism is a lie from the pit of hell. do you who hold these views actually think your right. your beliefs contradict the bible and every prophetic teaching. the rapture,1 corrintians 15:51-57and 1 thessalonians 4:13-18. you cant avoid it. if your truly saved than your going up with us whether you like it or not.dont you think that if these events were in the past they would be documented in other books besides the bible. your morons in christ, an ignorant believer or maybe not one at all. but i still love you . dont you know in the last days ther shall be nothing but false doctrines 2timothy 4:3-4 is describing preterism and beliefs like it. you people believe that its all over with,your so wrong ,we cant know the day or the hour but we can know the season. and let me tell you were about to be harvested.you people get fueled by your pridefull hearts and wont even take the time to search both sides of the issue fairly. iam only 20 years old and can pick up the bible and see that what jack van impe and others like him are saying is the biblical truth. i pray for you all that you will see the truth because what you believe and the motives behind them may be more dangerous than you think. jack van impe is a modern day paul,dont get me wrong he is only a man , but he is a man of god writely dividing the word of truth and for that i respect him. remember anti preterism believers 2timothy 3:12-17 is a christians walk. you who have know problems or persecutions need to search your salvation.the rapture is very near we dont have much time left down here. keep wathing he at the doorand your redemption its drawing nye. love your friend in christ. kyle

Date: 06 Jan 2003
Time: 15:23:46

I’m not sure whats Mr. Van Impes’ view but I know there is only one Bible thats the AV 1611 KJV and Iknow in 1st.thessalonians 4:15,16 talks about the Gathering of Gods chosen and any that walks with and BELIEVES that Jesus Christ is Gods only begotton Son could understand the KJV. there fore they could read Matt.24:32 the parable of the fig tree would know the fig tree is the Israel nation and it needed to become a nation and it did in 1948 and it goes on to say that all things must come to past in this generation.

Date: 06 Jan 2003
Time: 15:57:02

For one thing if everything came to pass in 70 ad no one would be here because the KJV says saton is going to be bound up and Christ is going to rain for a thousand years then saton will be loosed for a little season then Heaven and Earth will be distroyed which would have taken place around 1070 to1071ad. I my self am looking forward to meeting my lord in a cloud in the air as 1st.Thess 4:15,16 says with in the next 2 to 5 or 6 years you can stay here for the tribulation, and the battle of armagedon, as for William Williams you need despritly to get a KJV and ask Gods forgivness and ask him to help you understand what you read. Evangelist J.G

Date: 08 Jan 2003
Time: 19:53:48

Dear Jack&Roxella, First,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I want to thank you first for saying nice things about the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul 11. It’s so refreshing to hear your ministry praising Christian Catholics. Jack, I have a question to ask you regarding Jesus’ Second Coming. Why do you teach not one but two Second Comings; namely, a secret rapture, and then Judgement Day when Jesus returns? Majority of Protestants I am told do not believe in what your teaching when it comes to the rapture. Another question is why is there a division among you concerning this teaching? The Catholic Church teaches that yes there will be Jesus’ Second Coming ONE time to Judge the living and the Dead on Judgement Day and His Kingdom will have no end. He instructs us not the dwell on His return, but when He does, the whole World will know it! It won’t be a secret. The dead will be raised first and the we who are alive will be caught up to meet Him in the air. Judgement of souls will be swift on that day. They will be sifted like wheat. Jack, the Catholic Church wants you to come home since you are on fire for Jesus. However, you have not in your ministry the whole truth revealed by Jesus; namely, that the sinner’s prayer is unbiblical. Yes, Jesus suffered, died and was raised from the dead for the forgiveness of sins for all. But, Jack we have built in us free will. The choice to do good or evil. Accept or reject God. The Catholic Church teaches with authority that we are saved by our Lord Jesus Christ if we continue to live a holy life and fall from grace by rejecting God. Just look at Satan as an example of this. Lucifer knew Jesus but wasn’t saved, because he rejected God. It’s not enough to know Jesus, we must act out of love for Jesus and others. Faith and Works. Truth and Love go hand and hand. God Bless you, Anita

Date: 13 Jan 2003
Time: 17:40:46

If you think were going through the tribulation you might want to read in the AV. KJV. vs.Matt 25:6Luke 12:43;21:28,361Thess 1:10;4:16-18;5:6,8-9Rev 3:3,10;4:1Gen 19:22 Isa 26:20-21.

Date: 04 Feb 2003
Time: 14:57:34

I believe we are living in the last days / continue to preach as you have done in the past / man may distort what God has said ,but they will not stop it from coming to past. LOOK Up for our redemtion draweth near. god bless.

Date: 13 Feb 2003
Time: 06:57:05

Jack, This is for the lady Anita who says the sinners prayer is unbiblical. Jesus says” no man commeth unto the father but by me” He also says ” ye must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”This is what we witness to unsaved people which we are taught in Evangelism Explosion class.I’ve seen people come to Christ who say’ Jesus, I’m a sinner,I know you are the son of God and you died on the cross and your shed blood will save me from eternal damnation.I ask you to come into my heart and forgive me for my sins and I may be your child.I ask this in the name of the Father,Son and Holy Ghost, Amen ” This is a prayer that we call a “sinners prayer” I’ve seen alcoholics quit drinking and their jobs saved,families saved, and marriages saved through this simple prayer. Ted

Date: 03 Apr 2003
Time: 07:00:45

Preterism is a very dangerous teaching. Jesus commanded us to watch and pray. Obviously, Preterists aren’t doing this. I know Preterists believe all prophecy was fulfilled in 70 A.D. If this is true, how do you explain Israel, The European Union, The Arab-Israeli conflict, the Russian-Islamic alliance, the use of nuclear weapons, the move toward dividing the land of Israel (Dan. 11:39), the trouble with Iraq, trouble with North Korea, and hundred pound hailstones? Just to name a few. it’s not likely that these things are just a coincidence. God bless. Rick

Date: 15 Apr 2003
Time: 05:56:12

all GLORY to JESUS, rememeber the bible says in the last days there will be false teachers and false prophets , we should just trust the holy spirit and also may GOD give us a decerning spirit,it also syas people will not listemn to sound doctrines they will turn to fabels,can i just say one thing if JESUS ressurected which we true christian beleve abd ascended into heaven and eyes saw him , why cant he come back and all eyes will see him ? JESUS also said to them o you of little faith, is that the case today?. Jesus has not yet come and we are waiting for him to come and rapture us out of the devils world for now, all theses teachers who try and bring there philosophy to the bible or their theology the bible is not compicated we make it complicated so we can look smart ,dont try and teach GOD let GOD teach you through the HOLY SPIRIT, the scripture also teaches he who lacks wisdom should ask , do we ask or we try and interprete it still, let the HOLY SPIRIT BE YOUR TEACHER, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. GOD BLESS YOU. IF YOU WANT TO WRITE TO ME AT MY E-mail IT IS PISTAL20002@YAHOO.COM ALL GLORY TO THE TRUE LIVING GOD AND HIS MIGHTY SON REMEMBER THE REVELATIONS SCRIPTURE JESUS BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY AND I HAVE MY REWARD WITH ME.MY BROTHERS STAY AWAY FRO SATANIC DOCTRINES.

Date: 17 Apr 2003
Time: 16:56:05

To Jack and Rexella, I just wanted to say that these people you are talking about are the mockers and scoffers that the Bible mentions that would be saying ignorant things about the rapture and the millenium. They clearly are blind when it comes to bible prophecy being fulfilled. I commend you Jack and Rexella for your standing on the word of God and your faithfulness to Him. Keep up the good work and do not become weary in well doing for you shall be well rewarded for your faithfulness and service to the Lord’s work. Sincerely, Tina Dunbar

Date: 17 Apr 2003
Time: 16:56:06

To Jack and Rexella, I just wanted to say that these people you are talking about are the mockers and scoffers that the Bible mentions that would be saying ignorant things about the rapture and the millenium. They clearly are blind when it comes to bible prophecy being fulfilled. I commend you Jack and Rexella for your standing on the word of God and your faithfulness to Him. Keep up the good work and do not become weary in well doing for you shall be well rewarded for your faithfulness and service to the Lord’s work. Sincerely, Tina Dunbar

Date: 26 Apr 2003
Time: 18:09:17

I’m not sure what a Preterists is. Will some one explain it to me. Does it have anything to do with Christianity? Doesn’t sound like it. Most of you sound like you’re trying to impress the rest of us with your intelligence by making sure we realize we aren’t smart enough to have an opinion of our own. None of your comments helped me to understand your belief system. Just that to believe whatever Jack had to say makes me an idiot.

Date: 13 May 2003
Time: 04:25:54

Jack Van Impe is 100% correct, and your view is 100% wrong. I study the same verses as he does, and I get the same answers Jack Van Impe does

Date: 14 May 2003
Time: 19:56:11

I believe the Bible is being revealed today like it has never been revealed before. If you don’t believe what the Bible says, don’t be surprised if you are still here when the rapture occurs. The Bible says He is coming for those who are watching for Him. Be careful what you say that God says or didn’t say.

Date: 18 May 2003
Time: 08:18:57

Whew! What a mess. I too have heard Jack and what COULD be in the coming days – Robot, clone cyborg – look around you and see – these things are possible – though perhaps not very practical. The main issue he team is God is LOVE. God is unchanging. Throughout the 2 millinium? So many translations of God’s Word – so much misunderstanding. First off, Pretrib Rapture? I think Jack is right… the reasons I say this are found in all the passages that say what to expect during the last days… then a follow up with “you shall not know the day or time”. Intellectually now, explain to me how is it that we don’t know the day or the hour, if there is no rapture, when in fact we will all see the day when the 7 yr peace is declared and we will see the day when the AC proclaims himself God in the New Temple. MT 24 and LK 17 says multiple times that two shall be and one shall be taken… taken where? If those that are taken are evil during the first harvest… and the church is left behind… what about the 144,000 missionaries to proclaim God? To whom? That means Post Trib doesn’t work… God would allow each person on the earth the opportunity to hear His promise of LOVE either from the 144,000 or the Two Prophets in Rv 111Thes 4.16 says also that the trumpet of God will call us into the air… almost verbatim with John’s Rev 4.12 Thes 2.7 is the best though! “what is going to happen will not happen until the one who holds it back is taken out of the way – that is the Holy Spirit in and of the Church. I love you guys in Christ. I say to you with all my heart – WHO CARES. Let us be busy at our work WHEN He comes… and let us not focus on anything less than the victory at hand through Jesus. A Men?

Date: 21 May 2003
Time: 17:49:35


Date: 09 Jun 2003
Time: 08:22:25

What is the greatest commandment?

Date: 05 Sep 2003
Time: 19:05:18

Jack makes a false statement as though it is true and then buiolds on it. He is the idiot of TV

Date: 25 Sep 2003
Time: 10:42:25

I’ve been watching Jack & Rexella on INSP’s “Changing The World”- it seems they repeat the same couple of interviews every few weeks. Never have I seen a man so arrogant! As far as he’s concerned Van Impe & Associates are the only ones who know the truth. I’m not a Preterist (that’s pronounced, ‘pret er ist’, Jack) nor amillennialist. Isbon Beckwith wrote a commentary on Revelation in 1919 that seems to make sense to me. It’s also found in Dr. Kendell Easley’s Commentary (Holman series) and is described as ‘promillennialism’. However, I readily admit I could be wrong. Van Impe attacks everyone who is not a Dispensational Premillennialist. Two years ago I wrote him a letter regarding several inaccurate statements he made on INSP (with a copy to David Cerullo) – never got a response (not that I really expected one!).

Date: 09 Oct 2003
Time: 14:42:19

I just want to thank everyone for your comments. It has been interesting seeing what you all have had to say. Tina, you made your point very well, (we couldn’t possibly miss it). Rick, you too. What I want to say is that I feel the freedom to say what we feel is is part of the blessing of living in America. We have that right. Jack Van Impe has that right. If you listen to him, then that’s your decision. No one is forcing you. As far as preterism is concerned, I have also done quite a bit of research. I think Joe Van Koevering’s book, “Exposing the Scoffers” is done very well. I would like to quote from pages 19 and 20: “Let’s re-examine what Ricard Abanes has said. Abanes’ reasoning is simply this: For two thousand years Alarmists have cried out, ‘THE TIME IS AT HAND!’ And they’ve all been wrong. Right? Therefoe his logic says, ‘All those who today say that the return of Christ is near, they, too, must be wrong.’ Why does he say we’re wrong? Because everybody that preceded us for two thousand years was wrong. However, that is faulty logic. That is like somebody saying in 1945, “You know, preachers have said for nineteen hundred and forty-five years that Israel would be reborn and they’ve all been wrong. So all these guys today are wrong.” But guess what happened in 1948? Israel was reborn, thus setting this genration apart from all generations that preceded it. In fact, the very nation of Israel itself is a real problem to the preterist scoffers. The preterists have no plausible explanation for this great miracle of hisory. The scofers want us to believe that the re-establishing of the nation of Israel in our lifetime is merely a fluke, an accident of history. Yet today, for the first time since 586BC, the Jewish people are living in their Biblical land under a sovereign government. Never before in human history have a people been defeated, driven from their land, and dispersed among the many nations of the world, only to return over two millenia later and reclaim their country, language and identity. Never! How can any honest, Bible-believing Christian seriously entertain the possiblility that this is not the hand of God at work? THe scoffers in the land today would try and have us believe that all the prophetic declarations in the Bible predicting this national rebirth of Israel in the last days, are somehow irrelevant and un-important. Well, I personally feel otherwise. Israel itself is God’s “super sign” that we are living in the last days, and stands as a stroang witness against the message of the modern scoffers of today. Don’t buy into any of those lies. No matter how they cloak it, no matter how they present it, no matter how they say it…don’t receive what they have to say. The Christian community is being force-fed this teaching and it is false. Please read Van Koevering’s book if you get a chance…Kris

Date: 25 Oct 2003
Time: 18:08:50

Jack and Rexella, thank you so much for your hard work in getting the Word out to the world. You both have dedicated your lives to spreading the Word of God. I look forward every week to your program. I am looking forward for Jesus to return. That will truly be an AWSOME event for those of us who believe the Word of God. Thank you again for your faithfulness.

Date: 22 Nov 2003
Time: 14:38:44

you need to be fill with the holy to understand the true of what the lord was talking about >thier some standing here that will be alive untill this things written down be fulfill.then ..not now or ever will be the the bible is a never ending story it will contuied till for evere and ever. so get on your hand s and knees and and prayed for understanding you have a white cloud over your head.

Date: 24 Jan 2004
Time: 17:34:55

I am not sure which position is correct!!! However, when I look at John 5:28 – 29 it seems to contradict Jack’s position. If everyone (believers and nonbelivers) is being resurrected at the same time, then how could there be a separate rapture a thousand previously?

Date: 03 Apr 2004
Time: 13:13:09


Date: 12 Apr 2004
Time: 17:25:38

I just think (as a Christian) this belief about a so-called “rapture” is starting to get to everyone’s heads! I, honestly, am a little skeptical about it, I want to believe, but I don’t want to. We are seperating ourselves from many other Christians just because of different “opinions” (or if you’d like to call them “beliefs”) concerning how our Savious will return. It’s beginning to get childish and non-Christ-like. Here’s my point. The Lord will return. How? I don’t know. I’m only human (just as MY ways are higher than your ways, so are MY thoughts higher than your thoughts)But its about time we all stopped this nonsense. Its so (pardon me) stupid. Jesus will return. That’s that.

Date: 08 May 2004
Time: 18:24:02

i believe it will be january 20 2993 a.d. when lord jesus christ comes back for people born nice and perfect or super nice and super perfect born with real eye color black too call home too heaven in the sky or space those who are born with blacks eyes whites eyesballs or blacks eyes blacks eyesballs only are going there.

Date: 10 May 2004
Time: 12:49:02

First there was Noah, then the Law and then the Prophets. God was revealing more and more to his creation. FINALLY, He sent His SON for the ultimate sacrifice for we only have to believe on Him, repent and be saved. God is giving us every chance to live eternally. The choice is ours. He is extending His Grace period for He is not willing that ANY should perish, but that all should have eternal life. This life is about a choice…God or Satan. The result will be life eternal or life in Hell forever away from the presence of God. When the restrainer (the Christian Church) is removed, then the LAST antichrist will be revealed. He will be allowed to work freely as there will be no prayers of Christians to prevent the destruction that will come upon this earth. Woe to them who do not repent and believe on Jesus. Sad to see some complain because God is witholding his judgement that all who will might be saved. It’s this mercy (even though scoffers complain) that might bring one more soul to repentance and life eternal. Might it be you?

Date: 10 May 2004
Time: 13:20:29

When the Bible states in 1Th 4:16 and 4:17 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” there is NO WAY preterists can explain this away. This has not happened but just as over 500 prophecies in the Bible HAVE ALREADY been fulfilled, you can KNOW that this will happen as well. <p> God in His wonderful mercy is not willing that ANY should perish. He hears and answers the prayers of Christians who beg for mercy for their loved ones. I long for His return, but I grieve at the thought of a daughter or son spending eternity in hell. So the scoffers complain (as the Bible said they would) because God is not willing that ANY should perish but that all should come to repentance. As I am a Christian believer and, whether asleep in our Lord or alive at his coming, I would prefer to sleep til His coming if waiting a little longer would extend His wonderful mercy to include lost children and loved ones. <p> But, when God removes the restrainer (as He said in His word and which is the Holy Spirit indwelling Christians), the final antichrist will wreak havoc on this world like it has never seen. Then, the end will come. <p>We will live forever somewhere. The choice we make while living in this world will determine where we spend it. Can anyone honestly believe their spirit will just disappear? Think about it. We will ALL be alive somewhere though our bodies may be in the grave at His coming. God has done everything (including sacrificing His Son) that we might choose to live with Him. I hope when you lie down tonight, you are aware in the quiet of the night, that your soul will NEVER fade away. For God gave it to you, but He allowed your free will which determines where you spend it. He offers life eternal beyond our imagination. But Satan knows his time is getting shorter and he wants to take as many of God’s creation into hell as he can so great is his hatred of God. God has made a way that we all may escape. Jesus is the door.

Date: 14 May 2004
Time: 22:48:40

Regarding wavelengths, their source, direction, intensity, affecting what and how, their distination, and possibility of man to duplicate a control type of energy for their use. Your response?

Date: 10 Jun 2004
Time: 18:08:19

I think he is right and all who preaches otherwise needs to read the Bible.

Date: 28 Jun 2004
Time: 10:44:44

jack is right.. the bibleis yet to be forfilled

Date: 26 Sep 2004
Time: 18:43:28

Hi to Jack and Roxella we are a couple in Oregon that watch your show always we are having trouble ordering your Bible the Jack Van Impe Bible thatis.please e-mail us and let us know how to order on your site please ni5mrt@aol.com thank you so very much and keep the good work,GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU,NITA AND KELLY MARTIN

Date: 10 Nov 2004
Time: 18:33:37

Jack.. the fact that you do not read Scripture with a proper hermeneutic is sad enough without your making mockery of a view that is more truthful to scripture does not speak well of you at all. it would be best if you continued on with what you believe and not be concerned with the preterist view. If you are sure your view is correct.. then so be it.As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Date: 10 Nov 2004
Time: 18:52:20

Audience relevance, audience relevance, audience relvance!!! Sheesh!

Date: 27 Nov 2004
Time: 22:15:36

Gen to Rev are the words of man and are not the words of the creator. So is the book of Mormon,the Koran and all other books.If there is a designer of the universe, then let the designer stay anonymous. That is how it has been from the beginning. The designer has not been revealed as of yet and may never be revealed to dust like man. So don’t get your hopes up to much that you are going to be in eternal bliss with Jesus for ever. In Love, to all who share planet earth, may you find peace in your hearts and minds. WN

Date: 10 Jan 2005
Time: 01:43:53

I think that in 2075 they will still be the Van Impe’s of the world still predicting the world is ending. Man has been predicting the “Coming of the Lord” for centuries and there isn’t any reason to believe it will ever stop. We all know fear is the driving force of all religions and human frailities will always be exploited. Some preach because they have actually come to believe their own babble, others do it for economic reasons. If one hundred of the most influential religious leaders of today would get together and call for all of the true believers to commit suicide, themselves included, the aftermath would probably be the first time in history we would experience true peace on earth.

Date: 19 Jan 2005
Time: 19:17:56

i believe in Gods Word,the Bible and what it says for i would like to see everyone to be saved and be with our LORD Jesus when He comes back to reign.

Date: 23 Jan 2005
Time: 19:12:34

It sounds to me like all of you have just gotten tired of waiting for the Lord’s return and you are making up your own false doctrine. If you can’t endure till the end, that tells me something about your “relationship” with Jesus. Revelation does give a symbolic dipiction of the events to come. I guess the reason why you can’t understand the Bible is because you have never become aquainted with it’s author. Call yourselves Preterist if you want, sounds to me like a bunch of sinners hiding behind a fancy name.

Date: 08 Feb 2005
Time: 08:31:54

Here are my comments: 1. Rexella: humble, good pianist, aging, has no idea what she is talking about. 2. Chuck Ohman: great horn player, what a voice! 3.Jack Van Impe: friendly, awesome memory, confuses and twists scriptures constantly, “listen to me”. 4. “Buy the truth but sell it now”- did Jack ever memorize this scripture? Come on, give the truth away free…not $50 plus shipping and handling.

Date: 06 Mar 2005
Time: 06:28:02

Give Jack Van Impi a break fella,after all he’s not perfect–& neither are you or me!Are you so perfect you can cast the 1st stone-? I am sure you’re not,so give the man his 1st amendment rights without your foot on his neck!

Date: 07 Sep 2005
Time: 01:36:52

While I am against preterism and agree with Jack this form of argument lowers the level. We can express our views without adopyting the namby pamby ways of the enemy. Just say it as it is Jack no need for the sorry sniggers at the end of a proven point. The truth is good enough.

Date: 21 Nov 2005
Time: 11:39:26

Your insight is astonishing, however you are mis-guided as I once was in all but one thing. The United States of America is the “new” roman empire and it’s leader is working towards bringing about the “new world order” as they call it by linking this un-natural union of Sovereign States with those of europe and by a “Fress tTrade allaince with all of the Americas and last but not least, the millitary and economic conquest of the Middle Eastern States.- There you have it. One world Government established by an apostate leader by creating a problem (terrorism) which is State sponsered, and then scaring the world to accept the loss of individual rights in the name of “Safety” – Ponder this for a while and you will see it clearly.The stage will then be set.The only ones not under this allaince will be Russia (King of the North) and China/N.Korea/Vietnam/Etc. (The Kings of the East). The Anti-Christ will be the leader of the most powerful power on earth

Date: 01 Dec 2005
Time: 08:07:14

I have good christian friends that believe preserists Idea, however i still feel that mid-trib is correct. I wish everyone had the answers but i have noticed some of the persons are teaching the preterist doctrine don’t even believe in the in filling of the Holy Ghost with eveidence of speaking in tongues! There is still much debate on Baptism in Jesus name according to acts 2:38 and that i know to be correct so for someone to argue and debate something such as the fulfillment of revelations in contrary if we haven’t been born again of the water and of the spirit, in the first place!!

Date: 15 Dec 2005
Time: 15:15:25

Preterism is a problem. However, what is this pre-tribulational rapture?

Let’s look at Matthew 24:36-40.

Key: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Operative phrase “one will be taken and the other left”. Who is taken?

(v.38-39) : “Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and TOOK THEM ALL AWAY”

Those who are taken when the Lord returns are those who will be thrown into the winepress of God’s wrath.

Again, in Luke 17:

(v.26): “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man.”

(v.27): “Then the flood came and DESTROYED THEM ALL.”

(v.28): “It was the same in the days of Lot”

(v.29): “But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and DESTROYED THEM ALL.”

(Day of the Lord) “While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” DESTRUCTION will come on them suddenly,” (1 Thes 5:3)

There is going to be only ONE Day of the Lord, not two.

(2 Peter 3:10): “But THE day of the Lord will come like a thief. The HEAVENS WILL DISAPPEAR with a roar; the ELEMENTS WILL BE DESTROYED by fire, and the earth and EVERYTHING in it WILL BE LAID BARE”.. (v.12) “That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat”

This so-called secret rapture is nothing more than the gathering at the end of time:

(Matt 24:31) “And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.”

Gather to where?

(Zech 14:3) “On that day his feet will stand on the MOUNT OF OLIVES, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south. You will flee by my mountain valley, for it will extend to Azel. You will flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. Then the LORD my God will come, AND ALL THE HOLY ONES WITH HIM.”

If you are living in the United States, or Europe, or South America, or Australia, etc., when the Lord returns, how are you supposted to get to the Mount of Olives – where Jesus will be when he returns once and only once?

At the very instant of Jesus’ return, believers will be changed (1 Cor 15), the unbelievers destroyed by fire (1 Thes 5:3), and we all get an angelic escort to meet the Lord over in Israel (Matt 24:31).

There is no “secret rapture” – that is a MYTH. Jesus comes one more time.. that is all.

Praise Him!

Date: 29 Dec 2005
Time: 18:01:08

Anyone can get on TV and criticize a group of people. It’s when someone from that group is present to defend himself that the truth becomes more apparent. Impe has continuously refused to debate any preterist.

Date: 13 Feb 2006
Time: 10:43:16

America as turned into mystery babylon in one day it will burn. california this is sodom and gomorrah,las vegas this is sodom and gomorrah,new york city this is sodom and gomorrah,florida this is sodom and gomorrah,in one day it will burn.the Lord Jesus wants to save the church,but most of the church as forsaken Him.the people praise themselves,the honor that the people are supposed to give JESUS CHRIST,they take upon themselves. in the churches there are divorces. there are adultery in the churches. there are homosexuals in the churches. there is abortion in the churches. we must yell with a loud voice that they most but a end to their sinning. we must turn toward the Lord JESUS .we must draw close to the LORD.and live a clean life or all of us will burn with her.

Date: 13 Feb 2006
Time: 12:33:04

preterism – ( let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear GOD and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.for GOD shall bring every work into judgmemt,with every secret thing whether it be good,or whether it be evil. ecclesiastes:12:13,14

Date: 30 Aug 2006
Time: 14:25:13

I truly believe JVI doesn’t beleive his own ramblings. Every verse he quotes is taken out of context, and his ridiculous newspaper headlines make me laugh. He is a false prophet, and will one day be silenced by his own deceit.

Date: 02 Sep 2006
Time: 14:41:35

The only thing Jack and Rexella are interested in,is hawking their next “offer of the month”. I feel sorry for foolish Christians who are duped by this man. They are lazy, and have not studied the Bible to see if the things Jack tells them are so. Jack and Rexella live a very comfortable life from the proceeds of these offers. As long as there is money to be made, and ignorant Christians , they will continue to mangle Bible prophecy to make a profit.

Date: 02 Sep 2006
Time: 14:41:35

The only thing Jack and Rexella are interested in,is hawking their next “offer of the month”. I feel sorry for foolish Christians who are duped by this man. They are lazy, and have not studied the Bible to see if the things Jack tells them are so. Jack and Rexella live a very comfortable life from the proceeds of these offers. As long as there is money to be made, and ignorant Christians , they will continue to mangle Bible prophecy to make a profit.

Date: 14 Sep 2006
Time: 12:16:12

Most of these comments are not from a heart that is full of the
Love Of God! May the Lord forgive and bless them. P. S. Some of
them need to learn how to spell also. Rexella not Roxella
Rev. Freddie L stuck

Date: 11 Oct 2006
Time: 07:30:14

well, actually i looked up several of the verses for the firt time really in an amplified bible which tells meaning of hebrew and greek translation. Everyone should own one because every verse i looked up that jack quoted is exactly word for word correct. We shouldnt be so ignorant to what is really going on in this world, just sit back and watch if you dont beleive, and see if these things come true before your own eyes.

Date: 10 Apr 2007
Time: 11:47:24

I remember watching the program a few times and Mr. Van Impe said the earth will never pass away. The bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth….so, which gospel is he preaching? Plus he mumbled a bunch of scriptures……but they didn’t match up w/what he was saying.

Date: 27 Aug 2007
Time: 19:51:44

How many people were taken to heaven in 70 ad like it states in John 14:1-3? Be careful there preterist folk. God still loves ya

Date: 28 Aug 2007
Time: 17:36:51
read much?

2 Thessalonians 2

1Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, 2not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. 3Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for (that day will not come) until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness[a] is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

2 Peter 3

8But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Matthew 24

36″No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.
42″Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

45″Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? 46It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. 47I tell you the truth, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. 48But suppose that servant is wicked and says to himself, ‘My master is staying away a long time,’ 49and he then begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards. 50The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. 51He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

as for john, i’ve found no evidance to prove one way or the other that he is dead, or alive. i know i have my hope, because i’ve been anxious to find the apostles apostles apostle… so to speak.

i would figure, that if a mans life is limited to 120, according to scripture, if he lived beyond these years, it would be appropriate to withdraw, and to bite his toungue, unless he desired a media frenzy about him.

furthermore, i would engage myself to believe that if he did still live… he would be the likes of which we should compose ourselves to honor in the following manner…

Matthew 25

40″The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

that being said, you all talk too much with your own mouths. you should use more scripture. 🙂

additionally, you’re not going to find john sitting on your butts in front of a computer. if i had not been given a dream that i would continue in this darkness for a while, i would not be here myself bothering to respond to you. again, however, this is only for a short while. after all, the lord commanded us to not do as they did in egypt. ever thought about that??? or what the gods of stone and wood are that the israelites of the time and their forefathers had never known, might be? ever researched egyptian technology? could you swallow that? children?

shalom b’yehoshua hamoshiach

Date: 08 Sep 2007
Time: 22:12:08

Preachers have preached for a million years and God knows the good from the bad,thats all that ever mattered.
Have A Nice Rest Of Your Life
Yours Truly IAM XOXOXO

Date: 01 Feb 2010
Time: 12:42:45

Now I’m really messed up. Whose right and who’s wrong??????

Date: 14 Mar 2010
Time: 08:58:09

I think Jack Van Impe is deceived and acting as a false prophet, as are all preachers of the end times doctrine. They all came out of the same vat and need to read CAREFULLY the warnings issued by Jesus in the last verses of the last chapter of Revelation.

They should then reconsider their platform and/or their vocation. Paul warned those who would be teachers and the told them of the standard to which they be held. And what did our Lord say about those who lead others (any little one) astray?

The time is coming when the airwaves will be purged of Jack Van Impe and his ilk UNLESS they repent of preaching their unScriptural doctrine of modern dispensationalism. It is a plague on the church, dividing our house, and robbing believers of their God-given power to do ALL things.

Was Christ’s work on the cross complete or not? Does He really have to come back and do it all over again? Did He conquer sin and death like the Gospel says or not? I believe He did all of these things. Why don’t the preachers of the Gospel believe this???

Date: 24 Apr 2010
Time: 05:14:22

your crazy!
1) Why was Daniel told to seal the words of his prophecy for the time of the end (Daniel 12:4,9) , but John was told to NOT seal his prophecy, because the time was at hand (Revelation 22:10)?
2) If Revelation was not to be sealed, but Daniel was to be sealed because it was for many days (Daniel 10:14), then many days are only 500 years, and if that is true, how can “at hand” be for 2000 years?
3) Is the new heaven and earth before the 1000 years (2nd Peter 3) or after the 1000 years (Revelation 21)?
4) Why is there no noticeable difference between the “rapture” texts and the “2nd coming” texts?
5) How can Jesus’ kingdom be physical when Jesus rejected a physical kingdom in John 6:15 and Pilate did not believe he was going to establish a physical kingdom which would overthrow Rome (Luke 23:14)?
6) Why did Jesus go back to heaven after his resurrection, if he really wanted to establish an earthly kingdom?
7) Why didn’t Jesus stay on earth if he wanted to establish an earthly kingdom?
8) How can Jesus’ kingdom be set up in earthly Jerusalem, when Jesus himself said the hour was coming when worshipping God would NOT be in Jerusalem (John 4:21)?
9) Why would Jesus’ kingdom be set up in earthly Jerusalem, knowing Jesus condemned their city several times (Matthew 21-25)?
10) Why would Jesus’ kingdom be set up in earthly Jerusalem, even though Paul said earthly Jerusalem was bondage and the old covenant (Galatians 4:24-25)?
11) How can Jesus’ kingdom have not yet come, when John the Baptist, Jesus Christ and the apostles all declared the “kingdom of God is at hand” (Matthew 3:24:1710:7)?
12) How can Jesus’ kingdom be seen by everyone when Jesus himself said it comes NOT with observation (Luke 17:20)?
13) How can Jesus’ kingdom be seen by everyone when Paul said it is NOT meat and drink, but righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) ?
14) How can Jesus’ kingdom be worldly/earthly, when Jesus himself said “My kingdom is not of this world” in John 18:36?
15) How can the “millennial” kingdom of God be of the Jews when Jesus himself said he took the kingdom away from them and gave it to the gentiles who produce the fruits (Matthew 21:43) ?
16) If Jesus took the kingdom from the Jews and gave it to the gentiles, why is there no scripture to show another transfer back to the Jews?
17) If God was going to go back to the Jews/national Israel, why does Deuteronomy 28 vividly describe the events of 70 AD which proves that God DESTROYED national Israel forever because they rejected his ordinances and commandments?
18) Why is there not a shred of proof that modern Jews are descendants of Abraham or the tribes of Israel?
19) Why is there much more evidence that modern Jews are people descended from the gentile kingdom of Khazaria, who simply practice Judaism?
20) If there is a 2000+ year gap between the 69th and 70th week of Daniel, why doesn’t Daniel or any other scripture mention it?
21) Wouldn’t that mean if there was a gap between the 69th and 70th week, according to Deuteronomy 18, that Daniel’s prophecy did NOT come to pass as he said and therefore he was a false prophet?
22) If there is a 2000+ year gap between the 4th kingdom and the made up “5th kingdom” in Daniel 2 and 7, why doesn’t Daniel or any other scripture mention it?
23) How can there be a 2000+ year gap between the 4th and “5th” kingdom, but all the previous kingdoms were consecutive with no gaps?
24) If the 70th week is still in the future, why did Jesus say “the time is fulfilled” in Mark 1:15?
25) If the 70th week is still in the future, why were there jews in expectation of the Messiah – Luke 3:15?
26) If the 70th week is still in the future, why did Jesus tell Peter to forgive his brother 70 times 7 in Matthew 18:22?
27) If the 70th week is still in the future, why does Daniel say Messiah would come after 69 weeks (483 years) and the prophecy began when the decree to rebuild Jerusalem was given in 456 BC?
28) Wouldn’t that mean the 69th week ended in 27 AD and the 70th week began in 27 AD, when Jesus was 30 years old and was baptized?
29) If the 70th week is still in the future, why does scripture say Jesus confirmed the covenant in Galatians 3:17 which refers to Daniel 9:27?
30) If the 70th week is still in the future, why did Jesus’ crucifixion, which was 3.5 years after his baptism (midst of the week), cause the sacrifices and oblations to fail/cease (Hebrews 7:279:26) ?
31) If the 70th week is still in the future, why exactly 3.5 years after Jesus’ crucifixion (midst of the week) , did the gospel go to the gentiles (Acts 13:46) ?
32) If the 70th week is still in the future, why does the New Testament say that all the events of Daniel 9:24 were fulfilled when Jesus Christ came?
33) If “finishing the transgression” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Israel finished her transgression and filled up her sins and the measure of her fathers by killing the Messiah (Matt 21:33-45Matt 23:29-36 cp Gen 15:16I Thes 2:14- 16Matt 3:7-12Acts 3:13-157:51-53Dan 8:12,23) ?
34) If an “end of sins” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Jesus made an end of sins by purging them away (Matthew 1:21John 1:29Acts 5:31Rom 3:258:3Titus 2:14Heb 1: 39:2610:12,17I Pet 2:24I John 2:1-23:5Rev 1:5) ?
35) If “reconciliation for iniquity” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Jesus made reconciliation for iniquity (Romans 5:10II Cor 5:18-20Ephesians 2:14-17Col 1:21-22Heb 2:17) ?
36) If “to bring in everlasting righteousness” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Jesus brought in everlasting righteousness (II Cor 5:21I Cor 1:30Rom 3:25- 265:17-218:1-410:4Gal 2:215:5Eph 4:24Phil 3:9II Tim 4:8II Pet 1:13:13Rev 19:822:11) ?
37) If “to seal up the vision and prophecy” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Jesus sealed up the vision and prophecy by blinding the Jews to understanding of the Scriptures (Is 8:1629:11Daniel 8:2612:4Matt 13:10-1622:29Luke 24:44- 47John 12:37-41Acts 3:1713:2728:23-29Rom 9:32-3311:7-10,25I Cor 1:22-232:6-8II Cor 3:14I Pet 2:7-8Revelation 10:422:10) ?
38) If “to anoint the Most Holy” is not yet fulfilled, why does scripture record Jesus was anointed as the most Holy at His baptism (Psalm 2:245:7Isaiah 11:1-542:161:1-3;
Matt 3:13-1712:2816:16Mark 1:24Luke 1:354:16-21,34John 1:29-343:346:6910:36-3811:27Acts 4:2710:38Heb 1:9I John 5:6) ?
39) If Jesus is going to rapture the church out of the world, why does Jesus pray for the exact opposite thing to happen (that the church would NOT be taken out of the world) in John 17:15,20?
40) If God is going to give the “land” to the Jews in the future millennium, how can he possibly keep that promise, when it is also taught He will burn up the entire earth at the 2nd coming?
41) Wouldn’t that mean it wasn’t the land He promised them?
42) If there is no physical death in the new heaven and earth, why does Isaiah 65:20 say the child will die at 100?
43) If the teaching that 1 day = 1000 years and 1000 years = 1 day to the Lord (2nd Peter 3:8) is how we are to read time in scripture, does that mean that the 1000 years in Revelation 20 is a single 24 hour day?
44) If the teaching that 1 day = 1000 years and 1000 years = 1 day to the Lord (2nd Peter 3:8) is how we are to read time in scripture, does that mean the church of Smyrna would have tribulation for 10,000 years (Revelation 2:10) ?
45) If the teaching that 1 day = 1000 years and 1000 years = 1 day to the Lord (2nd Peter 3:8) is how we are to read time in scripture, does that mean Jesus was in the grave for 3,000 years (Matthew 12:40) ?
46) If the teaching that 1 day = 1000 years and 1000 years = 1 day to the Lord (2nd Peter 3:8) is how we are to read time in scripture, does that mean it took the disciples 6,000 years to reach the mount of transfiguration (Matthew 17:1) ?
47) If the teaching that 1 day = 1000 years and 1000 years = 1 day to the Lord (2nd Peter 3:8) is how we are to read time in scripture, does that mean Jesus was tempted of the devil for 40,000 years (Luke 4:2) ?
48) If time means nothing to God, why does God constantly use time restricted statements such as shortly, at hand, near, quickly, end of all things, last times, last hour, last days, last day, this generation, etc?
49) If time means nothing to God, why does God consider 70 years a long time (Jeremiah 29:10,28) ?
50) If time means nothing to God, why would He give Daniel a 70 week prophecy (Daniel 9:24) ?
51) If time means nothing to God, why did God create a 7 day week (Genesis 1-2) ?
52) If time means nothing to God, why would He command the Israelites to keep appointed feast days which they knew by the month they were in (Leviticus 23:34) ?
53) If time will end after the new heaven and new earth, why does the tree of life produce fruit every month (Revelation 22:2) ?
54) If the great tribulation (Daniel 12:1Matthew 24:21) is GLOBAL, why did Jesus only tell those living in Judea to flee to the mountains (Matthew 24:16) ?
55) If the great tribulation (Daniel 12:1Matthew 24:21) is GLOBAL, why did Daniel only refer to it occurring to those who were the “children of thy people”?
56) If Jesus’ purpose for coming in the flesh was to destroy the devil (Hebrews 2:141st John 3:8) , and Paul said Satan would be crushed under the Romans’ feet shortly in the 1st century (Romans 16:20) , how can Satan still be here?
57) Did Jesus forget to destroy Satan and decide to let Satan linger 2000 years longer?
58) If the 2nd coming of Jesus is Jesus coming in a physical, fleshly body, why does Paul say we would know Christ after the flesh no more (2nd Cor. 5:16) ?
59) If the 2nd coming of Jesus would be the world seeing him coming in a physical body, why does Jesus say “In a little while and the world will see me no more” in John 14:19?
60) Why did the high priest accuse Jesus of blasphemy for saying he would come in the clouds sitting on the right hand of power (Matthew 26:64-65) ?
61) If Jesus has not returned, then why do people say Christians go to heaven and the wicked go to hell at death?
62) If Christians go to heaven and the wicked go to hell at death, wouldn’t that mean that salvation, redemption and judgment has already come to the world?
63) If Christians go to heaven and the wicked go to hell at death , then doesn’t scripture prove Jesus has returned?
64) If most bible prophecy has not been fulfilled or is being fulfilled today, why doesn’t ANY New Testament scripture say its fulfillment would be 2000 years later, but rather speak about it being fulfilled in their lifetime?
65) If the book of Revelation is for us today in the year 2005, does that mean it was NOT to the 7 churches in Asia, which Revelation says it was written to?
66) If the book of Revelation is for us today in the year 2007, does this mean John was writing to figments of his imagination, since it didn’t apply to the 1st century churches?
67) Why would John write to those 7 churches in the 1st century if it had nothing to do with them?
68) If “at hand” in scripture doesn’t really mean anything, why would Jesus warn his disciples to not go after false christs who say “the time is at hand” (Luke 21:8) ?
69) How could they tell when the time would be at hand versus when it was not at hand if at hand means 2000 years or longer?
71) Why isn’t there a single scripture that says Christ’s coming was “not at hand”?
72) If “delay” means nothing in scripture, why does Jesus say the evil servant says the lord delays his coming (Matthew 24:48) ?
73) How could Jesus possibly accuse someone of being an evil servant, if delay doesn’t mean anything?
74) How could his 12 disciples know who was false, if delay isn’t in “human time”?
75) Why does Hebrews 10:37 say that “For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not delay”?
76) Why does Paul say that nobody has immortality until the 2nd coming of Christ and therefore cannot go to heaven until the 2nd coming? (1st Timothy 6:14-161st Corinthians 15:51-54) ?
77) If Elijah the prophet has not yet come, why did Jesus say emphatically in 2 plain scriptures (Matthew 11:7-1517:10-13) that John the Baptist was “Elijah who was to come”?
78) If Elijah the prophet has not yet come, does that mean Jesus isn’t the Messiah?
79) If Elijah the prophet didn’t come, even though Jesus said he did come, does that mean Jesus lied or misled his own disciples?
80) If antichrist is a single person who is a world leader in the end of time, why doesn’t a single scripture speak about it?
81) If there is a 7 year tribulation in the future, why doesn’t scripture speak about it?
82) If the beast can be mortally wounded and be raised from the dead by Satan (Revelation 13:3) , wouldn’t that mean Satan can do something ONLY God can do (John 6:39-40) ?
83) If the 144,000 from Revelation 7 and 14 are still yet in the future, Jewish virgins, why do John, Paul and James speak about them as already in existence (Romans 16:51st Cor 16:15James 1:1,18) ?
84) If the 144,000 from Revelation 7 and 14 are still yet in the future, why are they described as FIRSTFRUITS?
85) If the 144,000 from Revelation 7 and 14 are the FIRSTFRUITS, wouldn’t that show they are the FIRST and not the last Christians?
86) If the last days are today in 2005, why did Peter and Paul both say the last days were in their lifetime (Acts 2:16-17Hebrews 1:1-2) ?
87) If the end of the world (age) is still in the future, why does Hebrews 9:26 declare the end of the world (age) was present day in the 1st century?
88) If the age we are living in will end in the future, then why does Ephesians 3:21Hebrews 12:21-28 say the Christian age has no end?
89) If the bible is to be read 100% literally, why are terms like at hand, quickly, shortly, etc and the original audience (Romans, Corinthians, etc) not read literally?
90) If the marriage supper of the lamb is after the rapture, why does scripture say it happens after Mystery Babylon is destroyed (Revelation 19) ?
91) Wouldn’t that mean the rapture happens after Mystery Babylon’s destruction, thus meaning it is “post-trib”?
92) If the parable of the fig tree (Matthew 24:32) is the fleshly nation of Israel becoming a nation again, what about the same parable in Luke 21:29-30 which says “behold the fig trees and all the trees”?
93) Wouldn’t that mean that Israel (the fig tree) becomes a nation again and ALL the other nations (all the trees) become nations again?
94) Did ALL the other nations become nations again in 1948?
95) If a person believes that Christians are the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16) , and NOT fleshly Jews (Matthew 3:9John 8:44) , why do dispensationalists call those who believe it “anti-Semitic”?
96) What do you call a person who begs you to send money to get as many jews to the land of Israel (Wings of Eagles) , but they do so with the belief that 2/3 of those jews will be slaughtered in a future tribulation (Zechariah 13:7-9) ?
97) Wouldn’t people who supports a future holocaust be considered pre-meditated murderers?.
98) Wouldn’t that be more “anti-Semitic” than calling the church Israel?
99) If there is going to be a rebuilt Jewish temple in the future, why does scripture say God doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands anymore (Acts 7:4817:24) ?
100) If there is going to be a rebuilt Jewish temple in the future, why did God destroy the 2nd temple in AD 70?
101) If there is going to be a rebuilt Jewish temple in the future, why are they trying to build it on the old Roman fortress of Antonia (the wailing wall) ?
102) If heaven and earth have not passed away yet, does that mean not one jot or tittle has passed from the law and Jesus did not fulfill it yet (Matthew 5:17-18) ?
103) If we are in the new covenant, which scripture says is forever, why would God go back to a temple system of the old covenant which Paul called bondage (Galatians 4) ?
104) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why does John give time statements throughout the book pointing to imminent events which fit the description of Jerusalem’s destruction from Matthew 24Mark 13Luke 17/21?
105) If Revelation would occur thousands of years after it was written, why does John say the 6th king is the one who “is” which would mean his present day?
106) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why was he told to measure the temple, if the temple was already destroyed?
107) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why was John told how long the Gentiles would tread down the city (Revelation 11) which Jesus referred to in Luke 21:24 which were the events from 67-70 AD?
108) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why is there nothing mentioned about the destruction of Jerusalem?
109) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, how could there be other apostles alive (Revelation 2:2) , when all the apostles except John were dead before 70 AD?
110) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, how could there be jews persecuting Christians (Revelation 2:9,3:9) which would have been impossible after the destruction of Jerusalem?
111) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why were there 2 different numbers used to calculate the same beast in Revelation 13:18 (616 and 666) which pointed to Nero?
112) What purpose would it serve for John to tell the first readers of his prophecy to “calculate” the number of the name of the beast if he was not to be born until 2000 years later?
113) If God has 2 different plans for Jews and gentiles, why does Paul say there isn’t any more distinction (Romans 10:12Galatians 3:28Colossians 3:11) ?
114) Why did Jesus break the wall of partition between Jews and gentiles (Ephesians 2:14) if there is going to be a partition in a future millennium?
115) If there are no signs for the rapture, why did Paul say there were (1st Thessalonians 4:15-5:92nd Thessalonians 2:1-12) ?
116) If the rapture is mentioned in Matthew 24, where is the 2nd coming mentioned in Matthew 24?
117) If Jesus said nobody knows the day or hour of his coming, and that means we cannot know when he is coming, why did Jesus spend 31 verses telling them what to watch for?
118) Why would Paul compare His coming to being like a pregnant woman (1st Thessalonians 5:3) ?
119) Does a pregnant woman know the “day or hour” of giving birth?
120) Does a pregnant woman understand she would give birth within 9 months?
121) If that is true, then does that mean they could know his coming would happen within a certain period of time such as “this generation” (Matthew 24:34) ?
122) If Jesus cannot come until the gospel is preached to every single person in the world, will he ever come, since the world’s population doubles every 18 years and those who haven’t heard the gospel yet are more people than the entire world during the time of Jesus?
123) What about women who are pregnant today and in the future, does that mean that as long as there are pregnant women every day, that the gospel cannot be “preached” to every single person?
124) If the gospel cannot be preached to every single person, does that mean that Jesus could never come back?
125) If the great commission (Mark 16:15) is not yet fulfilled, why did Paul say it was fulfilled in Romans 1:810:1816:26Colossians 1:5-623?
126) If the new Jerusalem is a physical location, how was it possible that the Hebrews in the 1st century were already there (Hebrews 12:22) if it had not come down yet?
127) If the mark of the beast is a microchip or physical tattoo, does that mean the seal of God is also a microchip or a tattoo?
128) How can the Zionist movement to restore Israel be fulfillment of Israel being gathered, when scripture says they cannot be gathered except in a state of repentance (Jeremiah 50:4-5) ?
129) Was the Zionist movement in 1948 in a state of repentance?
130) If Revelation was written after 70 AD, why is there no evidence to prove it?
131) Why are there some who claim Israel did not get all their land yet?
132) Why does scripture record they got all the “land promises” to Abraham (Genesis 15:18 and 22:17) which were fulfilled, because God kept his promises? – (Joshua 11:2321:23-251 Kings 4:20-21Nehemiah 9:7-8, and Psalm 105:42-44)
133) If the promises to Israel are forever and unconditional, why does God say it is conditional in Deuteronomy 28?
134) If the man of sin (2nd Thessalonians 2:3) is still in the future, why did Paul say the man of sin was alive in the 1st century (the mystery of iniquity doth already work) ?
135) If dispensationalism has been of the “historic” Christian faith, why was it unheard of prior to the 1830’s?
136) If Jesus was going to physically come in the clouds as he left, why did the angel tell them he would come in a like manner (not the exact same way) (Acts 1:11) ?
137) If the angel told the men of Galilee that they would see Jesus come in a like manner (Acts 1:11) , then does that mean he came while the “men of Galilee” were still alive in the 1st century?
138) If John told the 7 churches in Asia that “behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him, also those who pierced him” in Rev 1:7, does that mean those who killed Jesus would be alive when Jesus returned?
139) If God was going to go back to animal sacrifices for sin in a future millennium, does that mean Christ died in vain (Galatians 2:21) ?
140) If “this generation” in every scripture meant the people Jesus was speaking to and about, then how can “this generation” in Matthew 24:34 be talking about people thousands of years later?
141) If prophetic language is LITERAL, does that mean Mount Sinai melted at the presence of the Lord, since the hills melt at the presence of the Lord (Nahum 1:5) ?
142) If there is no more sun in the new heaven and earth, does that mean the Lord’s name does not endure forever (Psalms 72:17) ?
143) If there is no more moon in the new heaven and earth, why does Isaiah 66:23 say all flesh would worship God from one new moon to another?
144) If prophetic language is LITERAL, why did none of the cosmic events described in Isaiah 13 literally happen when it was fulfilled according to Daniel 5?
145) If the “whole world” in scripture means “every single person on the globe”, did Paul say that people from North and South America, Antarctica, Asia, Africa spoke about the faith of the 1st century Romans (Roman 1:8) ?
146) If “caught up” in 1st Thessalonians 4:17 means Jesus will physically take the church out of the planet earth, did the man mentioned in 2nd Corinthians 12 also physically fly off planet earth when it says he was “caught up”?
147) If the resurrection is on the last day (John 11:24) , but the Christian age has no last day (Ephesians 3:21) , then when is the resurrection?
148) If the resurrection is still in the future, why did Jesus say in John 5:25, “the hour is coming and NOW IS, when the dead shall hear the voice of the son of God and they that hear shall live”?
149) If the resurrection is still in the future, why did Daniel say it would be fulfilled when the power of the holy people was completely shattered, which could only be Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 AD?
150) If death is physical, why does Paul say death is of sin and the law in 1st Corinthians 15:56?
151) If death is physical, why does Jesus say those who live and believe in him will never die?
152) If death is not physical, then how can the resurrection which redeems us from death be physical?
153) If the resurrection was about physically dead bodies coming out of physical graves, why did Jesus and Paul say the resurrection was about identifying who the people of God were (Luke 20:36Romans 8:13-252nd Timothy 2:19) ?
154) If John was told to “come up hither” in Revelation 4:1, did he physically leave the planet?
155) If not, why do people use Revelation 4:1 to “prove” the rapture of the church?
156) Why do people say the church is not mentioned after Revelation 4:1, when Revelation 22:16 says it was written to the churches?
157) If there is no sin in the new heaven and earth, how can there still be sinners in it (Isaiah 65:20) ?
158) If those who are “taken” in the rapture according to Matthew 24:40-41 are the righteous, why does the bible say the WICKED were taken in Matthew 24:39?
159) Why should we read the “thousand years” in Revelation 20 as literal, knowing that the number thousand has significant meaning as to completion, perfection, etc (Deut 7:91st Chr 16:15Psalms 50:10105:8) ?
160) If God was going to go back to physical Jews in the future, why doesn’t the new testament speak about it?
161) If the bible is to be read 100% literally, why do some dispensationalists say the 7 churches in Asia (Revelation 1-3) are “church ages” and not “literal” churches?
162) If there are 7 church “ages” in Revelation 1-3, why doesn’t scripture speak about it?
163) If “shortly” means “2000 years or longer”, does that mean it was going to take Timothy 2000 years to be sent to us by Paul (Philippians 2:19) ?
164) If Daniel was told to seal up his words for the time of the end (Daniel 12:4,9) , and Jesus quoted (unsealed) Daniel 12:1-8, wouldn’t that mean the time of the end was in the 1st century?
165) If the world is really getting worse and worse and the end is in the next few years, why do dispensationalists get married?
166) Wouldn’t that mean they really do NOT believe the end is near, because Paul said the time was short and those who had wives will be as though they had none (1st Cor. 7:29) ?
167) If the world is really getting worse and worse and the end is in the next few years, why do dispensationalists have children?
168) Wouldn’t that mean they really do NOT believe the end is near, because Jesus said woe to them with child and who give suck in those days (Matthew 24:19) ?
169) Wouldn’t it be very cruel of them to bring a child into a world they honestly believe is getting “worse and worse”?
170) If Jesus’ 2nd coming is as a thief, how can he come loudly, visibly that the world can see him coming?
171) Wouldn’t a thief come as quietly as they could, so nobody knew he came except the people he warned prior to his coming?
172) If Jesus’ 2nd coming is as a thief, wouldn’t that mean that nobody knew he came, since nobody knows when a professional thief has come in the night?
173) If nobody knew Jesus’ came, except his followers (John 14:22-23) , wouldn’t it be very possible that the world didn’t know he came at all?
174) If Paul said wolves would enter into the church, teaching perverse things and raising up disciples after themselves (Acts 20:28-31) , isn’t it possible that they taught a false eschatology, which is why a majority of the “creeds” afterward missed the 2nd coming?
175) If the jews in the 1st century missed the first coming of Jesus because of their ignorance of the scriptures (Mark 12:24) , isn’t it entirely possible that Christians living in the 21st century have missed the 2nd coming of Jesus for the same reason?
176) Why would the gates of New Jerusalem be left open if everything outside this city is destroyed (Revelation.21:25) ?
177) If everyone outside these gates were burned up, and there is nobody left alive outside these gates, why are there people still entering through the gates into the city after the New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven (Revelation 21:24) ?
178) If the resurrection is physical, why did Jesus say those who are resurrected are like the angels of heaven (Matthew 22:30) ?
179) Aren’t the angels of heaven “ministering spirits” – Hebrews 1:14?
180) Why do dispensationalists say we are 1) on earth….2) when we die, we go to heaven….3) at the rapture, we come back to earth….4) at the rapture we go back to heaven….5) at the 2nd coming we come back to earth 7 years later to be there for 1000 years….6) after the thousand years, we go to a new heaven and earth?
181) If the world is going to end, why does the bible say it will NEVER end? (Genesis 8:21-22Psalms 78:6989:36-3793:196:10104:5119:90148:4-6Isaiah 45:17Eccl. 1:4Ephesians 3:21)
182) If “like manner” is exactly how Jesus would return as he left in Acts 1:11, does that mean Jesus left while all the tribes of the earth (land) were wailing (Zech. 12:10Matthew 24:30Revelation 1:7) ?
183) If “like manner” is exactly how Jesus would return as he left in Acts 1:11, does that means Jesus left riding a white horse (Revelation 19:11) ?
184) If “like manner” is exactly how Jesus would return as he left in Acts 1:11, does that mean Jesus left judging every man according to his works (Matthew 16:27Revelation 22:12) ?
185) If “like manner” is exactly how Jesus would return as he left in Acts 1:11, does that mean Jesus left and raised the dead in Christ (1st Thess. 4:16-17) ?
186) If “like manner” is exactly how Jesus would return as he left in Acts 1:11, does that mean Jesus left with a sword coming out of his mouth (Revelation 19:15) ?
187) If the end of the age is still in the future, why in Matthew 13:3924:3 does it say it was in the future, but only 30 years later, in Hebrews 9:26, the end of the age was present day?
188) How can people justify the end of the age stretching beyond its 30 year fulfillment?
189) If Israel and the Christian church are 2 different groups of people who have 2 separate covenants, and the hope of Israel is the resurrection (Acts 23:624:14-1526:6-8) , why is it taught Christians will experience any type of resurrection, being that it was only for Israel?
190) If the Christians will be resurrected, but the hope of Israel is the resurrection, and the resurrection is the hope of the believer (Romans 8:25Titus 2:13) , would that not clearly prove that the believer in Jesus Christ is considered Israel (Galatians 6:15-16) ?
191) If dispensationalists can believe in an invisible, spiritual coming of Christ for the “rapture”, then why do they condemn Preterists for teaching in that very same nature of fulfillment in 70 AD?
192) If dispensationalists accuse Preterists of being outside the creeds of the Christian faith, because they disagree with the eschatology of the creeds, would that mean that dispensationalists are also outside the creeds of the Christian faith, since they also do not agree with the eschatology of the creeds? (The Nicene creed says Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead, yet dispensationalists say Christ will come again in the rapture and will NOT judge the living and the dead) .
193) If Jesus and the apostles all taught Jesus’ coming was thousands of years away (as dispensationalism teaches) , why were the Thessalonians so upset about their loved ones who died before the coming of Christ (1st Thess. 4:13) ?
194) Is it possible that the inspired apostle Paul told them Jesus was coming in their lifetime, which is why they were upset when some of them died before Christ came?
195) Did Paul mislead the Thessalonians if he taught them Jesus was coming in their lifetime, but Jesus didn’t really come in their lifetime?
196) If Paul told the Thessalonians that they would be alive when Christ comes (as he writes it) , yet they all died and Christ still hasn’t come for 2000 years, does that mean Paul’s writings are NOT inspired?
197) If Paul had taught the churches to believe in a physical resurrection, how could Hymaneus have overthrown the faith of some so easily, saying the resurrection was past already (2nd Timothy 2:17-18) ?
198) If Hymaneus told them the resurrection was past already, and they believed in a physical resurrection, wouldn’t they have looked in their local cemeteries to see that the bodies were still in the graves, and therefore, their faith could not be overthrown?
199) If Hymaneus taught a different nature of the resurrection than Paul did, why did Paul only condemn the fact Hymaneus was off on the timing?
200) If “at hand” is the correct translation of “eniste¯mi” in 2nd Thessalonians 2:2, and it says to NOT believe a letter “as from” the apostles that say the day of Christ is “at hand”, does that mean we should NOT believe that Romans, James, Philippians, Hebrews, Revelation, 1st Peter are inspired from the apostles, since they all declare the “day” was “at hand”?
201) If “mello” is translated “about to” in Revelation 10:4 in the KJV, why isn’t it translated “about to” in most other texts including prophetic texts in the KJV?
202) If “mello” was translated consistently correct in scripture, then wouldn’t that mean there was no doubt as to the time restriction of the Parousia?
203) If the 1900 year “gap” in the 70 weeks was a “secret” that was withheld from Daniel and other prophets, why does Amos 3:7 say God reveals his SECRETS to his servants the prophets?
204) If God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets, and his prophets don’t mention a 1900 year “gap” in Daniel’s 70 weeks, then doesn’t that mean there is NO gap in the 70 weeks?
205) If Daniel 12 is still in the future, does that mean that “children of thy people” in verse 1 and “the holy people” in verse 7 are the jews living today?
206) If the Jews living today are the “holy people” of Daniel 12:7, yet it is taught that God will never destroy the Jews and they will keep their land and power forever, then how can the “holy people” have their power completely shattered?
207) If the “holy people” being the Jews cannot have their power completely shattered ever, then does that mean that there cannot be a great tribulation (12:1) , resurrection of the just and unjust (12:2) , the righteous shining forth as the firmament (12:3) ?
208) What purpose would it serve for Jesus to come back physically and visibly?
209) Why would Jesus have to come back in the flesh to reign on the earth?
210) Why would Jesus say he would abode with the Father in the believer if Jesus was coming back physically?
211) If Jesus was not omni-present (everywhere at one time) while he was in the flesh, does that mean Jesus won’t be omni-present if he comes again in the flesh?
212) If the rapture or 2nd coming is when we shall “see Him as he is”, why do those who believe it, say people can go to heaven when they die?
213) Does that mean when they die and go to heaven, they won’t “see Him as he is”?
214) Or does it mean that they will “see Him as he is” 2 different times?
70) If Christ was actually in His eternal physical resurrection body, will we be raised with the same physical body and likeness as Christ was raised with (1 John 3:2) ?
a) Was He physical? Will we have that same physical body? b) Was he any age? What age? Will we be the same age as Christ? c) Will we too have scars that we had previously? Christ did. d) Will we all be raised male? Christ was. e) What about babies? Will they be raised as babies? Or will all people suddenly be raised at the prime age of 30 like Christ?

You may ask, “why did you put the 70th question after the 214th question?” Well, I’m only using the same fallacy of logic dispensationalists use when applying the 70 weeks of Daniel… just consider in the intervening questions part of a gap between the 69th and the 70th!


Date: 08 May 2010
Time: 15:10:45

revelation chapter 5 already happened when jesus conquered and bind the enemy by the blood of the lamb. revelation chapter six is just going to happen, because jesus is the only one able to open the seals, but the lord is already took the authority from satan and he is bound by the cross, but he will be release as soon as the gospel is preached to all the nation to deceive once more and this is shown in 2thessalonians2:1 when he will be loose again.

Date: 07 Jun 2012
Time: 19:52:15

To Those of you that THINK end time prophecy is wrong, your theories are interesting but 1 question is still left unanswered by YOU:

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