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Author of: An Introduction to Preterism

Preterism: An eschatological viewpoint that places many or all eschatological events in the past, especially during the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. (R.C. Sproul, The Last Days According to Jesus, p. 228)

Preterist: A theologian who believes that the prophecies of the Apocalypse have already been fulfilled (Webster’s Dictionary –


Though Preterist Christians are accused of believing that all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, this is inaccurate.  It is my impression that this view sees much more relevant prophetic fulfillment in this age than do Futurists.  Instead of believing that all prophecy has been fulfilled, we believe that all Bible eschatology has been fulfilled.  In short, this  view sees Biblical end-times events as referring to the end of the Old Covenant, not the end of the universe or church age  (cf. Heb 8:13).

The biggest exposure to the term “Preterist” in the 20th century has been in commentaries on the book of Revelation.  This view of the book of Revelation is a complete departure from the Futurist view, which believes that most of the book is yet to be fulfilled.   While partial Preterists differ on how much of the book of Revelation has been fulfilled, Preterists are in agreement that the entire book has been fulfilled in the spiritual and temporal realms.


There is often confusion regarding how the Preterist Christian views their place in the world today.  The short answer is that we are all individually called to some unique aspect of the kingdom work here on earth.

One shocking but solidifying change that is brought into the parousia-conscious Christian is the realization that they do, indeed, see God face to face.  This can be extremely jarring, but we must remember that in His presence is fullness and joy.  Remember also that the angel of the Lord made sure to comfort those people he brought into His presence by first saying something akin to “fear not.”

Recognize, instead instead of turning back, that you have been called to a life akin to that of the Crusaders of long ago – except that our battles are those against spiritual wickedness in high (and low) places.

II Cor. 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”

We are involved in the total domination of the earth by the zeal of our King — there is a lot for you to do!  And all you have to do to find your role is to petition the Commander in chief — He’ll have you in the battlefield soon enough (allow months and years for spiritual training – like that of Saul/Paul), so be careful for what you ask!

Enjoy the site.. feel free to write with any questions to me at  You may find (as have scores in the last few years) that you are Preteristic in some of your beliefs, yet have been unaware.

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“Was their house left desolate? Did all the vengeance come upon that generation? It is quite plain that it was so, and no man gainsays it.” (Chrysostom, A.D. 347, Homily LXXIV)

“It has been a standard feature of Christian preaching through the ages that the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 was really God’s decisive punishment of the Jewish people for their rejection of Jesus, who died around the year 30.” (Steve Mason, Josephus and the New Testament)

“I challenge anyone to prove my statement untrue if I say that the entire Jewish nation was destroyed less than one whole generation later on account of these sufferings which they inflicted on Jesus. For it was, I believe, forty-two years from the time when they crucified Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem.” (Origen, Contra Celsum, 198-199)

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