Introduction of Sproul, Sandlin and Hibbard

Following is an email debate that was held in the waning years of the second millennium.   It reflects the growing rift between partial and full preterists — and, more specifically, the tactics and methods of each used to attack and defend against the other.

Perhaps the most dramatic defections have come from the folds of  Reconstructionist partial Preterists (RpP).  These are Reformed Protestant Christians, and differ from Preterists in what percentage of prophetic fulfillment they believe to be past. (differences)   Major leaders in the RpP camp, such as RpP author David Chilton, have embraced Preterist theology, and many more are on the verge.  This development is very galling to the current RpP leaders, who manifest their envy by the damning as heretics those who endorse Preterism.   (RpP Anathema)

In the first article below, which appears to be an attempt to staunch the flow of disciples out of his camp, RpP leader Andrew Sandlin criticizes fellow partial Preterist R.C. Sproul.  Sandlin believes that Sproul’s book, “The Last Days According to Jesus” gives too much credibility to the Preterist view, and does not sufficiently label adherents as ‘damned heretics.’ 

  • Sandlin Reviews Sproul’s “Last Days According to Jesus”
    “Though Sproul does not at this point deny creedal Christianity, he leaves the reader with the distinct impression that he may be willing to do so if he were convinced that the Bible taught this.”

    Andrew Sandlin Responds to Walt Hibbard
    “I don’t make it a habit to debate the Hymenaens and other heretics, and this response is not a signal to debate.   The Hymenaen Anathema issued by the RCUS is dead right. Yes, if Sproul were to adopt the Hymenaen heresy, he should be excommunicated. “

  • An Open Letter to Ligonier Ministries– Andrew Sandlin 
    “Hymenaenism seems to have gained a recent hearing chiefly by means of… the promotion by Great Christian Books (founder – Walt Hibbard) of various smaller works taking the Hymenaen line. We urge Ligonier to join us by a public denunciation of Hymenaenism.

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Date: 17 Feb 2008
Time: 14:32:31


Sandlin has some good points, but Dr. Gentry only cites two verses in the NT that point to a future advent: Acts 1:11 and 1 Thess 4:13-18.

My problem is that Gentry and others teach Matthew 24 was fulfilled in 70 AD, but the Westminster Confession uses Matthew 24 as a proof text for the future coming! Which is it?

Finally, the Full Preterists need to answer Paul in Phil 3:21 or stop teaching the two-body theory of Resurrection.

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