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This Website Is The Archived Elements Of The Original Website Of PreteristArchive.com

The Years Preserved Are from 2000 thru 2017

Each Year Has Been Preserved To Its Fullest Extent But

It Must Be Noted That Not All Articles Have Been Archived

So Your Search May Come Up Empty At Times.

When you click on a year that is active you will find that we have provided a likeness to the actual website of PreteristArchive.com. However, as the instruction will say, to view the whole Home Page for that year you should click the Image indicated as to where to start. This example is that image.

The Preterist Archive Years
1. 2017 2. 2016 3. 2015 4. 2014 5. 2013
6. 2012 7. 2011 8. 2010 9. 2009 10. 2008
11. 2007 12. 2006 13. 2005 14. 2004 15. 2003
16. 2002 17. 2001 18. 2000

Very often we will be updating this site with actual articles available from this website, www.PreteristArchives.org.

We believe that what we already have in our attempt to revive Todd Dennis’ website is well done and a most complete way of offering the archives to you.