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The Spiritual Life is the gift of the Living Spirit. The spiritual man is no mere development of the Natural man. He is a New Creation born from Above.

Henry Drummond

(17 August 1851 – 11 March 1897)

Belief in the evolutionary superiority of the redeemed, Drummond believed all humanity would become more enlightened.  As a founder of Dispensationalism, his theology shows the consequence of opposing preterism by placing a distant hope above the present reality.

The Darbyite influence of Dispensationalism stems from the prophetic meetings in Henry Drummond’s house in Surrey England. Drummond was in with Irving and the LaCunza ideas, and he was a Banker from Scotland- methinks he was probably as our friend said of Esau edom background. He had the backing of some of the aristocracy including the Prince of Wales.



  • 2013: Andrew Corbett, The Rapture Examined – Irving planted the seeds of Dispensationalism which greatly influenced two other men. The first was John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), an Anglican minister who left the Church of Ireland to commence the Plymouth Brethren. The other was Henry Drummond (1786-1860), a banker, who founded the Catholic Apostolic Church.



John Broadus Study Archive
“In 1870 John Broadus published his book, On the Preparation and Deliver of Sermon. That work became an almost instant classic and is used to this day as primer on homiletics and sermon preparation. That work along with his preaching began to broaden the horizons of John A. Broadus. Christians in New York had come to know of Broadus and invited him to preach in New York City. Calvary Baptist Church of that city even asked Broadus to come and be their pastor; which he declined. On several occasions the little professor from Virginia shared a meal with Henry Drummond and Dwight L. Moody. He was “Mr. Baptist” in America. “

Walter Schmithals
“Mention should be made in this connection, for example, of the Scotsman James McCosh (d. 1894), the Unitarian Minot J. Savage (d. 1918), and also the English theologian Henry Drummond (d. 1897), on whose views God reveals Himself in a natural evolution that is to lead to a “more divine” man. By comparing the evolution of creation with a column topped by a capital, Drummond takes Christian salvationism as the pinnacle of universal evolution. Among others thinking along the same lines in the twentieth century are the German philosopher Leopold Ziegler and the French Jesuit and anthropologist Teilhard de Chardin.” (Dictionary of the History of Ideas)

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