Chapter 1: A Belt of Watches
“Flyover territory” – that derogatory moniker bestowed by the USA’s east & west coast cultural elites
on the country’s vast & typically conservative center section, implying that what to them is the seemingly useless heartland only serves as a barrier between New York & Los Angeles. Regrettably, chapters 40 to 48 of Ezekiel are often considered in a similar fashion by many in an annual trek through
the Bible – flyover territory, nine effectively useless chapters at the end of an already bewildering prophetic book. Indeed, how many routinely have morning devotions in Ezekiel, let alone in chapters 40
to 48? Feel good page-a-day Bible calendars are not exactly replete with quotes from Ezk40-48, & sermons are rarely quarried from its seemingly incomprehensibly dense folio.

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