Edward Bishop (E.B.) Elliott

(1793- 1875)

Hours With the Apocalypse (1851)
“Six Seal Preterist” | Premillenialist / Historicist
Elliott on the Praeterist View


(On Matthew 24:15)
“…the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place at Jerusalem (a prophecy which doubtless had reference to the time of the consummated iniquity of the Christ-rejecting Jerusalem, and of the Roman besieging army with its idolatrous stands gathering into the sacred precincts of the Jewish city…” (vol. 4, p. 617)

(On Fulfillment of the First Six Seals)
“The successive time periods during which these Seven Seals occurred are as follows. The dates quoted are merely guides, as each period overlapped to some degree with its neighbouring period, and some authorities vary as to the actual event which marks a particular period.

Seal 1. 96 – 180 A.D. Rome Victorious.
Seal 2. 185 – 284. Civil War.
Seal 3. 200 – 250 Taxation & Depression.
Seal 4. 250 – 300 Decay and Death.
Seal 5. 303 – 313 Christian Martyrs.
Seal 6. 313 – 395 Fall of Paganism. ” (The First Six Seals)

“It may probably at once strike the reflective reader that if the chronology of Bossuet’s scheme, extending as it does from Domitian’s time to fall of the Roman empire in the 5th century, do in regard of the supposed Roman catastrophe abundantly better suit with historic fact than the German Neronic or Galbaic Præterist Scheme, it is on the other hand quite as much at disadvantage in respect of the other, or Jewish catastrophe. For surely that catastrophe was effected in the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, above 20 years before Bossuet’s Domitianic date of the Apocalypse: and all that past afterwards under Hadrian was a mere rider to the great catastrophe.” (Bousset’s Roman Praeterist Scheme)

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Date: 10 Apr 2006
Time: 19:25:14


If E. B. Elliott was even a partial preterist, the moon is made of green cheese! Anyone who reads his Horae Apocalypticae should know that he was a pre-mil. historicist. Oral Collins 4-10-06

Date: 20 Aug 2006
Time: 11:22:13


No question about it… he showed a little bit of pret, but it was only out of necessity.  The guy is clearly a futurist, though a historicist.

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