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C.F.J. Zullig
Friedrich Jakob Züllig

Johannes des Gottbesprachten, eschatologische Gesichte, genannt; Apokalypse (1840) | De openbarung van Johannes, verklaard (Stuttgart: 1852)

Partially Preterist Commentaries

“The Book (of Revelation) bears on it, not in one place, but in many, nay in its whole structure, an undeniable proof of having been written before the fall of Jerusalem.” (Th. i., p. 137)


Moses Stuart
“I know of no writer who has paid any very particular attention to the traits of numerosity in the Apocalypse, except Zullig.   Trichotomy, with him, scarcely acts any considerable part in the arrangement ; and all the work down to chap. xx. he refers to the destruction of Jerusalem only.” (Apocalypse, Vol. i. pp. 150)

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