Bryan E. Lewis
Former Full Preterist

Former pastor of Full Preterist Church; Second Don Preston Webmaster to leave the fold. “Absolutely, full-preterism is not orthodox. 1] no basic orthodox belief within Christianity has ever allowed for a second Advent in A. D. 70. 2] No basic orthodox belief within Christianity has ever allowed for any other type of resurrection than a bodily one. 3] all historical basic orthodox beliefs within Christianity speak of the universal, personal judgment of all men, not of a representative judgment in A. D. 70.”

Bryan Lewis (2010) “I am among those Preterists who realize that (HyP) Preterism is absolutely not Orthodox Christianity. It is my opinion, there is no fellowship between the two now, nor has their ever been historically.” (Am I a Christian?)

Unlike many of my brothers and sisters, I think we must stop trying to fit Preterism into the neat box of Orthodox Christianity, especially into the world of Creeds and Confessions. I do not see how true full preterism (Fulfilled Salvation / no future judgment of all men, No Future Coming, etc…) could ever peacefully co-exist with Orthodox Christianity.” (Quoted in Heterodox Confessions of Hyperpreterists)

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