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Challenging Traditional Dispensationalism’s “Code of Silence’

Dispensationalism in Transition

By Gary North, Ken Gentry, and Michael R. Gilstrap

Subtitle/Issue Subject/Series Author Date

1988: Dispensationalism’s Year of Crisis Volume I, No. 1 North 1988 January

Soft-Core Creationism Volume I, No. 2 North 1988 February

The Late Great Theologian Lewis Spearry Chafer, D.D., LITT.D., Th.D. RIP 1948-1988 Volume I, No. 3 Gilstrap 1988 March

Teflon Theology Volume I, No. 4 Gilstrap 1988 April

Dispensationalism’s Hermenuetic: “Literal, Except When Embarrassing” Volume I, No. 5 Gilstrap 1988 May

“Forever” Doesn’t Mean “Forever” Volume I, No. 6 Gilstrap 1988 June

The Pardigm Is Shifting Volume I, No. 7 Gilstrap 1988 July

How To Communicate With Dispensationalists Part I Volume I, No. 8 Gilstrap 1988 August

How To Communicate With Dispensationalists Part II Volume I, No. 9 Gilstrap 1988 September

Rosh-Hash-Ana 1988 Volume I, No. 10 Gilstrap 1988 October

House of Seven Garbles Volume I, No. 11 Gilstrap 1988 November

Dispensational Relevance Or Theological Schizophrenia? Volume I, No. 12 Gilstrap 1988 December

The Bride, The Lamb’s Wife Volume II, No. 1 Gilstrap 1989 January

Dispensationalism’s Achilles’ Heel Part I Volume II, No. 2 Gilstrap 1989 February

Dispensationalism’s Achilles’ Heel Part II Volume II, No. 3 Gilstrap 1989 March

Dispensationalism’s Achilles’ Heel Part III Volume II, No. 4 Gilstrap 1989 April

“The Most Important Passage In The New Testament” Part I Volume II, No. 5 Gilstrap 1989 May

“The Most Important Passage In The New Testament” Part II Volume II, No. 6 Gilstrap 1989 June

“The Most Important Passage In The New Testament” Part III Volume II, No. 7 Gilstrap 1989 July

Dispensationalism’s Achilles’ Head Part I Volume II, No. 8 Gentry 1989 August

Dispensationalism’s Achilles’ Head Part II Volume II, No. 9 Gentry 1989 September

Dispensational Social Theory Volume II, No. 10 Gentry 1989 October

Shall We Gather At The River? Part I Volume II, No. 11 Gentry 1989 November

Whatever Happened to “The Earth Is The Lord’s? Part II Volume II, No. 12 Gentry 1989 December

Dispensational Distortions Part I Christological Distortions Volume III, No. 1 Gentry 1990 January

Dispensational Distortions Part II: Redemptive History Distortions Volume III, No. 2 Gentry 1990 February

Dispensational Distortions Part III Volume III, No. 3 Gentry 1990 March

IES: Itching Ears Syndrome Volume III, No. 4 Gentry 1990 April

Must God Stutter? Volume III, No. 5 Gentry 1990 May

Dispensing Dispensationalism Volume III, No. 6 Gentry 1990 June

Dispenreformationalism? Volume III, No. 7 Gentry 1990 July

First, The Head Goes Soft Volume III, No. 8 North 1990 August

Consistent Literalism Tested Volume III, No. 9 Gentry 1990 September

Dispensational Dyslexia Volume III, No. 10 Gentry 1990 October

“Where’s The Beef?” Volume III, No. 11 Gentry 1990 November

The Israel Of God In Prophecy: Volume III, No. 12 Gentry 1990 December

“Israel And Eschatology” Volume IV, No. 1 Gentry 1991 January

“Covenatal Diplopia” Volume IV, No. 2 Gentry 1991 February

“Covenant Confusion Continued” Volume IV, No. 3 Gentry 1991 March

Dispensational Postmillennialism? Volume IV, No. 4 Gentry 1991 April

The End Is Not Yet Volume IV, No. 8 Gentry 1991 August

Context! Context! Context! Volume IV, No. 5 Gentry 1991 May

The Interpretive Key To The Olivet Discourse Volume IV, No. 6 Gentry 1991 June

When I Survey The Wondrous Discourse Volume IV, No. 7 Gentry 1991 July

The Gospel Of The Kingdom In All The World Volume IV, No. 9 Gentry 1991 September

The Abomination of Desolation Volume IV, No. 10 Gentry 1991 October

The Greatness of the Great Tribulation Volume IV, No. 11 Gentry 1991 November

False Christs Volume IV, No. 12 Gentry 1991 December

Lightning, Eagles, and Jerusalem Volume V, No. 1 Gentry 1992 January

The Collapse of The Universe: Or The Collapse of Dispensationalism? Volume V, No. 2 Gentry 1992 February

Then Shall Appear The Sign Volume V, No. 3 Gentry 1992 March

“The Great Jubilee” Volume V, No. 4 Gentry 1992 April

Dispensationalism As a Non-Prophet Movement Volume V, No. 5 Gentry 1992 May

Things That Went Volume V, No. 6 Gentry 1992 June

The Beast and Double-Fulfillment Volume V, No. 7 Gentry 1992 July

Boy, O, Boyd!
Alan Patrick Boyd Study Archive
Volume V, No. 8 Gentry 1992 August

Sherlock Holmes’ Dog That Didn’t Bark Volume V, No. 9 Gentry 1992 September

Papias, Body, Ryrie, and Walvoord Volume V, No. 10 Gentry 1992 October

Christ In Exile Or Christ Ruling Volume V, No. 11 Gentry 1992 November

Thomas Ice Is A Good Theologian. Not! Volume V, No. 12 Gentry 1992 December

The Iceman Cometh! Moronism Reigneth! Volume VI, No. 1 Gentry 1993 January

Supersessional Orthodoxy: Zionistic Sadism Volume VI, No. 2 Gentry 1993 February

The Vanishing Fortunes of Dispensationalism Volume VI, No. 3 Gentry 1993 March

Witnessing to Dispensationlists Volume VI, No. 4 Gentry 1993 April

An Encore To Matthew 24 Volume VI, No. 5 Gentry 1993 May

Dispensationalism in Transition Volume VI, No. 6 Gentry 1993 June

Lordship Salvation Volume VI, No. 7 Gentry 1993 July

The Carnal Christian Theory Volume VI, No. 8 Gentry 1993 August

Assurance and Lordship Salvation Volume VI, No. 9 Gentry 1993 September

Powerful Sin Or Powerful Grace? Volume VI, No. 10 Gentry 1993 October

A Cure For Rapture Fever: Education Volume VI, No. 11 Gentry 1993 November

Dispensational Methodology Is Contagious: Part I Volume VI, No. 12 Gentry 1993 December

Dispensational Methodology Is Contagious: Part II Volume VIII, No. 1 Gentry 1994 January

Dispensational Methodology Is Contagious: Part III Volume VIII, No. 2 Gentry 1994 February

Dispensational Death Throes Volume VIII, No. 3 Gentry 1994 March

Charismatic Confusion: Volume VIII, No. 4 Gentry 1994 April

Charismatic Confusion: Volume VIII, No. 5 Gentry 1994 May

The Blessedness of Inconsistency Volume VIII, No. 6 Gentry 1994 July

Is Transition Inimical To Dispensationalism? Volume VIII, No. 7 Gentry 1994 August

Before Dispensationalism Fell Volume VIII, No. 8 Gentry 1994 September

Reconstructionism V. Dispensationalism Volume VIII, No. 9 Gentry 1994 October

The Gentry Hermeneutic Volume VIII, No. 10 Gentry 1994 November

Heads of State and Heads of The Beast Volume VIII, No. 11 Gentry 1994 December

Beauty Or The Beast? Volume IX, No. 1 Gentry 1995 January

New And Improved Dispensationalism Volume IX, No. 2 Gentry 1995 February

Dispensations Within Dispensationalism Volume IX, No. 3 Gentry 1995 March

Between A Bock And A Hard Place Volume IX, No. 4 Gentry 1995 April

What’s Saucy for the Goose… Volume IX, No. 5 Gentry 1995 May

Evolving Absolutes Volume IX, No. 6 Gentry 1995 June

Hermeneutic Irony Volume IX, No. 7 Gentry 1995 July

The Progressive Nature of Progressive Dispensationalism Volume IX, No. 8 Gentry 1995 August

The Gloom and Doom Boom Volume IX, No. 9 Gentry 1995 September

Preparing For Pessimism Volume IX, No. 10 Gentry 1995 October

Dispensationalist Friend, Do Not Despair! Volume IX, No. 11 Gentry 1995 November

What Ever Happended To Scofield’s Dispensationalism? Volume IX, No. 12 North 1995 December