Biblical Preterism

By Samuel L. Frost

Biblical Preterism | Isaiah 65: Unfulfilled Prophecy


I recently wrote this on SGP in response to Duncan MacKenzie.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.  It just rolled right off the keyboard…..

“All in all, what I have read, and I certainly mean absolutely no disrespect to your obviously studious and hard work, I recommend. I think it greatly contributes the Biblical Preterist conversation (and that should certainly include those views, that are, like yours, and those of the Full Preterist – which, apparently, I may not endorse!). Biblical Preterism allows all of these discussions (including the views of James B. Jordan, and Gary DeMar, and those like his, as well as Dr. Kenneth Talbot – “realized preterism”). These all fall into what I have called “Biblical Preterism.”

For this reason, Milton Terry, Jeff Vaughn, Tim Martion, Kurt Simmons, you, Lloyd Dale, and Dr. Kelly Birks are all Biblical Preterists.

This is an inclusive term. It allows, where we are in these studies, for a lot of room in the working out of what we all agree on: the soteriological implications of the destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70 as it regards the history of The Redemption of the Body of Christ.

Heck, this even includes Ed Stevens and the “rapture” gang (of which Russell and Terry endorsed).

I think in allowing this, rather than saying, “I am a full preterist” (which is one categorical view in this camp), allows for the fact that we can all come to the table with something.

All of these views see the redemptive significance of A.D. 70 and the Parousia. All of them. For that, we must be thankful to God. I believe, in a sociologico-critical aspect, Biblical Preterism has moved past the “excitement” stage. We are now in the “scholastic” stage. The systematic stage. The arrangement – in plain English, the “so what now” stage. “Okay, A.D. 70… what?” We may be here for a hundred years.

Your conversation must be included here, as well as your view, and Dr. Talbot’s and Max King, and Kelly Birks, and Ed Stevens. If we draw the lines too narrow, we may miss out on something…..and, I can say this, brother, we will definitely miss out on the most important thing: unity in the Body of Christ demonstrated through the love of King Jesus to us, and through us, to “one another.”



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