B.H. Carroll

Founder and first president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas

Author: An Interpretation of the English Bible (1947) | Biblical History Between the Testaments | Ages Page

“The greatest desolation ever wrought in the world on a people, was made under that standard and by the Roman power. Therefore, it was the abomination that maketh desolate.”




Preterist Commentaries By Historical Preterism


(On Matthew 24:15)
“…This same Pilate, at that time Roman Procurator, sent from Caesarea, the seaport of that country on the Mediterranean Sea, a legion of Roman soldiers and had them secretly introduced into the city and sheltered in the tower of Antonio overlooking the Temple, and these soldiers brought with them their ensigns. The Roman sign was a straight staff, capped with a metallic eagle, and right under the eagle was a graven image of Caesar. Caesar claimed to be divine. Caesar exacted divine worship, and every evening when those standards were placed, the Roman legion got down and worshipped the image of Caesar thereof, and every morning at the roll call a part of the parade was for the whole legion to prostrate themselves before that graven image and worship it. The Jews were so horrified when they saw that image and the consequent worship, they went to Pilate, who was at that time living in Caesarea, and prostrated themselves before him and said, ‘Kill us, if you will, but take that abomination of desolation out of our Holy City and from the neighborhood of our holy temple.’ While that was an abomination, Jerusalem was not encompassed with armies. ‘When ye shall see the abomination which makes desolation spoken of by Daniel, the prophet, set up where it ought not to be, and see Jerusalem compassed with armies,’ that is the sign of the destruction of Jerusalem. The greatest desolation ever wrought in the world on a people, was made under that standard and by the Roman power. Therefore, it was the abomination that maketh desolate.” (An Introduction of the English Bible, p. 263-264)

(On Restoration of Israel)
“There will never be a kingdom of Jesus over Jews, as Jews. There will never be a restoration of the Jewish  polity. It would be a horrible anticlimax. Christ was crucified because he would not restore the national Jewish polity, but established a spiritual kingdom.”

“Everything relating to the old covenant was shaken, and soon, in the destruction of Jerusalem , would pass away forever. But this royal priesthood would continue – this kingdom would never be moved.”

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Date: 04 Sep 2005
Time: 15:05:31


Preterism a cult of eschatology that denies literal bible prophetic utterances, need anything more be said?

Date: 28 Aug 2007
Time: 11:12:39


O, baloney. The wreck of this Gentile and apostate Jewish world system will make all other wars combined look like a boy scout outing.
Its hard to imagine that people can so twist the meaning of the word of God to believe that Rome’s tiny army in comparison with the armies that are about to converge on the valley of Jezreel could even remotely be the most humongous of all armies and work the most titanic colossus of destruction the world could ever know. With all due respect to some of the great teachers and servant of the Lord what is coming is universal hell on earth. -B.G.Drake

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