Resurrecting The Past – A Case For Fulfilled Prophecy

Is it possible that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to planet Earth took place almost 2000 years ago? Could it be that the early Christian church failed to recognize the grandest event in all human history, just as the majority of Jews failed to recognize their long-awaited Messiah? If the prophecies of Jesus’ Second Coming were fulfilled nearly 2000 years ago, how is it that so many believers throughout history did not realize this amazing fact?

In this hard-hitting video, author and filmmaker Todd R. Diezsi presents incontrovertible evidence from sources both ancient and contemporary that all the prophecies of Jesus were fulfilled in His generation. Despite persistent attempts by modern-day prophecy experts to convince Christians that the world is on the very precipice of the rise of the Antichrist, the one-world government, the “mark of the beast,” the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and Armageddon – a growing number of Bible students are coming to the startling realization that all the prophecy in the Bible found its ultimate and final fulfillment many centuries ago in AD 70.

Follow along in this riveting presentation as biblical scholars, teachers, and students present their case for fulfilled prophecy.

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Resurrecting The Past – A Case For Fulfilled Prophecy
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