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Understanding the Bible

What does the Bible say and what does the Bible mean?

To understand the Bible fully we must answer these two questions - and the process of doing so is called 'biblical criticism'.

'Criticism' is a slippery word. Quite often it means fault-finding. But in the contxt of literary studies, it refers to a thorough analysis of a particular piece of writing, examining its language, thought patterns and concepts in an effort to get to the bottom of what has been written. This the sense in which we use it here. Biblical critics, far from trying to undermine the Bible's message, are actually trying to understand and explain it in all its possible ramifications.

What does the Bible say?
What does the Bible mean?
Land of the Bible
Land of the Bible A real history needs a real setting. The land and the people were real, and so, says the Bible, the coming of God to that paticular place was real, too. MORE ...
Archaeology and the Bible
Archaeology and the Bible The Bible is a collection of ancient books. The cultures in which those books were written have perished long ago. Much is being found again. MORE . . .
The Story of the Bible
The Story of the Bible How did these various books come to be written? Who wrote them? When? And how did they come together to make the book we now know as the Bible? MORE . .
Understanding the Bible
Understanding the Bible The Bible may be an ancient book but it is part of an unfinished story. The story begins, continues - and will end - with God's love. MORE . . .

Religion & Worship in the Bible
From earliest times, men and women have felt the need to worship, or pay respect to, someone or something greater than themselves. For the Israelites and their neighbors religion was an essential part of life.MORE . . .
Home & Family Life in the Bible
It is hard enough to imagine life fifty years ago. How much more difficult, then, to get a true picture of home and family life in Bible times.MORE . . .
Atlas of Bible History
The story of ancient Israel, the major theme of the Old Testament begins with the Patriarchs and covers a people of promise but of disobedience as well. Great powers arose surrounding this tiny stretch of land...MORE . . .