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Welcome to one of our most exciting set of webpages here at haveFaith Ministries.

For almost 2,000 years the Bible has guided, inspired, helped and comforted countless people the world over. Its attraction is as great today as ever and with the help of modern translations many are reading it for the first time.

Yet, for most readers, the Bible is set in a foreign country, against an unfamiliar background and lifestyle. It is not in fact one book, but a basic collection of sixty-six books, written by many different authors. And it spans nearly 2,000 years of history.

All these things can make the Bible difficult to understand and interpret. Questions inevitably arise, and here good reference and background material can be invaluable. Who are the people referred to in a particular passage? When did they live? Where did these events take place? Is anything known about the writer?

Encyclopedia of the Bible was designed to answer questions like these. At this time in history I can think of no better time to introduce this project. The Encyclopedia of the Bible is an ongoing effort of TFC ministry effort and is being made available immediately for internet research.

This tool is divided into 7 Sessions (see the right hand column). If you are a student of the Bible you will be convinced of the importance of background provided through this section of TFC-Bible Tools. The emphasis is on sheer information - accurate, up-to-date and factual - presented in an interesting and visually exciting way. The text is the work of an experienced and well qualified team of contributors. Difficult, technical language has been avoided. Any photographs and drawings are factual rather than imaginative. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy.

It is our hope that this aspect of our training program will give pleasure and enjoyment, and that it will open up the Bible in a new way, making its meaning and message clear.

You are encouraged to explore all 7 Sessions in the proper order, from top to bottom, but this course is set up in such a way that you may skip whatever Session(s) you wish, and still gain valuable insight.

Land of the Bible
Land of the Bible A real history needs a real setting. The land and the people were real, and so, says the Bible, the coming of God to that paticular place was real, too. MORE ...
Archaeology and the Bible
Archaeology and the Bible The Bible is a collection of ancient books. The cultures in which those books were written have perished long ago. Much is being found again. MORE . . .
The Story of the Bible
The Story of the Bible How did these various books come to be written? Who wrote them? When? And how did they come together to make the book we now know as the Bible? MORE . .
Understanding the Bible
Understanding the Bible The Bible may be an ancient book but it is part of an unfinished story. The story begins, continues - and will end - with God's love. MORE . . .

Religion & Worship in the Bible
From earliest times, men and women have felt the need to worship, or pay respect to, someone or something greater than themselves. For the Israelites and their neighbors religion was an essential part of life.MORE . . .
Home & Family Life in the Bible
It is hard enough to imagine life fifty years ago. How much more difficult, then, to get a true picture of home and family life in Bible times.MORE . . .
Atlas of Bible History
The story of ancient Israel, the major theme of the Old Testament begins with the Patriarchs and covers a people of promise but of disobedience as well. Great powers arose surrounding this tiny stretch of land...MORE . . .