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The political relationship between the United States and Zionism has been very strong for one hundred years.   Woodrow Wilson appears to be the first U.S. president to apply himself to the issues of returning Jewish people to their ancient homeland:

1918: Woodrow Wilson Letter Encouraging Zionism

Because Wilson was a Presbyterian, the link between Zionism and Christian causes seem to have coalesced during his administration.   With the rise of premillennial dispensational theology, the Christian commitment to Zionist goals became even stronger.   That modernist theology depends upon the Jewish occupation of the “holy land” for the accomplishment of its prophetic goals.

Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a dispensational premillennialist: “The present state of Israel is not the final form. The present state of Israel will be lost, eventually, and Israel will be run out of the land again, only to return when they accept the Messiah as Savior.” (Radio debate with Gary DeMar)

Recent Republican administrations, in connection with the Christian Right’s view of the “end times”, have played up the Zionist aspects of dispensational theology.  President Ronald Reagan appear to be a true believer in that doomsday theology:

“In the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, it says that the land of Israel will come under attack by the armies of the ungodly nations, and it says that Libya will be among them.  Do you understand the significance of that?   Libya has now gone communist, and that’s a sign that the day of Armageddon isn’t far off.  For the first time ever, everything is in place for the battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ.  It can’t be too long now.  Ezekiel says that fire and brimstone will be rained upon the enemies of God’s people.  That must mean that they will be destroyed by nuclear weapons.”   (Ronald Reaganrecounted by James Mills, president pro tem, California Senate in San Diego Magazine, 8/85)

The Obama Administration appears to be taking a completely different tactic, with the U.S. State Department backing to the enemies of both Israel and Christianity.  It has even been suggested that the U.S. President is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Either way, the change in U.S. politics in the Middle East is astounding.

If it is true that Obama is building up the Muslim Brotherhood through arms and financial aid, then another world war might very well take place before the end of his administration.  All three sides are certainly hurtling towards war.

While not all Christian Zionists endorse the apocalyptic views of Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye, the movement as a whole is nevertheless leading the West, and the church with it, into a confrontation with Islam. Using biblical terminology to justify a pre-emptive global war against the `axis of evil’ merely reinforces stereotypes, fuels extremism, incites fundamentalism and increases the likelihood of nuclear war.” Zion’s Christian Soldiers

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