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We must expect a progress of evil… Truly Christendom has become completely corrupted, the dispensation of the Gentiles has been found unfaithful: can it be restored?  No! Impossible.” J.N. Darby

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  • 2004: Michael J. Svigel The Phantom Heresy: Did the Council of Ephesus Condemn Chiliasm? “The pronouncement by the Holy Office referred to therein occurred in July of 1944 in answer to the following question: “Quid sentiendum de systemate Millenarismi mitigati, docentis scilicet Christum Dominum ante finale iudicium, sive praevia sive non praevia plurium iustorum resurrectione, visibiliter in hanc terram regnandi causa esse venturum?” The response to the question, confirmed by Pope Pius XII, was short and direct: “Systema Millenarismi mitigati tuto doceri non posse,” i.e., “A mild millennial system is not able to be taught safely”



  • 2000: A short introduction to Preterism. – “Some of you will have come across the word ‘preterist’ either through reading or on the web, probably from the Preterist Archive. This is a short introduction to explain what it is. I have used Todd Dennis’s article “An Introduction to Preterism” for some of what follows.”

Bands Report

  • 2003: The Great Falling Away Has Begun – “There’s a movement in America today that is hell bent on destroying The Word of God Almighty by first fabricating, then spreading, utterly false doctrines., specifically designed to trap YOU as a Christian into questioning your faith. And to cause you to believe in your heart that God is a liar, through a professionally designed system of indoctrination…it is by far the greatest threat to Christianity ever.”

  • 2003: The Naked Preterist – “Although there – is – no such word or term as “preterist” in any dictionary:  The preterists could not have possibly chosen a better name for their demonic cult. ” 

Jonathan H. Barlow

  • 2000: A Response to the Preterist Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse – “There are really only two dominant arguments against the literary interpretation of Matthew 24. These arguments are not only advanced by preterists, but it also by some partial preterists (those who do not adopt the entire theological program and realized eschatology of the Full Preterists). R.C. Sproul advances this first argument, for instance, in his recent popular book on the subject.”

Irvin Baxter Jr.

  • Historicism vs. Futurism – “The other position is called Preterist or Historicist. Those holding this position contend that the prophecies of the Bible are largely, if not entirely, fulfilled and past. The Futurist position has been the view held by the majority of Christians for at least the last century. However, the Historicist position seems to be reasserting itself of late. “

  • Climbing the unstable doctrine of Preterism: Examining a False Teaching – (From Indiana Bible College’s Perspectives Magazine – Perspectives Magazine) “The teaching of preterism destroys this stated plan of God for the times in which we now live by teaching that the Bible’s prophecies have nothing to do with us today. Consequently, preterism runs counter to God’s expressed intention for endtime revival. Therefore, it should not be believed or taught.”

Brother Sal

  • 2003: Brother Sal on Preterism – “I have never written a piece on Preterism, because what I teach is at the other end of the spectrum, and I don’t think about it much. But over the last couple of weeks, I have received and extraordinary amount of mail with questions concerning it, so I began to think about it, and selected the following letter to answer in this forum to pass along my thoughts”

Dave Bussard

  • 2006: Are Matthew 24 and Luke 21 the Same? “Even though Matthew 24 and Luke 21 contain strong similarities, I contend that the bulk of these two sections of scripture are different teachings given at separate times. Both passages teach of the future return of Christ, but I believe the “tribulation” described in Matt. 24:9-22 is the period of time where the abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place at the midpoint of the yet-to-happen 70th Week of Daniel. The “persecution” described in Luke 21:12-24 speaks of the historical attack on Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. Continue and see if the following evidence is enough persuade you.” (The Pre-Wrath Tribune)

Anthony Buzzard

  • The Markan Apocalypse – “It must follow that a destruction of Jerusalem not followed immediately by the parousia does not match the outline of events given by Christ. We may expect, therefore, a final crisis in Israel just before the arrival of Jesus in glory..”

  • 2002: This Generation –  “It defies common sense to believe that Jesus set an almost exact date of 40 years in Matthew 24:34, when soon after he denied that any knowledge of times and seasons is available to us (Acts 1:7) in regard to the coming of the future Kingdom (Acts 1:6).”

Harold Camping

  • Harold Camping of Family Radio Says “The Church Age Has Come to an End” “And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts, He said, as for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. These temple buildings represent the churches and congregations God would build throughout the New Testament time. Those who come into this spiritual temple are gold, silver and precious stones, and wood, hay, stubble, (I Cor 3:12). That is they are both true believers and those who appear to be true believers and actually are not. Thus each congregation is an integral part of that great temple.  But Jesus declares that there will be a time when there will not be left one stone upon another. That is the temple will be totally destroyed. It will no longer exist.”  1994: The Year of Christ’s Return?

William B. Chalfant

Cephas Ministries

  • What is the Preterist View? “To realize that Preterism is not scriptural is to simply read the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. We can’t just leave that whole book out of Scripture as the Preterists would have to do to get around a future Second Coming.”


  • This Generation – Matthew 24 – “Very simply, until the word of God was completed (Col.1:25), one could not say to a certainty that a particular declaration of God’s revealed will concerning things to come was also a declaration of His actual intention concerning things to come.”

Stephen Cole

    • 1999: Are you ready for Christ’s return? – “Although those who hold this view say that they are attempting to deal with the biblical texts, I believe that the extreme Preterists go outside the bounds of orthodoxy and are guilty of heresy.”


Dr. Ronald Cooke

  • 2001: The Unmitigated Twaddle of Romanist-Jesuit Preterism – “I try not to cloud my readers’ minds with the twaddle that seems to be everywhere today especially in the halls of academia. The subject of ‘Preterism’ seems to be enjoying a revival of some sort today.”

Charles Cooper

  • 2002: That Other Gospel – “On one end of the spectrum, there are those who do not believe that Jesus said one single word of Matthew 24:1-31 and that none of what is indicated has, is, or will ever happen. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who not only believe that Jesus said it, but that every single word indicated in Matthew 24:1-31 will be fulfilled in the fullest sense possible. It is baffling that such wide and diverse opinions about this precious passage of Scripture permeate the Body of Christ.”

Mark Copeland

  • 1996: Response to “The AD 70 Doctrine Examined – “But even if one maintains his “faith” while holding to this doctrine, I still believe his soul will be lost. Why? Because he has denied the one “hope”, which clearly includes the literal resurrection of the body from the dead.”

Mal Couch
President, Tyndale Seminary

  • 2002: The Fatal Mistakes of Preterism – “While many Preterists are not liberal in their overall theology, this movement leads to liberalism. If all the language of Scripture pertaining to the Second Coming of Christ is not to be taken historically and in a normal sense, then why not take the virgin birth of Christ, for example, or other miracles in a “spiritualized” way, as the Preterists do in reference to prophecy?”

  • 2002: Preterism and Exegetical Error – “While the entire verse of Acts 1:11 describes a literal taking up of the Lord into heaven, how He comes again is the focus that is most important. Notice how the disciples saw (“blepo”) visually His bodily ascension, in like manner He will return—visually and literally. Concerning that return the Greek text reads,”

  • 1997: Introductory Thoughts on Allegorical Interpretation and the Book of Revelation “There are many comings of Christ. Christ came in the flesh as a mediatorial Presence. Christ came at the destruction of Jerusalem.  Christ came, a spiritual Presence, when the Holy Ghost was given. Christ comes now in every signal manifestation of redeeming power. Any great reformation of morals and religion is a coming of Christ. A great revolution, like a thunderstorm, violently sweeping away evil to make way for the good, is a coming of Christ.”

Melvin Curry

Christian Debater

  • 2003: Why Partial Preterism is Wrong – “..an extremely strange view that everything in the entire Book of Revelation was fulfilled prior to 70 A.D., including a symbolic rapture of the saints, the Antichrist, Babylon in Revelation etc. This is so far from the truth that very few believe it.”

Christian News

  • 2002: ANATHEMA: The Christian News  “the Christian News has thrown down the gauntlet with the charge of heresy against those who espouse Covenant Eschatology”

Lambert Dolphin

DOV Ministries

  • 2004: Absolute Refutation of Preterism – “Preterism serves no useful purpose for preterists today except to refute the futurists. That is a colossal waste of time. The preterists should devote all of their time to sharing the Gospel with the lost, not trying to convert futurists, historicists and others to their doctrine. Their false doctrine cannot edify anyone or further the spread of the Gospel. It can only confuse and hinder the spread of the Gospel and cause dissension within the body of YAHSHUA (Gal. 5.20).”

  • 2004: Preterist Rapture Challenge – “If you believe that the Rapture took place in 70 A.D. at the alleged Second Advent of YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) please take this challenge.”

George Duffield

    • 1843: Millenarianism Defended: Reply to Prof. Stuart’s “Strictures on the Rev. G. Duffield’s Recent Work on the Second Coming of Christ” (PDF) “Now, after all this, what shall we think of those who will tell us UNFULFILLED PROPHECY needs not to be studied—is of no use, but dangerous–— till the events have fulfilled them ? Assuredly such instructors deserve reproof, and to be sent back to their Bibles, themselves to study, more carefully, lest they should mislead others. They have reason to fear that the charge, and censure of the Saviour, for hypocrisy may be applicable ;” and in proof of this statement, I have shown that it was the very circumstances of the Pharisees’ neglecting prophecy, on which the Saviour founded his charge of hypocrisy against them.”

Rusty Entrekin

  • 2000: Examining the Logical Foundations of Preterism – “I believe that the evangelism of the cities of Israel was interrupted by the war associated with 70 AD, and is still not complete. To prove otherwise, you would have to provide historical evidence that the gospel has been thoroughly proclaimed in each city by born again, evangelical church planters.”

  • 1999: A Scriptural Critique of Full Preterism in Light of Matthew 24 and Related Passages “there is insufficient  reason to claim that the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 were intended for the 12 disciples only, or that all of these words had to find fulfillment in their lifetimes. As we read this passage, it is therefore important that we keep in mind that Jesus may be speaking to all believers, not just to his disciples.”

  • 1999: Their Flesh Rests In Hope – The Apostolic Fathers and Early Apologists Looked Forward to the Resurrection of the Flesh

Jerry Falwell


Joey Faust

Les Feldick

  • 2001: Don’t Believe it! “They claim to be letter perfect in their interpretation of Matthew 23:34, and then proceed to expel or twist all the prophetic things that are still awaiting a future fulfillment. If all future events were fulfilled by titus in 70 AD, then what do they do with the following scriptures? Did any of these things take place before, and up to, 70 AD? An ounce of common sense says, “No.”

Robert Fleming

David Friedman

Robert L. Garringer

Tony Garland

  • Revelation 1:7: Past or Future? – “John wrote that “every eye will see Him” and that “all the tribes of the earth will mourn” when He appears. Did Jesus “appear” to the Jewish tribes at the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 as preterism maintains? Or are there reasons for understanding this passage to teach a future event of world-wide impact?  Thankfully, we need not be overly concerned about the persistence of preterism because the plain meaning of the Biblical text stands opposed to its foundational teachings.” | Preterism “Full or consistent preterism is heterodox.”

Marc Gibson

  • 1998: The AD 70 Doctrine Examined – “We must oppose this doctrine as false and damning to men’s souls. It is complete mistreatment of God’s holy word and the promises we are to take hope in.”

Donald E. Green

  • A Critique of (Modern) Preterism (2001 PDF)  “All would agree that the Olivet Discourse presents some interpretive many challenges no matter the eschatological position of the interpreter”

Bill Grimes

  • 1999: “All That Are in the Graves Shall Come Forth – “Why the Resurrection Spoken of in John 5:28-29 Can Only Refer to Actual Bodies Coming Out of The Graves”

  • 2000: Four Biblical Reasons Why AD70 Cannot be the Second Parousia of Jesus – “the AD70 sack of Jerusalem was strictly a local judgment on that  generation of Jews for the following reasons.”

  • 2000: A Letter to a Full Preterist – “In reading the above passages that I have quoted to you and others the “particulars of the words” lead me to believe that they are to be taken literally.  History teaches us that Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:1-35 were fulfilled quite literally in the cloud judgment that fell upon Jerusalem and Israel in AD70 at the hands of the Romans.  This fact encourages me, because I know that when the Second Parousia does come, it will come in the same fashion as Jesus and the Apostles described it.”

  • 2000: Matthew 16:28 A Time Statement for What? –  “Evil still thrives.  Just look around you.  You see diseases, death, murder, economic oppression, genocide, hate, pride, fornication, adultery, etc.  The list goes on and on.  In 2 Peter 3, Simon Peter compares the future destruction of this world by fire to the worldwide flood of Noah. God destroyed all evil by a flood of real, wet water. He will destroy it again by a real, hot fire.  It is contrary  to God’s holiness for Him to allow evil to persist forever, which is what full Preterists are suggesting. “

  • 2001: Jots, Tittles, and the Kingdom of Heaven – “So, are we in the new heavens and the new earth?  No, for the reasons I have stated in my most recent article, A Letter to a Full Preterist. If not, is it true that not one jot or tittle has passed from the law?  Yes, God’s word stands forever.  None of God’s Word will fail or pass away.Is the Old Covenant Law still binding then in every jot and tittle? If not, why not?  No, because Jesus finished the work which He came to do.”

Great Joy in Great Trib

  • Preterism – “ONE THING THAT SEEMED UNIMAGINABLE IN 1995 IS THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE EMBRACING THE PRETERIST VIEW OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION. PRETERISM is also a form of rebellion against the Word of God. Blessings follow obedience to the Word of God and there will be a price to pay for rebellion. So how do we help the PRETERIST brethren from their new strong delusion? Simply do like Jesus did and ask them some simple questions, like – When did Jesus split the Mount of Olives in two? You see, IF has all happened, they should be able to tell you when Jesus touched down and split the Mount of Olives in two at His return. I am sure you will be able to think of many such simple questions. “

Gunter Creek Prophetic Ministry

  • 2004: On Earth As It Is In Heaven – “We have false doctrines which they say, God did away with Israel, some called Preterist and replacement theology, this is not true, Romans 11 is still in your Bible, and the prophecies were not fulfilled in 70 A.D. I don’t ever recall the apostles judging the twelve tribes, as in Mathew 29:18 and I still pray “thy Kingdom come.”

Marshall Hall

  • Preterit View: Straining at a Gnat and Swallowing a Camel – “Dr. Gentry put it this way: “…the matter of Revelation’s date of composition is CRUCIAL to the correct [preterit] understanding of the book…the matter of dating is ALL-IMPORTANT to the identity of the Beast [of Revelation].” (The Beast of Revelation, pp.6,7.) The bottom line here is that Preterists themselves understand that their model cannot even exist without a composition date for the Revelation somewhere between late 64 and early 68 AD. That is the only way their model can try to cast the Emperor Nero or anyone else in the role of the Beast….This admission by itself is enough to run up the odds against this eschatological hypothesis to about 1000 to 1.”

Ed Hindson

  • Ed Hindson message: Can we still believe in the Rapture? “After giving examples from Scripture that explain the rapture and Christ’s triumphal return, Hindson gave students 10 reasons for why Liberty is committed to a pre-tribulation rapture. They included knowing that the Church — the Bride of Christ — is not the object of divine wrath (so Christians aren’t meant to experience the tribulation period), and knowing that the rapture is imminent, instantaneous and unique.”

  • 2005: The New Last Days Scoffers “Well, it may surprise you to know that Preterism is experiencing a new wave of interest these days thanks to the encouragement of popular radio personalities like R.C. Sproul and Hank Hanegraaff.  Sproul openly admits he is a “partial preterist” and Hanegraaff claims he is seriously considering it.   While most preterists would insist they are defending the power of Christ, they are actually denying it.  They are trying to “bring in the Kingdom” without the King.  And might I add, they are fighting a losing battle! “

Mark Horne

  • Why Side with the Sadducees? – “To deny the bodily resurrection is to either deny salvation from sin or to deny that human death is a curse for sin. This is gnosticism, not Christianity.”

Tommy Ice

In Depth Bible Studies

  • Preterism – Christian Bible Studies “By theorizing that Nero is the antichrist, Preterists open the door for validating their theory by comparing the historical and Biblical records, records which cannot be reconciled and so disprove Preterist doctrine.. Preterists ignore a clear, unbroken chain of Futurism handed down from the apostles through 70 AD on into the 3rd century.. Preterists ignore New Testament scripture from both the Gospels and the epistles, which demonstrate that both Jesus and the apostles understood there would be a long delay before his second coming.”

Grant Jeffrey

  • 2001: Book release – “Triumphant Return” “4. Arguments and Evidence against Preterism – A powerful new attack upon this fundamental biblical doctrine is beginning to infiltrate the minds and spirits of many Christians in our day precisely as the New Testament warns us. The apostle Peter prophesied that in the last days an attack would arise within the Church against the Second Coming. Peter warned that many would say, “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Peter 3:4). Those who believe literally the prophecies of the Word of God are now engaged in an unprecedented battle for the truth of Christ’s second coming.”

  • 2001: Grant Jeffrey – “Triumfant Return” Page – Arguments and Evidence Against Preterism

Phil Johnson

  • 1999: Controverting the Incontrovertible – “Whether it’s deliberate or just a result of Demar’s sloppiness and failing eyesight, his review badly distorts and caricatures MacArthur’s book rather than describing it accurately and fairly. Combine that fact with DeMar’s smug certainty that he has already written the last word on biblical eschatology “

Eld. Laurence Justice

  • 1999: Preposterous Preterism “Partial preterists believe that only some of the prophecy in scripture has already been fulfilled. This matter becomes confusing when we realize that there are partial preterists among premillennials and among amillennials and among post millennials. Hal Lindsay and Jack Van Impe who call themselves premillennials make good money mixing preterism and futurism in their books on prophecy.”

Lawrence Keille

  • 2002: Fallacies of Preterism “Preterism is an expedient designed to shield Rome ; Preterism violates the principle of consistent symbolism. ;  Preterism glorifies the Papacy by ignoring the actualities.; Preterism denies the elemental principle of Bible prophecy; Preterism, like futurism, leaves an explained gap.; Preterism offers no adequate fulfillments.; Preterism cannot be correct if Futurism is correct.”

Jack Kelley

William R. Kimball

  • Great Tribulation future or fulfilled? “William R. Kimball, president of “Disciples Indeed” Bible School in South Lake Tahoe, California, has written a book entitled What the Bible Says About the Great Tribulation (Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company, 1983, paper, 291 pages). The book is primarily a study on Matthew chapter 24 and the author seeks to prove that the great tribulation (mentioned in Matthew 24:2 1) is not a future time of trouble but was fulfilled in history. He believes its historical fulfillment took place at the time of the Jewish war, around the year 70 A.D.”

Jack Kinsella

  • 2002: What is Preterism?  Prophecy or History? – “The nation of Israel will exist – must exist, according to Bible prophecy to move forward. The preterist ends Israel’s story in AD 70 – Bible prophecy says Israel must be reborn ‘all at once’ in the last days. And it was. Not as Judah. Not as Zion. But as ‘Israel’. The name God said would be assigned to the Holy Land in the last days. The preterist view that God abandoned His covenant with Abraham and passed its provisions along to the Church makes God a liar.”

Kenneth Kirkland

Tim LaHaye

  • The End Times Controversy: The Second Coming under Attack – Now Available at your local Christian bookstore! | Harvest House “Along with other prophecy scholars, LaHaye and Ice reveal the errors taught by preterists (those who believe the seven–year Tribulation and Christ’s return happened in the past). They provide guidelines for interpreting Bible prophecy and give readers a concise understanding of what the Bible says about the future, affirming Christ’s glorious return as an event we can still look forward to.”

  • Strange Preterist Implications “I believe it is important for lovers of Bible prophecy to be aware of these false views so that they not be caught off guard when they encounter such views. This is why I am informing you about this subject. After this month’s introduction to this strange new fad within the field of Bible Prophecy known as preterism, I will continue a regular article about preterism. I will be dealing with the major arguments of preterism and why they are not biblical. Then I will conclude with a presentation of why prophecy should be interpreted literally and thus understood as future events to our time.”

  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Pre-Trib Research Center “Full Preterists John Anderson and Don Preston regularly have scare programs on the dangers of dispensationalism on their daily radio program that can be heard on the Internet at the following: Listen to John Anderson’s “Voice of Reason” program.. for this kind of rhetoric.”

  • The Case for the Imminent Rapture of the Church “In this day of advancing preterism we need to repeatedly mention this aspect of His coming, “in like manner” or physically. One of their weakest points, which are almost too ridiculous to mention, is that Jesus has already come spiritually. He departed physically and you can be sure He will return physically. God’s people need to be reassured that when He comes in the air to the earth to set up his kingdom it will be physically.”

Last Hour

  • God’s Terrible Warnings Against Preterism – “In order to justify the Preterist view, apologists either completely ignore or torture the relevant end-times prophecies, along with the known facts of history.  Preterists can cite no credible early church or historical support for a pre-70 dating for Revelation.  Further destroying their claim, and important church father named Polycarp, a disciple of John, wrote that Revelation was written during the reign of Domition.”

Rev.  Josiah Litch

  • 1880: Christ Yet to Come: A Review of I.P. Warren’s Parousia “There is ” the end of the age ” which came at the destruction of Jerusalem — the termination of the Jewish economy ; and there is “the end of the age ” which is the harvest, when ” the Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend,” etc. — the termination of the Christian economy. It seems to us that these are so clearly distinguished and so distinctly separated, that it is utterly impossible to confound them. All our ordinances, all our commissions, all our endowments as the Church of Christ, are timed and terminated by the end of the age and the return of our Lord. If the end of the age has come, and if Christ’s advent has really taken place, then these commissions have run out, and these endowments are outlawed.”

Dwayna Litz

James Lloyd

  • 2002: Preterist Apostasy – “They are all in serious error, for preterists are propagating a downright heretical system of prophecy that will lead many to ultimately embrace the Antichrist and his religious agenda.”

  • 2002: Scoffers: Preterists and II Peter 3 “While the preterists love to quote verses that seem to show the New Testament writers taught that they were in the last days at that time, they almost universally avoid verse 3 of chapter 3 in II Peter.   “If you are abiding in preterism, you are enveloped in a profound spiritual darkness that places you in the soul destroying peril of following “another gospel.” If you are abiding in pre-tribulationism, you are in a deadly delusion and walking in such a spiritually wicked false doctrine that your path is directly heading towards the lake of fire”

  • 2002: The Culting of Christianity “Unfortunately, very few have recognized the enormous threat of Preterism and, as such, there are very few titles available exposing the subject. This might surprise the reader, but I would venture to say that for every published book criticizing Preterism, there are 50 promoting it. Thus, like a fireman throwing everything he has against a rapidly spreading blaze, I am even willing to distribute a book written from the erroneous pre-tribulationist Rapture perspective in order to attack this deadly false doctrine.”


  • 2007: Jesus Prophetically Pronounced Judgment On His Own Generation “Why would a Futurist like myself even want to bring this point up? Answer: It’s the truth that so many Futurists try to brush under the carpet when dealing with Preterism. We need to be honest about 70 A.D. fulfillment, then we can be honest about all the things that were not fulfilled in 70 A.D. Futurists need to appreciate this aspect of Preterism. Preterism basically means “in the past”. The part that Futurists disagree with is in saying that the return of Christ, the new heavens and new earth, the abomination of desolation, Daniel’s seventieth week, etc. are all in the past. But we need to concede up front the things that actually are in the past.”

Jan Markell

  • 2005: The War Against Bible Prophecy – “Recently a Christian publishing house advised me that he had learned that most Christian houses were dropping newly-submitted Bible prophecy books with a few exceptions. LaHaye/Jenkins will likely continue to sell as well as Mark Hitchcock through Multnomah, and sadly, Hannegraff’s false Preterism books..  Eschatology will finally be thrown on the ash heap of history. “

  • 2005: Deception, Discernment, Delusion – Omega Letter “The newest “pop theology” on the block is Preterism which teaches that all Bible prophecy is history: It happened in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem.”

  • 2005: Evil in the Name of God – Omega Letter – “At the root of this is not just anti-Semitism which is the quick blame. It is also the pop theology (though it is not new) that the Church is the new Israel—Replacement Theology. When church leaders and members believe that Israel has no present or future role or prominence, it is much easier to demonize them, call them oppressors, and urge the above action. They have also tossed out eschatology and emphasized false “end-time” theologies such as Preterism—that all prophecy occurred in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem. Without exception, false eschatological teachings disinherit Jews and Israel from the land and covenants made to them and put them on the level of prominence comparable to the Canary Islands.”

Essh Geebor Mawkor

  • 2004: Preterism and a Sledge Hammer – “Preterists say that this generation means that the generation he was talking to must see all these signs. Preterist are weak in faith, thus forced like atheists to come to odd conclusions…  Well here is the verse that SLAPS then right UPSIDE their hard heads.

J. Parnell McCarter

    • A Reponse to Partial Preterism

    • A Critique of Gentry and a Second Critique of Partial Preterism “In this critique I will first outline some of the fallacies present in Dr. Gentry’s book “The Beast of Revelation”, then examine its premises in light of those fallacies, and then make certain observations and conclusions regarding both of Dr. Gentry’s books and the larger topic of partial preterism.”

    • The Heresy of Preterism -‘Consistent preterism’ is fundamentally flawed and dangerously heretical.

    • Defending against Preterism – “Preterists maintain that the events of Revelation were fulfilled by AD70. For this to be true they maintain that the book of Revelation was written in 66-68 AD and they do some interesting tricks to try to make people believe it was. The common school of thought is that Revelation was written around 95AD which brings the Preterist point of view to a grinding halt.”

    • Why Preterism is Erroneous “What I can’t comprehend is how they feel this way. For preterists the prophecies of the Old Testament were PHYSICALLY fulfilled and can be realized literally from how the prophecies were written. That being said however they believe prophecies of the New Testament were fulfilled spiritually and anyone who tries to understand the prophetic verses of the New Testament literally, as they are written are wrong, misled and borderline blasphemous.”

Middletown Baptist

  • Preterism and Matthew 16:27-28 “It is typical for those who are preterists to condemn dispensationalists for the way we interpret a handful of verses that they do not think we are taking literally (such as Matthew 16:27-28 and Matthew 24:34, etc.) and yet they seem to ignore hundreds of kingdom prophecies given by the prophets of old and say that they will never find any literal fulfillment. Any prophetic view which seeks to take a few passages literally in such a way that forces hundreds of verses to be understood in a non-literal way is suspect, to say the least.” | AD70 Contrasted

Narrow Way

Nearing Midnight Ministries

  • 2001: Preterism!  I Can’t Believe It “What is preterism? This theory argues that all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled; nothing remains on the prophetic calendar. Events like the rise of Antichrist, the tribulation, the rapture, and the Day of the Lord all took place around 70 AD – the year the Roman’s invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the second Temple. I just cannot understand how anyone can follow a preterist line of thinking in the light of current world events. I’ve largely ignored preterism because I see as equivalent to the Flat Earth Society. “

Benjamin Wills Newton
Early disciple of Darby

H.L. Nigro 

Otto Nordgreen

  • 2000: The Problems of a Pre-AD70 Date of the Apocalypse – “The date of the Book of Revelation (Rev) has been as disputed as its authorship. The dates proposed for the composition oscillate between, on the one hand, the time before or during the so-called Jewish War (66-77 CE) and, on the other hand, the time of Emperor Trajan, viz. late 1st century (Aune 1997:lvii). Traditionally, the prevailing view has been that Rev was written sometime during the reign of Emperor Domitian (81-96 CE); more specifically (and in harmony with the ancient testimony of Irenaeus ) towards the end of his reign, viz. ca. 94/95 CE. “


  • 2000: “In Like Manner” Not Always Interpreted the Same (By Preterists) “When speaking of something happening “in like manner” in Acts 1:11, we are told by James Stuart Russell that this “must not be pressed too far.” But in Luke 13:1-9, the same phrase – “in like manner” – is used to defend the belief that the parousia of Jesus Christ occurred in 70 A.D. The inconsistency of this is almost too much to believe.”

Bob Passantino

  • 2003: Did We Miss The End? – “Seraiah earned a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is a postmillennial preterist, making his criticisms of pantelism all the more weighty. As such, he is well within orthodox Christian belief, and his views find company with contemporary authors such as R. C. Sproul and Gary DeMar, as well as some prominent theologians throughout church history. A careful examination of his book leaves readers with a clear understanding of orthodox preterism and of why pantelism should be rejected as an aberrant approach to comprehending Scripture.”

Graham Pearce

  • 1982: The Revelation — Preterist Interpretation “Is it likely that God would provide a super abundance of prophetic guidance for those living around AD 70, and then provide nothing for the centuries ahead? This is barely credible. An interpretation that applies the Revelation only to the 1st century and the distant future, leaving 18 centuries or more of prophetic darkness cannot be accepted (cf. Amos 3:7). “

People’s New Testament

Steven Pegler

  • 1982: Answering Preterism: Did Jesus Return in A.D.70? “So, is preterism a heresy? Can it exist with historical Christianity? Full-blown preterism probably is a heresy, although the verdict may still be out. All parties should admit that a full preterism is not compatible with the Creeds and Confessions.  To go against the Creeds and Confessions is not damning or indicative of heresy in of itself, but it should raise many cautions. Preterists need to admit that they are advocating an almost total rewrite of not only eschatology (cosmic and personal) but also ecclesiology, sanctification, and many other doctrines. It is literally a different kind of Christianity and is incompatible with historical Christianity. This makes full-fledged preterism highly suspicious, but not heretical if it can be demonstrated that it is Scriptural. “

Stanley Phillips

  • 2003: A Refutation of Preterism: Second Peter, Chapter 3 – “With the advent of the Internet, the preterists’ view of eschatology (last times) has taken on an organized, consistent, and evangelical nature. Heretofore, elements of the system were scattered, and most often incoherent. But today, it has evolved into a very subtle, coherent, and well-defined system of theology. Interestingly, some preterists refer to their theological position as “fulfilled eschatology.” One finds this in literature offered on the Internet, but the term is a synonym to preterism. But, while stating that their position is that all the prophecies of end times were fulfilled in a.d. 70, there is at least one that is now being fulfilled. And this one is the rise of preterism itself in the last day.”

Joel Porter

  • 2004: A Backwards Look to Find the Truth – “Although the whore is destroyed by the beast and his ten kings, the beast and his army are destroyed at Armageddon, not the whore. The time frame for all the events appears to be at the end of the age we are living in. Although I am willing to be persuaded by the great effort by many people to fit this into the time frame of AD 70, I find that it just does not fit with history or what the bible says. We must go by the bible, everybody has a right to study scripture, but sooner or later we will find we need to get back to what the book says. “

Joe Price

  • 1989: The Second Coming of Christ: Did it Already Occur? – “Why has 70 A.D. been made such a focal point in this false doctrine? While several answers could be offered which address this question, I submit that the underlying reason for this doctrinal error rests upon a perverted interpretation of the allegory found in Galatians 4:21-31. In this allegory, the A.D. 70 advocate believes that he finds comfort and support for his doctrine. Instead, he finds a refutation of it! “

Prophecy Truth

  • 2000: Biblical Proof for an End Times Seven Year period – “There was no mark of the beast system (666), where if a person refused the mark, they couldn’t buy or sell. Finally, the Second Coming visibly did not take place 1290 days after the destruction in 70 AD. The Roman armies continued their dominance for hundreds of years. The people of the earth were not judged visibly standing before the Messiah. And Isaiah 65 was not fulfilled where people’s lifespans increased so much, that a youth would die at the age of one hundred years. Only a foolish person would believe or teach that 70 AD fulfilled all the prophecies.”

Bill Reeves

  • 1973: The Preterist View Heresy  “About a year ago Brother Max King, of Warren, Ohio, came out with his new book, entitled The Spirit Of Prophecy, advocating a Preterist-View of prophecy. This teaching has caused a mild furor among the liberal brethren wherever it has had a hearing. The following series of articles will review this novel doctrine, as set forth in a series of lectures by King before the Brookwood Way church of Christ, Mansfield, Ohio, in the summer of ‘70, in several presentations which he and C. D. Beagle made before groups of liberal preachers last year (‘71) (and also recorded), and in King’s book.”

John J. Reilly

Bob Ross

Chad Rudolph

  • 1998: The Problem with Preterism “Preterists (akin to Antimillennialism, Church of Christ, Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology, Catholicism, Cults, 1/2 of Protestants) believe that all or most of the prophecies in the Olivet Discourse/Matthew 24-25 and Revelation were fulfilled when Rome destroyed Jerusalem and her temple in A.D. 70. Partial preterists believe that the 2nd coming, judgement and destruction of the earth are yet future (Rev. 20). “

Louis Ruggiero

  • 2004: Refuting Full Preterism – “Like any other cult such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, Full Preterists feed on those who are unlearned and untaught. Indoctrination can be a terrible thing, and when one becomes indoctrinated into the precept of men, escaping its bondage can become unbearably difficult. ” “Full Preterism is an empty doctrine, which offers no hope of a better life and a better future. It tears away at God’s promise to the world of everlasting peace and tranquility that will be accomplished at Jesus’ Second Coming. If Jesus came in 70 AD as the Full Preterists claim, He didn’t do a very good job establishing world peace”

Charles Ryrie

  • “It is granted by dispensationalists that as a system of theology dispensationalism is recent in origin.” (Dispensationalism Today, p. 67)

Buff Scott

Gene Shaparenko

    • 1999: Preterism… the Church’s Final Apostacy “Preterists have an uncontrollable penchant for parsing various scriptural words and phrases, relying on what they believe are relevant greek or latin translations which support a prior assumption. Former President Bill Clinton was a master of this parsing process in his evasive testimony regarding his fornication activities in the White House and other locations. Preterists don’t seem to be able to grasp the entirety of the Holy Scriptures, rather looking for isolated proof texts upon which to create an entirely new Gospel and eschatology.”

John Shepard

  • Problems with Full Preterism – “But in full preterism, the end is 70 A.D. so the resurrection is no longer considered to be a physical, material, bodily resurrection, but becomes a spiritual event. And what about believers who die after 70 A.D.? How do they participate in the resurrection? In my opinion, these verses are fatal to the full preterist position.”

Larry Spargamino

    • 2001: Was All Bible Prophecy Fulfilled By A.D.70? – “Even the Mark of the Beast is explained as a low – tech brand, used on slaves and animals. No microchip technology here! Christians need to be aware of those teachings that would turn “the blessed hope” into “the blasted hope.”

    • 2001: Preterism and the Eclipse of Pre-millennialism –  “Pre-millennialists do not have to create doomsday scenarios. They already exist. Denials of the critical nature of our present situation will not make the danger go away.”

Dr. Michael D. Stallard

  • 2002: A Review of R.C. Sprouls The Last Days: An Analysis of Moderate Preterism – “Moderate preterism also suffers from inconsistencies as pointed out by the fact that radical preterism is sometimes called “consistent” preterism. While having its own problems, radical preterism does handle all of the day of the Lord passages in the same way. Sproul, as a moderate preterist, does not want to deny the literal Second Coming and future resurrection of believers. Therefore, he must do a balancing act with some of the passages supporting 70 A.D. fulfillment and some pointing toward the future. Exegetically and theologically he is attempting the impossible.”

Standard Bearer

John Stevenson

  • 2004: Why I am Not a Preterist “But such an interpretation would demand that the Jews who suffered through the A.D. 70 event would have recognized that their sufferings were a punishment for their treatment of Jesus since the prophecy is not merely that they would mourn, but that they would mourn “over Him.” Just as there is no evidence that anyone in the church ever recognized the fall of Jerusalem as the return of Jesus, so also there is a complete absence of evidence that the Jews ever recognized the coming of Jesus in those events.”

Tim Stoudt

  • 2003: Topics of Concern Regarding Preterism – “Satan the source of Preterist doctrine..Although the doctrine seems strange from a conventional viewpoint, it has recently acquired a number of adherents.

Ed Tarkowski

  • 2004: The Early Church Fathers: No Preterist Resurrection – “During the first 400 years of the early Church after 70 A.D., the Fathers defended the truth of a future, bodily resurrection. None of them stated otherwise, nor did they refute others that it had already occurred. For 1900 years, the Church has believed in a future resurrection from the dead at the glorious, visible, in-the-sky return of Jesus Christ when every eye will see Him personally. “

Dean Tisch

  • 2001: A Preterist’s Presuppositions “Preterists make “THE stars” and other parts of the context to be fulfilled totally in 67-70 A.D. Preterist Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., states their good figurative case for this more thoroughly than any other Preterist I have found. What do the Premillennialists do here? They make “THE stars” into some meteors [the parallel is in the Sixth Seal of Revelation 6:13] so that this earth is not destroyed when they think Jesus will appear before the Millennium. How are these two usually battling positions, Preterist and Premillennial, alike? Neither of them can stand the literal meaning of the language. “

Stanley Toussaint

  • 1996: A Critique Of The Preterist View “Moderate preterism believes large blocks of New Testament prophecy were fulfilled in the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70, but they also hold to a future literal return of Christ with a bodily resurrection of believers and unbelievers. This preterism has seen a strong revival with the Reconstructionist movement; it is essentially the view of reconstructionist postmillennialism. “

David B. Updegraff

  • 1892: Old Corn: Or, Sermons and Addresses on the Spiritual Life (1892) “THE effort to make people believe that the promised parousia [coming] of our Lord took place at the “destruction of Jerusalem” tends to mislead souls, blot out the Christian’s hope, and destroy the value of Scripture as a definite testimony to anything.”

Engbert Vander Werff

James Ventilato

  • 2004: Christ’s Soon Coming and the Words That Describe It “To all of this might be added another set of texts which, when viewed through Preterist lenses, actually provides a spread of upwards of 40 years prior to 70AD; i.e., those texts connected with the gospel of the kingdom which our Lord preached during His earthly ministry (as did His disciples, and as did His forerunner, John the Baptist), heralding, “Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens is at hand” (cf. Matt. 3:24:1710:7Mark 1:14-15Luke 10:9,11). When this is viewed through Preterist lenses (for they reject the truth of a “kingdom offer” to Israel conveyed in this gospel of the kingdom), we have the preaching of the kingdom as “at hand” (or “near”over 40 years prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, in which Preterists claim that the Son of Man came on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and established that very kingdom (in a mysticalized manner, of course).”

  • Preterist Time Texts Answered by Scripture – “Within the confines of this relatively short paper, the four key passages of scripture which Preterism (of all stripes) relies upon for the very life-blood of its theory will be taken up: namely, Matt.24:34Matt.10:23Matt. 16:28, and Matt. 26:64. As the Lord enables, some of the issues and insurmountable problems involved in its isolated (2 Pet. 1:20), pseudo-literal, eisegesis of these four key texts will be exposed, and the only scripturally tenable view of each passage will be set forth.”

Jack & Rexella Van Impe

  • 2002: 6/19/2 Attack on Preterism “Preterism is sweeping in the evangelical churches” “I received a letter from one of the leaders this week, and they had the 9.5 Theses, and it was soooo pathetic. I do not know of one name on the list that is one of the great scholars of the day, but this thing is infiltrating our churches. How could every prophecy, and this is called PRUTERISM (sic), have been fulfilled by 70 AD? And therefore meaning that there is nothing left. Everything happened over 1,930 years ago. I am going to deal with this more next week, so let others know to tune in and I will be devoting most of the program to the subject, so let the people know.”

  • 2002: 9/21/2 Refutation of Preterism “I believe they are the ignorant brethren of First Thessalonians 4:13.”

  • 2002: Jack’s 2002 Refutation of Preterism

Vurel Vick

  • The Second Coming of Christ: Did it Occur in A.D.70? “It is difficult to see how anyone can say that the resurrection is passed, and that there will be no resurrection of the dead from their graves. Every where people continue to die. There are thousands and tens of thousands of graves every where you look, and so it is evident that the resurrection has not come, and that death has not been destroyed.”

Bill Lee Warner

Tony Warren

  • What Does the Term ‘Preterism’ Mean? – “One of the weaknesses in this position is that they selectively interpret the word age/world [aion], and then arbitrarily make the supposition that there was an end of the age in 70 A.D. This does not agree with, nor explain, verses such as: Luke 18:30 The exact same word world/age. If that present time or age was before 70 A.D., and the age to come was Eternal life, then 70 A.D., being the coming age (according to their hypothesis), was the start of this eternal life. “

  • This Generation Shall Not Pass, Till All These Things be Fulfilled – “Of course we are well aware of the Preterist claim that the end of the age was in 70 A.D., but that is a Biblically untenable position. When will all be fulfilled? When this evil generation is no longer ruling with the prince of this world. In other words, when Christ returns! There is no age in between. No new age was occurred in 70 A.D. “

David Wilkinson

Steve Wohlberg

  • 2004: Preterism’s “Proof Text” Analyzed –  “Thus when Preterists argue that “all these things” INCLUDE the Second Coming and must have occurred in 70 AD, they are not sticking closely enough to the actual words of Jesus Christ. The truth is, “all these things” (relating to the destruction of the temple) did occur in 70 AD before that generation passed, just like Jesus Christ said.”

Andrew Woods

  • 2012: Have the Prophecies in Revelation 17-18 About Babylon Been Fulfilled? (PDF)  “neither Rome’s alliance with Israel, Rome’s revival, or Rome’s seven hills argue convincingly that a relationship between Jerusalem and Rome in AD 66–70 is portrayed in Revelation 17:3b8–911. Thus neither the prophetic information regard- ing Babylon’s harlotry nor her alliance with the beast is sufficient to equate the Babylonian harlot with first-century Jerusalem. ” (BIBLIOTHECA SACRA 169 (January–March 2012): 79–100) PDF FILE

Alan Yusko

  • 2000: Preterism, Another Prophetic Deception – “To be honest I’ve never given Preterism much thought. I’ve always felt it was a totally crazy position with very few followers. Therefore, as I rule, I have ignored this prophetic view. Preterism is nothing more than satanic deception, Scripture twisting, and wrongly dividing God’s prophetic Word. These people will quote and misquote Scripture as good as any Jehovah Witness to teach about their error. Be warned and remove your self from such deception. “

Fred Zaspel

  • 1997: Preterism and Biblical Prophecy – Was all prophecy fulfilled?  “This flaw is evident in Preterism’s understanding of the NT teaching that Jesus / the Kingdom will come “soon.” This was Albert Schweitzer’s observation, and it led him to conclude that Jesus was sadly mistaken. But does the NT lead us in this way? It does indeed announce that the Kingdom is “near” (eggizo; e.g., Mk.1:15). But it also makes the bold announcement of the presence of the Kingdom. In Jesus the Kingdom has not only “come near”; it has come (ephthasen, Mat.12:28; cf., 11:11ffLk.17:21). Curiously, the preterist loves to emphasize the nearness of the Kingdom in the teaching of Jesus. But the problem is more difficult than that: Jesus taught not only that the Kingdom was near, but that it had come.”



  • 2002: Bill Koenig – Pro-Israel Rally in D.C.

  • 2004: Bill Koenig – Influential Christian Leaders Speak Against Israel’s Biblical Significance and Her Land

  • 2007: Joseph Farah – The 1,800 Year Israeli Drought

  • Jack Kinsella: Why We Support, Israel, Corruption and All “That Israel has corrupt politicians does not mean Israel is corrupt. It means it CAN’T be. If it didn’t, then I’d start to wonder.  The fact that I can sit right here in my office and read all about it from the Israeli press is more than proof of shared values and principles. It is proof-positive of the Power of the God we share.”

  • Hal LindseyRevived Sanhedrin discusses temple “The fact that a re-established Sanhedrin is now considering the rebuilding of the Temple after 2,000 years is extremely important to students of Bible prophecy. I believe that we are very near the final climactic events that end with the Second Coming of Christ. “

  • Ralph H. Alexander: “Some would understand Rosh as modern Russia.  Proponents of this view usually appeal to etymology based on similar sounds (to the hearing) between two words.  Such etymological procedures are not linguistically sound, nor is etymology alone  a sound hermeneutical basis on which to interpret a worked.  The word Russia is a late eleventh century A.D. term.  Therefore, the data does not seem to support an interpretation of rosh as a proper name of a geographical region or country.” (Ezekiel, The Expositers bible Commentary,  6:930

  • Walter C. Kaiser:  “In the past the usual way that the distinction was demarcated was by designating the eternal kingdom as the kingdom of God and the earthly program as the kingdom of heaven. It is a joy to note that we are now well beyond this state in argument” (in Feinberg, ed., Continue and Discontinuip, p. 294)

  • Harold Camping: “The Church Age Has Come to an End” “And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts, He said, as for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. These temple buildings represent the churches and congregations God would build throughout the New Testament time. Those who come into this spiritual temple are gold, silver and precious stones, and wood, hay, stubble, (I Cor 3:12). That is they are both true believers and those who appear to be true believers and actually are not. Thus each congregation is an integral part of that great temple.  But Jesus declares that there will be a time when there will not be left one stone upon another. That is the temple will be totally destroyed. It will no longer exist.”  1994: The Year of Christ’s Return?

  • William T. James “We live in days such as delineated in 2 Timothy 3:1-5.  The evidence is astoundingly abundant to anyone not wishing to be a foolish, deceived, brute beast but rather desiring to seek to be wise unto salvation.”  (Storming Towards Armageddon, p. 45)

  • Robert P. Lightener: “Despite a number of similarities, pretribulationsits find a definite distinction in Scripture between God’s program with Israel and His program with the Church.  They also see a difference between Christ’s coming for His own and His coming with His own.  The coming for His own they call the “rapture,” Christ’s coming with His own to earth is called the “Second Coming.”  At least one thousand years for the earthly reign of Christ and seven years of tribulation on the earth come between the Rapture and the Second Coming in this view.” (The Last Days Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Different Views of Prophecy, Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1990, p. 59)

  • Charles R. Taylor “What you are starting to read probably is my final issue of Bible Prophecy News, for Bible prophecy fulfillments indicate that Jesus Christ our Lord will most likely return for us at the rapture of the Church before the Fall 1992 issue can be printed.”

  • “The Golden Age”: “Intravenous drug use would be common during the Millennium and that this would be used by The Christ (the 144,000 and Jesus) to help mankind become perfect, free of all diseases” (March 17, 1920, p. 808)

  • A letter to Christian Life: “The item referring to a computer “Beast,” a confederacy of Common Market nations. And a laser tattooing for a world-wide numbering system is based on fictional portrayals of end time events, drawing from my novel, Behold a Pale Horse, and a screenplay I wrote for the David Wilkerson film, The Rapture.  For more than three years I have heard my story ideas circulated as fact.  Perhaps, in light of what’s happening in the world today, items such as the one printed seem quite plausible.  However, for the moment, they are fiction. “ (Quoted in  G.R. Fischer, The Quarterly Journal, July-Sept 1989, 8.)

  • J. Randall Price – A Brief History of the Jewish Temple –  “Although newly restored, it was still subject to the old terms of the covenantal contract, and with the Nation’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah the Temple was again doomed to desolation. All of Jesus pronouncements of the Temple’s destruction (Matt. 24:2/Mk. 13:2Lk. 21:620-24) must be viewed in this light, and not as a rejection or replacement of the Temple as a legitimate institution. In fact joined immediately to Jesus’ own pronouncement of the Temple’s desolation (Matt. 21:38) is His promise (in the word “until”) of Israel (and the Temple’s) restoration (Matt. 23:39). This and Jesus’ positive statements concerning the Temple elsewhere (Matt. 12: 417:24-2723:16-21Jn. 2:16-17) and especially in His Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24:15Mk. 13:14) hold out the prophetic promise that the history of the Temple would be continued in the future.” (An Overview of the Future Temples)

  • The Promise of the Future by Cornelius P. Venema “Part Six includes four chapters covering the most fundamental elements of cosmic eschatology: the resurrection of the body, the final judgment, the doctrine of eternal punishment, and the new heavens and earth. In each of these chapters, the author does an excellent job of presenting the biblical view as well as critiquing various unbiblical alternatives. In the chapter on the resurrection of the body, Venema includes a thorough discussion of the nature of the resurrection body as well as an insightful evaluation of the recent debate between Murray J. Harris and Norman Geisler over Harris’s understanding of the nature of the resurrection body. This discussion will prove to be especially valuable to those who are dealing with recent attempts among hyper-preterists and others to revive Harris’s doctrine. “

  • Cancer Ward Christians – “What troubles me, is this is the sort of Replacement Theology, Kingdom Now, Dominionists, Preterist view point that I am see more and more. I call these people Cancer Ward Christians. I call them this because this “doctrine” is a cancer in the church and keep popping its vile head up. What really troubles me is where do these people come off? Are they reading the same Bible that I am reading? “

  • To Larry Hall: Are Preterists Saved? ” Larry, are you guilty of adding non-essentials to the gospel of Jesus Christ?  In your newsletter, you are not just answering the claims of preterists.  You are setting yourself up as a judge of how wide or narrow our disagreements can be before one is rejected by God and the church.  If you are not affirming this most basic principle of the gospel – that sinners are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone – how can you call yourself an apologist, a defender of the faith? ” | To Larry Hall: Preterists and the Creeds – ” If preterists really do hate and mock the creeds, and if, as you say, “. . . preterists view the vast history of Christian knowledge handed down to us by godly men to be useless and wrong,” why do you not include in your article one single quote backing your assertion of preterist hatred, mockery and fear of the creeds? You obviously went to the Preterist Archive web site.  There you could have found several articles from preterists on the creeds.  Why did you not cite just one example of hatred, mockery and fear from the preterists?  Because if you had read them, you would have found some things contradictory to your contentions. “

  • Silence of Spirit – “Who is answering God’s call to repentance today, our pastors, leaders, loved ones, friends? Do they hear when God “speaks”? Or does the evil continue in God’s sight despite the warnings. Aren’t the bars still full on the weekends, the parties continue, the sexual immorality, lust, love of money, baby killing, sodomy, pride, selfishness, cheating, lying, stealing, hatred, killing. I’d call this a  real “preterist” world in ‘spiritual’ peace! Wouldn’t you?” Who do we believe, the preterist cult or Jesus Christ, the Lord?”

  • Was the Jewish “World” Destroyed in AD70? – “The idea that the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 could be the prophesied end of the world, does not stand up to examination. The Jewish “world” is based in its blood, its scriptures, and its synagogue. None of these was destroyed or abolished in AD70. To make prophecies in the Bible about the second coming of Christ, and the end of the world, refer to events of AD70 misrepresents these prophecies, because nothing was destroyed that had not been destroyed in times past, and nothing was destroyed that was essential to the Jewish world’s continuance into the future.”

  • Is the Great Tribulation future or fulfilled?

  • Jesus didn’t fulfill the validating prophecies – “If God said that his Messiah would.. bring peace to the world, rebuild the temple and reunite the Jews, then why do Christians believe Jesus was that Messiah? The only answer I have been given is that I guess Jesus promised to fulfill the prophecy in his 2nd  coming. “

  • The Last Days: Four View

  • Last Days Madness Review – “I think the reason no reputable scholar has bothered to blast this book and the Preterist idea into kingdom come, is that they can’t stop laughing long enough to take it seriously. Sorry, but if this is a fair representation of the mighty Preterist view, I’m very disappointed.”

  • Introduction to Revelation – Ferrel Jenkins (April 1973) – Considers Early Date

  • Preterists Attack Intercalation “And now, as we see the signs of a rebuilt temple on the horizon, we must not forget the scoffing words of those who have decried the premillennial interpretation. We must firmly learn a lesson, and use this lesson to help weaker brothers and sisters resist the modern attacks of preterism and postmillennialism upon God’s literal prophecies. As we see the stage being set to literally fulfill  the temple prophecies, let us also remember the keen words of premillennialists of earlier times.”

  • A cranky Christian’s view of Preterism – “If, as is held in preterism of all stripes, Revelation is a “covenant lawsuit” document against Israel, it was not intended for mass consumption but was more along the lines of legal documentation. It might shock DOV (and others!) to hear that some books in the Bible, for example Leviticus, were never meant to be sat down and read through by every person on earth.”

  • The Preterist Approach: Have the Last Days Already Taken Place? | Zu dieser Seite in Deutsch – “The preterist approach is indeed being discussed in many quarters (above all in the USA), and the argument – as the author quoted above admirably demonstrates – is in some respects not easily to be dismissed out of hand.”

  • Dating the book of Revelation – ‘Arethas,’ says Sir Isaac, ‘ in the beginning of his commentary quotes the opinion of Irenaeus from Eusebius, but does not follow it. For he afterwards affirms, that the Apocalypse was written before the destruction of Jerusalem and that former commentators had expounded the sixth seal of that destruction.’

  • What if the Second Temple had survived AD70? “Akenson’s governing assumption is that the key event that created Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism was the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem in AD 70”

  • This Generation Shall Not Pass (Not Preterist) – “These three verses seem to be the initial argument used by Preterists.  They believe that all prophecy has already been fulfilled, as of 70 AD.  They believe that Christ returned in 70 AD.  Therefore they remove the need to watch and be ready for Christ’s return, saying He has already returned.  And since Preterism says that all prophecy has been fulfilled, they will deny the resurrection of the physical body, just as Sadducees did in the day of Jesus.  But many Christians have switched to Preterism because of the fundamental truth that all Scripture is true.  And, of course, I would agree.”

  • Preterist Prattle – “If Preterism is true, which it emphatically is not, the saints of God would have ceased waiting for God’s Son from heaven after A.D. 70. Such a postulate, whether expressly stated or implied, is nothing more than a confused set of tattdemalions – that is, it is an attempt to dress a feeble and ugly theology in the refined garments of intellectualism… I suppose it is possible to affirm this unveiling, or full disclosure, took place in A.D. 70, when Jerusalem was destroyed. But we will not believe such an assertion, and are offended by the carnal boldness of those who take it upon themselves to suggest such a thing.”

  • Plea to Preterists “If Christ’s came back in A.D. 70 at the destruction of Jerusalem, where is the evidence? I know that all preterists believe He came back then but I have yet to see the proof that He did come back” – Board

    • Charles Mackay, 1841: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds: “An epidemic terror of the end of the world has several times spread over the nations.  The most remarkable was that which seized Christendom about the middle of the tenth century… The delusion appears to have been discouraged by the Church.  But it nevertheless spread rapidly among the people.  The scene of the last judgment was expected to be a t Jerusalem.  IN the year 999, the number of pilgrims proceeding eastward, to await the coming of the Lord in that city, was so great that they were compared to a desolating army.  Most of them sold their goods and possessions before they quitted Europe, and lived upon the proceeds in the Holy Land.  Buildings of every sort were suffered to fall into ruins.  It was thought useless to repair them, when the end of the world was so near.  Many noble edifices were deliberately pulled down.  Even churches, usually so well maintained, shared the general neglect.  Knights, citizens, and serfs, traveled eastwards in company, taking with them their wives and children, singing psalms as they went, and looking with fearful eyes upon the sky, which they expected each minute to open, to let the Son of God descend in his glory.  During the thousandth year the number of pilgrims increased.  Most of them were smitten with terror as with a plague.  Every phenomenon of nature filled them with alarm.  A thunderstorm sent them all upon their knees in mid-March.  It was the opinion that th7under was the voice of God, announcing the day of judgment.  Numbers expected the earth to open, and give up its dead at the sound.  Every meteor in the sky seen at Jerusalem brought the whole Christian population into the streets to weep and pray… Fanatic preachers kept up the flame of terror.  Every shooting star furnished occasion for a sermon, in which the sublimity of the approaching judgment was the principle topic.” (257,258)

    • “Preterism has been making strides over the last two years. Preterists believe that biblical prophecies were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and a spiritual coming of Christ at that time. As we approached the year 2000, preterism was taking a back seat to premillennialism. In the driver’s seat were premillennial views that the end times could be near. However, after the hype of Y2K died down, preterism began to make gains. Enough so that Grant Jeffrey devoted a significant portion of his book, “Triumphant Return,” to defending premillennialim; Dr. Larry Spargimino wrote “The Anti-Prophets: The Challenge of Preterism”; and popular author Thomas Ice produced a series of articles for “The Midnight Call” magazine on the preterist/premillennilist debate.” more…