1. Hi, I was told by another preterist I should upload my timeline on preterist archives. I have the first timeline of the book of revelation with the actual dates and is to scale. Thank you, Tony

    1. Hello Tony,
      I would be happy to add your Revelation Timeline to a section of its own if you would send it to me in PDF format.

  2. James Stuart Russell wrote a pamphlet entitled “The Rapture of the Saints”. Some of this material was quoted by Ernest Hampden-Cook in the Preface to the Second Edition of his book, The Christ Has Come – 1895

    I found this pamphlet on the webarchive see the link below


    The material has been translated into Portuguese and is available on my blog.


    1. Thanks for the comment and share. Sometimes we get bogged down by trying to discover how or for who, for example, something is to happen. Your Matthew 23-24, Luke references are just like that. We try to determine so much in order to find out who was this about and what did it mean. I have found, though, that the when is almost perfect in understanding and so I disregard the harder parts of the formula.
      Your video led us through your explanation of the Abomination of Desolation from chapter 9 of Daniel and from your Mathew references. I will first admit that I did not watch the entirety of your video, so forgive me for that, but I did not see any reference to Daniel 12 which gives the clearer perspective on the AOD.
      Daniel 12:11 “And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
      12 Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.
      13 “But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.”
      Here we see that which Jesus was saying would happen upon the people of that generation, and we find that Daniel would be raised along with his people as mentioned by the angel in verses 1 and 2.
      So we have two aspects to look at.
      1. what are the last days, and
      2. who were to be raised?
      Jesus said those last days was the end of the age, as per the questions by the 4 disciples He spoke to at the Olivet Discourse. We know that the Old Covenant was the age that was coming to a close as said in Hebrews. We also know that the next age, brought in by Jesus, the New Covenant age, has no end. It is the kingdom age.
      So we have our answer to the when. The destruction of Jerusalem, the temple and the people was the end of the age spoken of by Daniel.
      As to the number 2 question. Daniels people were to be raised. They were the ones specifically mentioned and they were the ones with the specific hope of the resurrection. However, we find that their resurrection was some to life and some to condemnation. This is the very specific resurrection resonating throughout the NT. This resurrection is not the same as the Christian believers resurrection. For our resurrection to take place we do not die first. In fact Jesus said you don’t even die in order to be raised John 11:25,26
      Jesus is that Resurrection and Life. He did it for us – and therefore our resurrection came at the very time we believed on His name. That’s wonderful truthful news and Jesus even asked Martha if she believed that. Do you believe it?
      So as you can see, the when is far more important then the how it happened or to who it happened upon. The when clears all that up. “This Generation” is now clear as to what it meant.

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